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Home to over three dozen volcanoes, Guatemala is justly famed for its towering, lava-formed summits. Located within easy reach of lovely Antigua, the 13,045-foot (3,976-m) Acatenango Volcano is one of Central America’s best destinations for an exhilarating, non-technical climb. From the top, you’ll have an unparalleled 360-degree panorama of the undulating greenery of the Guatemalan highlands, with Lake Atitlan and the Pacific Coast visible on clear days. Even more impressive are the views of nearby Volcán Fuego, an ash-spewing volcano that has been erupting more or less continuously since 2002. 

There are several options for hiking up Acatenango, including a one-day climb that begins before dawn and takes around eight hours to make the 6,870-foot (2,094-m) elevation gain. For a more leisurely ascent, you can make it an overnight trip, camping just below the tree line and observing the fiery display of Fuego under the night sky. There’s also the possibility of shaving a few hours off the climb on a 4WD excursion past forests, farms and tiny villages, before continuing the ascent on foot.
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Guatemala's "Ring of Fire" Volcanoes
Map of Culture & Hiking in Guatemala - 7 Days
Culture & Hiking in Guatemala - 7 Days

This active adventure will take you on hikes around three different volcanoes in Guatemala's western highlands. Become one with nature as you traverse dried lava fields, enjoy picnic lunches atop volcano summits, and camp under the stars. When not ascending mountains, you'll embark on walking tours of historic Antigua and boat rides on the shimmering waters of Lake Atitlán.

Volcán de Fuego's  dramatic eruptions.
Map of Antigua & Acatenango Adventure - 5 Days
Antigua & Acatenango Adventure - 5 Days

This quick yet action-packed itinerary includes the best adventures in Guatemala's western highlands. Stroll through the well-preserved colonial town of Antigua, bike along epic downhill runs on mountain trails, and camp in front of an active volcano. You'll return from this escape inspired by the rugged beauty of the land and the warmth and welcoming spirit of its people.

View of Agua volcano from Antigua, Guatemala
Map of Mayan Adventure in Guatemala - 6 Days
Mayan Adventure in Guatemala - 6 Days

This trip to the heart of Central America offers fascinating historical culture, thrilling adventure, and jaw-dropping vistas. You'll fall in love with the charming colonial city of Antigua, learn about ancient Mayan civilization, and hike and bike some of Guatemala's stunning mountain volcanoes.

Looking out over Guatemala's "Ring of Fire" volcanoes.
Map of Guatemala Volcano Trek Adventure - 14 Days
Guatemala Volcano Trek Adventure - 14 Days

Conquer seven summits on this 14-day trekking tour of Guatemala's Ring of Fire volcano zone. Setting out from the charming colonial city of Antigua, you'll scale some of the highest peaks in Central America and camp on volcanic slopes. Spend your downtime soaking in hot springs, visiting Maya ruins, and relaxing on the peaceful shores of Lake Atitlán.

Watch Volcan de Fuego erupt from your campsite on Volcan de Acatenango
Map of Multi-Sport Adventure in Guatemala - 8 Days
Multi-Sport Adventure in Guatemala - 8 Days

You're in for a week of adventure on this action-packed trip to one of Central America's lesser-known gems. Discover the rugged natural beauty of Guatemala as you hike, bike, and kayak around its most stunning attractions and charming towns. You'll camp out overnight on a volcano, go mountain biking through colorful indigenous villages, and paddle through the waters of magical Lake Atitlan.

Looking out to Guatemala's "Ring of Fire" volcanoes
Map of Guatemala Volcano Trekking Adventure - 15 Days
Guatemala Volcano Trekking Adventure - 15 Days

Volcano trekking is the focus of this 15-day expedition in Guatemala, with breathtaking views at the summit of every climb. Start at the Spanish colonial city of Antigua and climb Pacaya Volcano and Volcán de Agua, then head to the shores of Lake Atitlan for a hike up Volcán Toliman. You'll be transferred to the Quiche Indian town of Quetzaltenango for Volcán Santa Maria, followed by Volcán Tajumulco—the highest point in Central America.

Fuego & Acatenango
Map of Guatemalan Volcano Trek: Pacaya, Fuego, Zunil, Tajumulco, & More - 16 Days
Guatemalan Volcano Trek: Pacaya, Fuego, Zunil, Tajumulco, & More - 16 Days

On this 16-day active adventure trough Guatemala, you’ll conquer seven volcano summits located in the country’s highlands. The beginning of the trip is anchored in Antigua, where you’ll hike and camp near volcanos including Pacaya, Acatenango, and Fuego. Then, you’ll travel to Quetzaltenango to hike and explore Zunil and Santa Maria. You’ll also visit the Tajumulco and San Pedro volcanos before landing at Lake Atitlán, where you can relax by the water and explore the Iximché ruins on your way back to Antigua.

Sunset over volcanoes and valleys in the highlands of Guatemala
Map of Guatemala 7 Volcanoes Trek - 10 Days
Guatemala 7 Volcanoes Trek - 10 Days

Conquer seven of Guatemala's volcanic peaks on this unforgettable 10-day trekking adventure. Setting out from the charming colonial city of Antigua, you'll make your way along the famed Ring of Fire, where lush cloud forests and colorful villages sit in the shadows of ancient volcanoes. Cross rugged lava fields to Pacaya, watch the sunrise from your camp on Acatenango, hike the famous Siete Cruces ridge to Volcán de Zunil, and enjoy some well-earned rest on the scenic shores of Lake Atitlán.

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