Matera and Alberobello are 42 miles (69 km) apart, and they're located in two different regions in Italy, Basilicata and Apulia

Public transportation between the two towns is weak, so the best way to get from Matera to Alberobello is by renting a car or booking a private transfer for the one-hour drive. 

Seats on group shuttles are also available, but you won't have the freedom to make any stops.

If you're planning your trip to Matera and Alberobello, make sure to check this 7-Day itinerary across Puglia.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1 hour, more with stops and traffic

It's easy to rent a small car in Italy or hire a private driver, and you can ask a local specialist to assist you in booking the option that best fits your needs. You have three options for the route: You can take the SS7, the SP106 or the SP127, but each route takes about the same amount of time.

If you take the SS7 (the Strada Statale 7) and a mix of strade provinciali—town roads that are regionally managed—a recommended stop is in the city of Noci, a modest, small town. Noci is home to a major food festival—Bacco nelle Gnostre—each year in November. If you're interested in attending, check out this guide to Italy in November

If you choose to take the SP106, you can detour towards the Castellana Caves, a rich complex of karst underground caves, which will add an additional 15-20 minutes of travel time. If you're interested in visiting the area around February or early March, the Carnevale di Putignano in the town of Putignano is one of Italy's most famous and is the oldest carnival in Europe. 

If you rent your own car, you'll be happy to know that parking is widely available on the streets of Alberobello. Look for the areas marked in white, which are free, or in blue, which require payment at a parking meter. 

By Group Shuttle

Duration: 1 hour, more with stops and traffic

An alternative to renting a car or booking a private transfer is taking a group shuttle service. These shuttles are generally standard passenger vans, and they are comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. You won't be able to take any scenic stops, but this option usually offers door-to-door service. Ask a local specialist for help in booking with a trusted company.


Map of How to Get from Matera to Alberobello
Map of How to Get from Matera to Alberobello
Written by Bana B, updated Sep 15, 2019