Syabrubesi is the gateway to the popular Langtang Trek, as well as other treks in the Langtang area, such as the Tamang Heritage Trail and the Gosaikunda Trek. Although it's only 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Kathmandu, this gives a misleading idea of how long it actually takes to get there. From Kathmandu it can only be reached overland, via private or shared jeep.

Public buses also run between Kathmandu's Gongabu Bus Park and Dhunche, but are not recommended. Once the road gets close to Dhunche, sections of it are susceptible to landslides. Even once these have been cleared, it's quite frightening to travel across these sections in a bus.

While it's possible to trek from the Shivapuri National Park, just outside Kathmandu, to Syabrubesi, much of the way follows a road, so this isn't necessarily recommended. Travelers seeking a greater adventure would be better off putting that time into a longer trek within the Langtang area.

By Private or Shared Jeep

Duration: 5+ hours

Shared Jeeps ply the winding mountain roads between Kathmandu and Syabrubesi, and are moderately safe and comfortable. You'll likely be sharing the vehicle with locals or other trekkers. They generally make a food and comfort stop at Trisuli Bazaar. Some terminate at Dhunche, a few miles before Syabrubesi.

A more comfortable way of making the overland journey is by private Jeep, just for you and your party. These can be arranged independently, or through your trekking company. They follow the same road as shared Jeeps, but you can stop wherever you like.


Map of How to Get from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi
Map of How to Get from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi