The Paraty wilderness trek is one of Brazil's favorite beach hikes, and it's easy to see why: endless beaches, cascading waterfalls, and sweeping ocean views, all located within the Juatinga Ecological Reserve. Hike 20 miles (32 km) over three days, camping overnight in local fishermen houses and enjoying dinner and sunset on the beach each night. Connections to and from Rio make this an easy and fantastic addition to your Brazil getaway.    


  • Explore the beautiful Ponta da Juatinga
  • Get off the beaten track in Paraty 
  • Stay the night in local fisherman houses
  • Hike to the beautiful Saco Bravo Waterfall

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 From the City to the Wild: Paraty and Ponta da Juatinga Ponta da Juatinga
Day 2 Martins de Sá & Ponta Negra Beach Ponta Negra
Day 3 Saco Bravo Waterfall Trekking, Paraty & Rio de Janeiro Parque Estadual Dos Três Picos

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: From the City to the Wild: Paraty and Ponta da Juatinga

Historical town of Paraty
The historical town of Paraty

Start your tour with a transfer from your accommodation in Rio de Janeiro to the historical town of Paraty. From here, it's a beautiful 2.5-hour boat trip to the Pouso da Cajaíba Beach, the starting point of the Paraty Wilderness expedition. 

You'll pass by Saco do Mamanguá, Brazil's only fjord, the beautiful Praia Grande beach, and the Sugar Loaf of Mamanguá hiking trail. 

Arrive ashore then walk to Martins de Sá beach, located on one of Ponta da Juatinga's most beautiful stretches of shoreline. Camp tonight on the beach after spending the afternoon exploring the area, soaking in the sunshine, and enjoying the sunset views over the water. 

Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Meals included: Snacks & dinner

Day 2: Martins de Sá & Ponta Negra Beach

Praia do Sono Beach at Juatinga
Praia do Sono Beach at Juatinga

After breakfast bid farewell to Martins de Sá, then hike along the beautiful walking path to Ponta Negra Beach. This section of the trail reaches the highest elevation at 1,970 ft (600 m) with stunning views of the surrounding coastline. Reach the peaceful beach of Cairuçu das Pedras, a hidden paradise with few other visitors. 

From here continue to Ponta Negra Beach, a beautiful stretch of shore with a bit more infrastructure where you'll spend the night. Enjoy dinner on the beach, then rest up before tomorrow morning's big waterfall hike. 

Hiking time: 6-8 hours
Hiking distance: 6.8 miles (11 km) 
Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, dinner 

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Day 3: Saco Bravo Waterfall Trekking, Paraty & Rio de Janeiro

Shoreline in Prainha, near Paraty
Shoreline in Prainha, near Paraty

In the morning make your way to the Saco Bravo Waterfall, which cascades into the ocean. The hike to reach the waterfall is slightly more technical than the previous trails, and you'll have to get up early to start the hike from Ponta Negra Beach. Reach the waterfall in time for the warm morning sun, then enjoy a cooling dip in the crystal clean swimming pool at the edge of the ocean as the waterfall spray mists you from above. Pack light for this adventure—just food, water, and a small towel. 

From here continue along the final path of the hike, passing through the Antigos and Antiguinhos Beaches and along the beautiful Sono Beach, which is the area's largest and has the most infrastructure. Break here for lunch, then follow the trail to Vila Oratorio

Meet your transfer here, then connect back to Rio de Janeiro. 

Hiking time: 4-6 hours
Hiking distance: 6.2 miles (10 km) in and out of Saco Bravo waterfall, 11.2 miles (18 km) total
Meals included: Breakfast, snacks