Just 26 miles (42 kilometers) southeast of Kathmandu, Namobuddha is a convenient overnight destination from the capital. It lies just beyond the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. Travelers can get there quickly by road in a private car or taxi. Travelers interested in a lower-altitude trek may be interested in taking one of several hiking routes instead, ranging from one to five days in duration.

By Private Transfer

Duration: 2 hours

A private vehicle, or simply a taxi, is the most convenient way of traveling from Kathmandu to Namobuddha. Although it's not too many miles from the city, the slow traffic conditions along the road leaving the valley, and then the winding hill roads outside it, means it takes a bit longer to get to Namobuddha than you might imagine. Public buses are too slow and uncomfortable to be a good option.

On Foot

Duration: 1-5 days, depending on your route

If you're up for more of an adventure, you can hike to Namobuddha from Bhaktapur, to the east of central Kathmandu. Interesting  places to include on a trek to Namobuddha include Dhulikhel and Panauti. While not necessarily an easy route, trekking to Namobuddha is a great option for people who don't have the time or ability to tackle a longer high-altitude trek in the Himalaya. Read more about a trek that includes Namobuddha here: Balthali Village Trek- 5 Days. 


Map of How to Get from Kathmandu to Namobuddha
Map of How to Get from Kathmandu to Namobuddha