Towering Mount Triglav is a symbol of Slovenian national pride and the site of some of the country's most stunning hikes. With this weeklong adventure, you'll climb through the Julian Alps and make your way to Triglav's three peaks staying in local mountain huts along the way. Start and end the adventure on the relaxing banks of Bohinj—arguably the prettiest lake in Slovenia—for swimming, boating, biking, and great restaurants.


  • Hike through spruce forests and a portion of Soca Valley's turquoise river
  • Ascend Mount Triglav with rewarding views of the Adriatic Sea
  • Wash off your trail dust with a jump in Lake Bohinj's refreshing water
  • Load up on carbs with pizza and pasta (this is near Italy's border, after all)

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Slovenia, Transfer to Lake Bohinj Bojinj
Day 2 Transfer to Triglav National Park, Hike the Pokljuka Plateau Mountain hut
Day 3 Hike from Pokljuka Plateau to Mount Triglav Mountain hut
Day 4 Hike Mount Triglav Mountain hut
Day 5 Hike from Mount Triglav to Lake Bohinj Bohinj
Day 6 Free Day in Lake Bohinj Bohinj
Day 7 Transfer to Trieste, Depart  

Day 1: Arrive in Slovenia, Transfer to Lake Bohinj

Your base at the beginning and end of the trip

Welcome to Slovenia! Upon arrival to Ljubljana*, you'll transfer to the shores of Lake Bohinj in order to start your hike the next day. Though not as well known as its counterpart in Bled, Lake Bohinj's crystal clear water gives Bled some friendly competition for best lake in Slovenia, with all of the scenery and none of the crowds. For your first dinner on the trip, try Štrud'l restaurant in the center of Bohinjska Bistrica—a favorite stop for local cuisine. 

*Alternate airports include Venice, Trieste, and Zagreb

Overnight: Bohinj

Day 2: Transfer to Triglav National Park, Hike the Pokljuka Plateau

A scenic trail leading to the peaks

After breakfast in Bohinj, you'll transfer to Triglav National Park, where the first part of your hiking adventure passes through the enchanting spruce forests of the Pokljuka Plateau. You'll pass several viewpoints with picture-perfect angles over Slovenia's highest peaks, the Soča River, and into the Bohinj Valley so keep your camera close. Your taste buds won't be left out of the trip either, as you view traditional dairy production methods and sample some of the results.

Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Hiking distance: 7 miles (11 km); +2,789 feet (850 m), -1,640 feet (500 m)
Accommodation: Mountain hut

Day 3: Hike from Pokljuka Plateau to Mount Triglav

Get up high into the park's craggy peaks

After breakfast, you'll set out on the limestone paths of the central Julian Alps with an optional summit side trip. Today's journey ascends up the mountainside until you're just under the summit of Mount Triglav. The name of the mountain roughly translates to "three heads," which you may recognize from both its silhouette on the Slovenian flag and your view as it now towers in front of your path.

Hiking time: 7-8 hours
Hiking distance: 9 miles (14 km); +3,773 feet (1,150 m), -1,394 feet (425 m)
Accommodation: Mountain hut

Day 4: Hike Mount Triglav

Arrive to the summit with the help of a via ferretta

It's said that every Slovenian citizen should climb Mount Triglav at least once in their life, and now you can count yourself among that illustrious number. Today, after breakfast, you'll ascend to the top of Slovenia's highest peak with the help of a via ferrata ("iron way," a type of protected, anchored climbing route). The expansive views extend all the way to the Adriatic Sea, Italian Dolomites, and glaciers of East Tyrol as you descend through the Seven Lakes Valley

Hiking time: 6-7 hours
Hiking distance: 9 miles (14 km); +3,117 feet (950 m), -5,413 feet (1,650 m)
Accommodation: Mountain hut

Day 5: Hike from Mount Triglav to Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj from above

After breakfast, you'll descend down the mountainside past picturesque Alpine farms and pastures. Take a break and enjoy views of Lake Bohinj before hiking all the way down to its shores. Wash off the trail dust with a jump into the lake's refreshing water.

In the evening, try a leisurely traditional dinner in one of the local inns of Bohinjska Bistrica or keep it low-key at a pizzeria. Italy is, after all, just over the border, so there's no shortage of options.

Hiking time: 6 hours
Hiking distance: 10 miles (16 km); +1,476 feet (450 m), -5,249 ft (1,600 m)
Overnight: Bohinj

Day 6: Free Day in Lake Bohinj

Rent a rowboat in Lake Bohinj, or simply jump in

Today, after breakfast in Bojinj, you can soothe any sore muscles with more swimming in Lake Bohinj or get right back on the trail. There are countless day hikes in the area for all ability levels; you choose the one that suits you best or go vertical with rock climbing instead. For a different perspective, hop on a rental bike or soar the skyline on a paraglider. If you're feeling more aquatically inclined, you can also row, canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard on the lake's smooth water.

Don't forget to pay a visit to the statue of the Zlatorog, or Golden Horn, a mythical stag believed to live in the mountains. When hunger strikes, stroll to Ribčev Laz on the southwest side of the lake to scope out the dining scene. Try a burger at Foksner or the cozy terrace of Pri Hrvatu in Srednja Vas.

Overnight: Bohinj

Day 7: Transfer to Ljubljana, Depart Slovenia

Ljubljana's romantic city center

It's time to say goodbye to Slovenia! After breakfast, you'll say goodbye to Bohinj with a transfer to Ljubljana* for your return trip home. If you have time before your flight, stroll through the capital's beautiful city center and riverfront. 

*Alternate airports include Zagreb, Venice, and Trieste.