Slovenia 7-Day Tours & Itineraries

Explore 7 trips designed by local kimkim specialists to get ideas for your trip to Slovenia.

In a week you can plan any number of excursions to Slovenia. You could opt for a highlights tour that involves strolling the cobbled streets of the capital of Ljubljana, traveling to Lake Bled and hiking around its famous castle, road-tripping through the Julian Alps, and visiting Goriška Brda wine country. If hiking is a primary interest, then trek to Mount Triglav’s famous peaks (the highest in Slovenia), staying in mountain huts as you go. For the ultimate outdoor adventure, hike the Julian Alps, go rafting or kayaking down the blue-green waters of the Soča River, and cycle amid the natural pools and WWI relics of the Soča Valley before capping your trip at a local microbrewery.

See our itineraries below or read our guide to the best 7-day trips in Slovenia.

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