Hiroshima is known as The Reborn City due to it rising from the ashes of atomic destruction and rebuilding itself a beautiful place to visit with a powerful message of peace. Destroyed monuments such as Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Garden were reconstructed and Peace Memorial Park was built in the center of the city. While history is an important part of a trip to Hiroshima, there are also many stunning sights, and culinary experiences to look forward to. 

If you are still in the planning phases of your trip, this 12-day itinerary will lead you through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. You will do everything from dining with robots in Tokyo, petting wild deer in Nara, and taking in the sights and enjoying ‘okonomiyaki’ and other local fare in Hiroshima.

From Tokyo

Duration: 2.5-10 hours

The distance between Tokyo and Hiroshima is 511 miles (813 km) and the easiest way to get there is by plane. Flying is the quickest way to get from Tokyo to Hiroshima, and the most convenient. Direct flights from Haneda airport to Hiroshima airport are offered by JAL and Nippon Airways, and there are numerous flights each day. The flight is only an hour and 20 minutes and from there, there is a 55-minute shuttle that will take you to the heart of Hiroshima.

The bullet train, run by Japan Railways Shinkansen takes about 4 hours. While most of Japan is covered by the JR Pass (purchase before your trip), unfortunately, the Shinkansen Nozomi line is not. It is recommended to take the Shinkansen Hikari line instead.

If you prefer to do some sightseeing your own, renting a car is the recommended method to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima. This journey will take 10 hours (more with stops). Driving in Japan might take a little getting used to as you drive on the left side of the road and the driver's side is on the right side. While Google maps can guide you, it takes a little extra concentration to match road signs with your directions. 

From Kyoto

Duration: 2-6.5 hours

The distance between Kyoto and Hiroshima is 228 miles (362 km). There are many options to get from A to B—the train being the fastest. A direct trip on Japan Railways Shinkansen takes less than 2 hours and the Shinkansen Hikari line is included in the JR Pass. 

Another option is to drive, which will take around 4.5 hours with great possibilities for a scenic stop in Okayama.

Taking a bus will take 6.5 hours and there is a transfer at Tsudaka. The bus is run by Ryobi Express and it is recommended to purchase your ticket beforehand. 

From Osaka

Duration: 2-6 hours

Osaka to Hiroshima is 208 miles (331 km) and the quickest way to get there is by train which will take only 1.5 hours. You can pick it up at Shin-Osaka which many subways stop at. 

If you prefer to drive it is a 4-hour journey by rental car or private transfer and Okayama is a perfect stop on this trip as well.

Taking a bus will take under 6 hours. The bus is run by Willer Express, which runs twice a day and it is recommended to purchase your ticket beforehand. 


Map of How to Get to Hiroshima
Map of How to Get to Hiroshima