To get from Lima to Arequipa, the best option is to take a plane. The second option, also popular, is to take a private transfer or bus via road. Arequipa is connected by train to Cusco, so technically a third option would be to fly to Cusco and to take the train from there, but this is very rarely done as an A to B journey. 

By Plane

Duration: 1.5 hours

Traveling by plane from Lima to Arequipa is by far the most efficient way to go, and prices can be quite reasonable. It is, however, still generally the most expensive means of arrival (although some bus companies charge as much for their luxury seats).

Airlines flying the Lima-Arequipa route include Latam (with the most daily direct departures), Peruvian, Viva Air, and Star Perú. Arequipa's Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón airport is five miles northwest of central Arequipa. From here, taxis run to the center (30 minutes).

By Private Transfer

Duration: 15-17 hours

By far the best road from Lima to Arequipa is Highway 1, which runs all the way. This is an arid trip along the coast and through the Peruvian desert. The best place to break the journey if you so choose is Nazca, eight hours from Lima and nine to ten hours from Arequipa. 

By Bus 

Duration: 15-17 hours

Those interested in going by bus should use Cruz del Sur, established as Peru's most dependable long-distance bus company. Cruz del Sur offers one daily direct morning departure and multiple afternoon departures from their Javier Prado terminal in Lima. A fully reclining VIP seat on one of these buses is more comfortable than a lot of planes and can be as expensive. Another good company for this route is Civa, with a similar number of direct daily departure from the Javier Prado, La Victoria, and Atocongo terminals in Lima. 


Map of How to Get from Lima to Arequipa
Map of How to Get from Lima to Arequipa