From the the culinary warmth and historical depth of Spain, Italy and Greece to the rugged coastlines and contemporary architecture of Iceland and Norway, Europe offers travelers an unparalleled breadth of experiences. We’ve curated 30 of Europe’s very best itineraries that showcase some of the most irresistible experiences the continent has to offer.

The itineraries listed here do much more than just check off the highlights. Rather than multi-country whirlwinds that prioritize quantity over quality, these trip plans focus on one country each, and give you time to explore destinations in more depth. The itineraries are organized by country, roughly from most visited countries like Italy and France in the south to somewhat lesser visited countries in the north like Norway and Iceland.

For each of the covered 10 countries, 3 itineraries are listed. The first itinerary in each country is the more mainstream one, which can be a great choice for first time visitors, followed by two more off-the-beaten-path itineraries that explore the country in more unique ways.

Each itinerary takes 7 days to complete, but can be shortened, extended or combined with other itineraries. Work with your kimkim specialist to adjust the itinerary of your choice to your exact needs and taste.


Italy's classic cities Venice, Florence and Rome hardly need an introduction. Explore these perennial favorites using itinerary #1 below. Looking for something less trodden and more unique? Experience Northern Italy's gems (itinerary #2) or dive into the unique history, culture and rugged nature of Sicily (itinerary #3).

Itinerary #1: Discover Venice, Florence & Rome 

No list of top European itineraries is complete without this classic Italian triangle. Note that in normal times these cities are quite crowded, but in a post-COVID world you might be able to experience these classics in uniquely serene state. 

Itinerary #2: The Best of Milan, Parma, & Lake Como

Lake Como at the foot of the Alps exudes tranquility, Milan pulses with energy, and Parma's local specialities have made their mark on the world. This itinerary combines these three Northern Italian destinations into an irresistible experience. 

Itinerary #3: Sicily's West Coast: Fishing Villages, Wineries & Archaeology

The southern island of Sicily has lots of ancient history, even by European standards. This itinerary lets you dive deep into Sicilian history and its wine culture, while enjoying scenic landscapes while driving. 


Classic Paris, Loire Valley and Bordeaux form an often visited diagonal axis (itinerary #4). For a more unique experience, tour Provence in Southern France like a local (itinerary #5) or go even further off the beaten track by visiting the island of Corsica with its vineyards perched on steep hills (itinerary #6).

Itinerary #4: Paris, Bordeaux & the Loire Valley

Traveling by train, this weeklong classic French adventure covers three destinations with a focus on history, architecture, food, and wine. These destinations are perfect for the first time visitor to France who wants to see the highlights. 

Itinerary #5: "Like a Local" Tour in Provence and the French Riviera

Experience the best of the French Riviera like a local, including the hilltop villages of Luberon, multicultural Marseille, charming Aix-en-Provence, and vibrant Cannes.

Itinerary #6: Vineyard Hopping in Corsica

Bounce between some of the oldest vineyards in Europe (with stops at stunning beaches and charming towns in between) to experience the history, variety, and especially the flavors of Corsica's wine culture.


Cover a large swath of Spain by visiting its major cities Seville, Madrid and Barcelona by train (itinerary #7). Or, focus your week on amazing Andalusia in the south (itinerary #8), or culinary powerhouse Basque Country in northern Spain (itinerary #9).

Itinerary #7:Best of Spain Highlights Tour: Seville, Madrid & Barcelona

Travel by train between Spain's three most exciting cities for a weeklong adventure. Start in Seville (rooftops, tapas, and flamenco performers), then train to Madrid (elegant streets and Prado Museum), then head to cosmopolitan Barcelona (beachy vibes and a private tour of La Sagrada Familia). Barcelona tends to be crowded, so make sure you work with your local specialist if you want to avoid the biggest crowds.

Itinerary #8: Best of Andalusia: Seville, Ronda, and Málaga

Travel from Seville to Málaga through a beautiful section of Spain's southern coast. Visit Andalusia's iconic 'white villages' (like Ronda, set on a spectacular gorge) as you head towards the Atlantic coast. 

Itinerary #9: Northern Spain Road Trip: Madrid to the Basque Country

Drive from Madrid via La Rioja, one of Spain's most beautiful wine regions on to Basque Country, where tours of San Sebastian's historic center and Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum await. Expect to be amazed by northern Spain's dining scene with its exquisite local cuisine. 


