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I am interested in setting up a tour to go through Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia from March 13th (or 14th/15th) to April 7th and was wondering if your company could help to set this up for me. I would be interested in having a local guide at each location to take me around for the day.

I am not looking to stay in fancy accommodations and would rather save on accommodations to allow for more experiences. I will be traveling by myself, but if you have others that would be doing any part of the tour, I would gladly share the tour or a room.

I have indicated what locations are my "must sees" and what are "would be nice to see, but not must see" for each location. I have also indicated my preferred amount of time in each location. I would be very interested to hear if there is anything that you think is a "must see" that I have not listed as well.

Myanmar: 6 - 8 days

Must sees:
(1) Yangon
(2) Bagan (including a hot air balloon ride)
(3) Inle Lake

Nice to sees:
(1) Mandalay
(2) Cruise on the Irriwaddy River between Mandalay and Bagan
(3) Seeing Irriwaddy dolphins

Laos: 10-14 days

Must sees:
(1) Mekong River Cruise
(2) Elephant sanctuary
(3) Luang Prabang
(4) Vang Vieng
(5) Vietiane
(6) Pakse / Bolaven Plateau
(7) Si Phan Don (including Irriwaddy dolphins)

Nice to sees:
(1) Thom Kang Lo Caves
(2) Gibbon Experience
(3) Bokeo Nature Preserve

Please note that I am not interested in visiting the Plain of Jars and would prefer the itinerary to not include it.

Cambodia: 3-5 days

Must sees:
(1) Siem Reap - Angor Wat for sunrise
(2) Phnom Penh

If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience about your ability to help me plan this trip and, if you are able to help, the next steps, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.”

Andy Carroll, a local specialist from Laos, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Great combination Myanmar - Laos - Cambodia 24days - FINAL

Day 1: Yangon arrival
Day 2: Yangon - Fly to Bagan - Temples Field (B)
Day 3: Bagan - Hot Air Balloon & Local market, villages (B)
Day 4: Bagan - Fly to Heho - Inle Lake (B)
Day 5: Inle Lake Sightseeing (B)
Day 6: Inle - Heho - Yangon Highlighted Pagodas (B)
Day 7: Yangon - Luang Prabang (via Bangkok) (B)
Day 8: Luang Prabang Sightseeing (B)
Day 9: Luang Prabang - Pak Ou Cave - Kuangsy Waterfall (B)
Day 10: Luang Prabang - Elephant Day trip (B,L)
Day 11: Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng by Car (B)
Day 12: Vang Vieng - Full day Trek to Heouysan Water fall (B,L)
Day 13: Vang Vieng - Vientiane (B)
Day 14: Vientiane - Orchid Farm & Phou Kao Khouay (B, L)
Day 15: Vientiane - Fly to Pakse - heaing to Bolaven - Waterfalls (B)
Day 16: Bolaven - Hike at the foot of Xeset Moutain - Siphandon (B)
Day 17: 4000 Khong island (B,L)
Day 18: Siphandone - Ban Kiet Ngong - Champasak (B)
Day 19: Champasak – Pakse - Fly to Siem Reap (B)
Day 20: Angkor Temples (B)
Day 21: Siem Reap Free Day (B)
Day 22: Siem Reap - Fly to Phnompenh (B)
Day 23: Phnompenh Sightseeing (B)
Day 24: Phnompenh Departure (B)
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Traveler Review

Overall, the trip was very good. There could have been a lot more communication about the daily itinerary and I wish that there had been more optionality provided for what was done each day. For example, when visiting the Elephant Sanctuary, there were several tour options that the sanctuary provided, but one of the tour was just selected for me without providing me an option (when I would have preferred to be on another tour). Also, I feel like many of the days ended the activities earlier than expected without any option to visit more sites or deviate from the itinerary. Overall, while the tour was great, I was expecting more for the money that I paid (even despite the fact that I realize I paid a premium for being a solo traveler).

Andy was phenomenal in some respects, especially when I was presented with a health issue. But again, some of my comments about the optionality of the trip and the communication could have applied. I think we could have come up with a more tailed trip for me if I had been provided more options and there had been more communication.