It is a long journey from Bologna to Positano, a distance of about 400 miles (643 km). There are a number of options for this route, including flying from Bologna to Rome to Naples, then taking a taxi to Positano. That trip will last close to five hours, which is about as long as taking the train and connecting to a taxi. The train ride also involves making a connection in Naples, on a trip that also lasts about five hours.

Renting a car or hiring a private car and driver will add time to your travels, regardless of whether you choose to drive through the center of the country or go out to the Adriatic Sea coast instead; either way you drive, it will take a bit over seven hours. Our local specialists can help you make a private car booking that matches both a vehicle and a driver to your specific needs.

Another way to make this trip is to join this 12-day Food & Wine in Italy: Bologna, Florence, Amalfi Coast & Rome tour that includes Positano in an itinerary designed to let you taste all the flavors of Italy. On that, and all of our tours, all the transfers are handled by our local specialists, leaving you to simply enjoy the ride.

By Train

Duration: 5 hours

Catch the train at Bologna's Centrale Station toward Naples' Piazza Garibaldi/Centrale Station; they run every 30 minutes. That trip takes about 3.5 hours. Once you've arrived in Naples, choose to change trains there for Castellammare di Stabia (a 45-minute ride), then hail a taxi for the final 35-minute ride to Positano. Note that cars are not allowed into the center of Positano, so you will have to make your way on foot once you arrive at the parking areas on the outskirts of the village.

By Plane

Duration: 3.5 hour flying time, 1.25 hour driving

There are a lot of moving parts involved in flying from Bologna to Positano, but it is an option for travel. You'll fly from Bologna's Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ) via Rome's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO) to Naples International Airport (NAP) on Alitalia, then will need to catch a taxi for the transfer to Positano, which will take little over an hour to drive.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 6.5-7 hours, more with stops

Renting a car in Bologna is simple, as all the major car rental companies have outposts there. When you rent, remember that a stick-shift vehicle is much cheaper in Italy than an automatic, so if you are comfortable driving one, keep that in mind.

From Bologna, the quickest route to Positano is via the A1 freeway that runs down the middle of the country. That trip takes you past Rome, a great place to stop for lunch if you're good at driving in some serious traffic, complete with mopeds buzzing around your car; if not, there are plenty of smaller towns along the way to stop for a rest and a bite to eat. 

Or take the route along the Adriatic Sea, which is a bit slower, but rewards you with gorgeous views and scenic little villages all along the way. That drive will take closer to eight hours to complete.

Either way, remember that cars are not allowed in the actual village of Positano, so you'll need to park it just on the edge of town and do the rest of your trip on foot. There are many hotels perched on the hills above the village, booking one of those means you are likely to find parking at your hotel.

Hire a car and driver by the hour to have the flexibility to stop along the way from Bologna to Positano, or negotiate a flat fee for the nonstop trip. Either way allows you to relax and watch the Italian countryside roll by. Our local specialists are ready to assist you in making your booking, including advising you on the size of the vehicle you'll need for your whole party to travel in comfort.


Map of How to Get from Bologna to Positano
Map of How to Get from Bologna to Positano