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If you’re interested in exploring deeper into Peru than just the (admittedly) incredible archeological site of Machu Picchu, then 16 days is enough time to do it. You could head to rural northern Peru, off the beaten tourist trail, stay with host families along the Huallaga River, and visit the ancient archeological site of Kuelap, a fortified citadel. You could also do a combined tour of the Sacred Valley, near Cusco, and the Amazon jungle, as well as embark on an abbreviated version of the famous Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu.

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Discover the villages of northern Peru
Map of Explore Rural Northern Peru - 16 Days
Explore Rural Northern Peru - 16 Days

Get off the beaten path and explore rural communities on this 16-day tour of northern Peru. Discover fascinating archaeological ruins and perfectly preserved mummies as you encounter the pre-Inca Chachapoya, Chimú, and Moche cultures. Stay with host families in remote villages where you'll learn traditional Peruvian handicrafts and farming techniques.

Rapa Nui Statues
Map of Highlights of Perú, Bolivia & Chile - 16 Days
Highlights of Perú, Bolivia & Chile - 16 Days

Explore the best of South America's cultural sites on this comprehensive 16-day itinerary. Start in Peru, where you'll explore ancient Inca sites & set sail on Lake Titicaca. Transfer to Bolivia for a three-day adventure in the Uyuni Salt Flats, then end your trip on Rapa Nui for an in-depth exploration of the culture that built massive stone moai.

The ancient city of Cusco, center of the Inca Empire
Map of Sacred Valley & Amazon Grand Tour - 16 Days
Sacred Valley & Amazon Grand Tour - 16 Days

From metropolitan cities and ancient Inca ruins to remote jungle lodges, this 16-day exploration of Peru's history and nature is perfect for the adventurous traveler. Start in Lima, Peru's capital city, then continue to the Amazon rainforest. Spend a few days deep in the Amazon exploring the jungle and seeing rare wildlife. Next, head to the imperial Inca capital of Cusco to explore narrow cobblestone streets and 15th-century archaeological sites. Then, embark on the Salkantay Trek to get some breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley. End your trek at Machu Picchu, and spend a day immersed in the beauty and history of its ancient ruins. Reward your hard work with two relaxing days exploring the villages and historical sights of the Sacred Valley. Finally, head back to Cusco and summit the colorful Rainbow Mountain.

Sunset in Huanchaco with traditional totora reed boats
Map of Peru Cultural Tour & Short Inca Trail - 16 Days
Peru Cultural Tour & Short Inca Trail - 16 Days

Explore Peru's history from Pre-Incan cultures to the Inca empire, all the way to modern times. Start in the modern capital of Lima, then take a spectacular flight over the iconic Nazca lines. From here, head north to discover the Mochica pyramids, the mud-brick city of Chan Chan, and the Tucume pyramids of the Sican people. Then, challenge yourself on the short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and enter the iconic ruins through the Sun Gate.

Peruvian woman walking through the Inca ruins of Chinchero
Map of Peru Highlights: Lima, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, & Amazon Adventure - 16 Days
Peru Highlights: Lima, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, & Amazon Adventure - 16 Days

Experience the best of Peru with this comprehensive tour. Spend three days at an ecolodge in the Amazon Rainforest, where you'll view wildlife like the giant river otter and multiple parrot species. Next, travel to Cusco and the Sacred Valley to learn about its ancient ruins and take short treks to Rainbow Mountain and Machu Picchu. End your trip at Lake Titicaca, immersing in the culture of this region's famous Islands.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands & Sacred Valley - 16 Days

You will start this 16-day adventure in Ecuador's stunning Andean capital Quito, and get to visit the centre of the world. Next you'll fly to the wildlife-rich Galapagos, possibly the planet's best-preserved national park, travelling around the islands by yacht. You complete your South American journey in Peru, first in historic Lima and then by experiencing the beauty and history of the Sacred Valley as well as Machu Picchu citadel, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

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