Travelers flock to the incredibly picturesque islands Santorini and Mykonos. With that fame come crowds though. Despite that, these Greek gems are still very much worth visiting (itinerary #10). For travelers looking for something a little more quiet, the equally beautiful islands Naxos and Ios are great destinations (itinerary #11). A road trip through the Greek mainland is another amazing option that gets travelers close to Greece's deep history and culinary culture (itinerary #12). 

Itinerary 10: Discover Athens & the Cyclades

Pair historic Athens with the sun-soaked beaches of the Cycladic isles with this weeklong adventure. Begin in the Greek capital and from there, ferry to Mykonos to see island's famous white buildings and windmills. The grand finale is Santorini with its gleaming white cliffs, caldera views, and sunset cruising.

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Itinerary 11: Active Cyclades: Naxos & Ios

This week-long itinerary through the Cyclades will take you to some of the most beautiful sites on Naxos and Ios. In between wandering the lanes of the charming main towns and lounging on the beaches, you'll trek through the hills to ancient sites and paddle over Aegean waves on a canoe safari.

Itinerary 12: Mainland Greece Road Trip

Take a week to drive through the mythological territory of mainland Greece with this itinerary packed with history. Your seven days will start and end in Athens, covering the historical sites and sprawling castles of the Peloponnese along the way.


Travel along the Atlantic coast for a taste of Portugal's duo of major cities Lisbon and Porto (itinerary #13). Alternatively, take a deep dive into the Algarve's region food culture (itinerary #14), or hike coastal trails in southern Portugal (itinerary #15).  

Itinerary #13: Best of Lisbon & Porto

This weeklong trip is the perfect introduction to Portugal for first-timers. You'll explore Lisbon's exciting food and culture scene, take scenic day-trips to historic villages, and walk through Porto's UNESCO-listed city center. 

Itinerary #14: Food Tour of the Algarve

During this culinary week, eat and drink your way through this Portuguese region. Visit olive farms and try your hand at preparing a 3-course meal from scratch. Foodies and nature lovers will love sampling Mediterranean cuisine and relaxing at night in boutique hotels. 

Itinerary #15: Sintra Heritage & Coastal Trails Hike

Hike the scenic, windswept coastal trails of Portugal's Atlantic coast with this 7-day hiking itinerary. Along the way you'll explore charming hotels, tuck into delicious local meals, and visit incredible heritage sites.


Crossing Croatia from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, with stops in Plitvice, Split and the Dalmatian islands is a great introduction to this coastal gem of a country (itinerary #16). If you want to dive deeper, sail along the Dalmatian coast (itinerary #17) or hike the islands (itinerary #18). On each of these itineraries you'll be amazed by the picture perfect views of the Adriatic sea.

Itinerary #16: Highlights of Croatia: Zagreb, Plitvice, Korčula, & Dubrovnik

Start in Zagreb and make your way south to Dubrovnik, stopping at Plitvice National Park and the ancient port cities of Zadar and Split. Spend a few days relaxing on the beach then end your trip in the medieval town of Dubrovnik.

Itinerary #17:Sailing Dalmatia: Vis, Korčula, Hvar & Brač

The Dalmatia region of Croatia is often called a nautical paradise, and you'll see why on this 7-day sailing trip. You'll visit beautiful island towns and anchor in picture perfect bays. 

Itinerary #18: Dalmatian Hiking Adventure

What better way to slow down and experience the Dalmatian islands than on foot? This route takes you on a hiking adventure through southern Dalmatian from Split to Dubrovnik and features cross-island treks along centuries-old trails on the islands of Brač, Hvar, and Korčula.


Dubbed the sunny side of the Alps, Slovenia is perfect blend between Mediterranean and Alpine cultures. Tour the highlights (Lake Bled, Soca Valley and more) by car (itinerary #19), cycle through Slovenia with portions in Italy and Croatia (itinerary #20), or hike the craggy mountains of Mt Triglav (itinerary #21).

Itinerary #19: Highlights of Slovenia 

Journey through the Slovenian countryside at your own pace with this road trip itinerary. Starting from the laidback riverside cafés of Ljubljana, you'll visit lovely Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Goriška Brda wine region.

Itinerary #20: Istria & Adriatic Cycling Tour

Discover the Istrian Coast across Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in this relaxed weeklong tour. Cycle easy country roads through vineyards and endless olive groves, enjoy afternoon coffee in medieval town squares and soak in the casual coastal atmosphere. Warm sunshine and cool ocean breezes, fresh local food, and historic coastal villages.

Itinerary #21: Mount Triglav Hut-to-Hut Hike 

Towering Mount Triglav is a symbol of Slovenian national pride and the site of some of the country's most stunning hikes. With this weeklong adventure, you'll climb through the Julian Alps and make your way to Triglav's three peaks, staying in local mountain huts along the way.


Visit the classic Irish icons including Dublin, the Ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park (itinerary #22) or get close with Ireland's rugged outdoors by hiking the Antrim Coast (itinerary #23) or cycling the Ring of Kerry (itinerary #24). 

Itinerary #22: Classic Ireland Adventure

Visit classic icons and some off-the-beaten-path site on this weeklong road trip. In the evenings, partake in the local pub experience with a pint of Guinness and traditional Irish music. The trip starts and ends in Dublin.

Itinerary #23: Hike the Antrim Coast: Ballycastle to Belfast

Hike the Antrim Coast on this 7-day trip, complete with dramatic coastlines, windswept cliffs, spectacular scenery, and quiet beaches. Gaze down at breathtaking cliffs and relax on beaches. 

Itinerary #24: Self-Guided Ring of Kerry Cycling Trip

This self-guided cycling tour follows the world-famous Ring of Kerry. Starting and ending in Killarney National Park, the journey traces the coastline of the Iveragh Peninsula, taking you through picturesque villages and natural wonders on a mix of inland and coastal routes.


First time visitors to Norway can opt to tour the highlights Oslo, Balestrand and Bergen which includes a ride on the scenic Flam Railway and a visit to Norway's deepest fjord, among many other highlights (itinerary #25). Other great options are to take it slow in Aurland with plenty of time on the water (itinerary #26), or have an active experience by hiking to spectacular Trolltunga and kayaking on the famous fjords (itinerary #27). 

Itinerary #25: Norwegian Highlights: Oslo, Balestrand & Bergen

Start in Oslo with its trendy cafés and summer festivals. Next, head west on the famous Flåm Railway to explore Balestrand and its majestic mountains. From here, take advantage of the warmer weather with a kayaking tour of dramatic fjords. Finish the adventure in Bergen.

Itinerary #26:Norway Slow Travel: Oslo, Aurland & Bergen

This relaxing weeklong journey starts in the capital city of Oslo before heading west to embrace the slow-paced local culture of Aurland while staying two nights at a secluded and upscale lodge that serves organic cuisine. 

Itinerary #27: Norway Hiking & Kayaking Adventure 

Get to the heart of Norway's spectacular scenery via trail and watercraft with this outdoorsy 7-day itinerary. Tour Bergen and catch a boat to the beautiful Hardangerfjord. Hike to the Trolltunga overlook, with views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet, and kayak in a section of Norway's longest and deepest fjord.


Drive around the entire island via classic ring road, stopping along the way to see Iceland's many natural wonders (itinerary #28). For a slower paced trip head to the lesser visited Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Westfjords (itinerary #29), or to get even more up close and intimate with Iceland's unique natural features go trekking in the highlands (itinerary #30). 

Itinerary #28: Iceland Ring Road Drive 

Drive Iceland's famous Ring Road on this fast-paced seven-day trip. You'll visit many of Iceland's top sights including massive waterfalls, black-sand beaches, and glaciers, lakes and volcanos. 

Itinerary #29: Best of the West: Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Westfjords

Avoid the bigger crowds found along the south coast by heading northwest instead. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula has everything you would expect in Iceland and is aptly named "Little Iceland". The Westfjords are even more remote and have this quaint "end of the world" feeling. This part of Iceland is highly recommended as it feels a lot more unspoiled than along the ring road. 

Itinerary #30: Trekking Off the Beaten Path in the Icelandic Highlands

The Icelandic Highlands are home to some of the most spectacular scenery and breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Trek the famous Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails, camp in the Valley of Thor, and walk through volcanic valleys and canyons on this epic week-long adventure.