Traveling from Naples to Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast, is a 34 mile (54 km) trip that takes you past an ancient volcano and over scenic mountains if you travel by rental car or private transfer. Because of the Lattari Mountains, the trip takes a bit longer than expected, about an hour to drive. It will take longer if you choose to go by train, which avoid the mountain roads by going toward Salerno and then along the coast to Maiori; you can drive that route as well.

Regular helicopter transfers between Naples and Ravello depart from Naples International Airport (Capodichino Airport) and are another option to get to Maiori, which then require a taxi or car service that takes you down the mountainside to Maiori's waterfront spot on the Tyrrhenian Sea in about 20 minutes. Private helicopter charters are also an option and give you more flexibility on where you depart from and land.

Choosing one of our customizable journeys that cover Naples and the Amalfi Coast – for 5 days or even 15 days – means all your travel and transfer needs are taken care of by our local specialists.

By Rental Car

All the major car rental companies have outposts in Naples, so renting a car is simple. Note that to return the car on the Amalfi Coast, you'll need to leave Maiori to find Hertz and Budget in Salerno, so if you plan to continue your trip using a different form of transport, be sure to rent from one of those two companies.

Along the drive down the E45, check out Mount Vesuvius, looming to your left. Plan a stop in Pompeii, the city the volcano buried in an eruption in ancient times, as it is right along your route. Then choose to wend through the Lattari Mountains, going past small mountain villages including Campinola and Novella on SP2a and SP2b, which will drop you right into the seaside town of Maiori.

Or, avoid the mountains by taking the E45 to the A3 toward Salerno, then taking the beautiful coastline road SS163 into Maiori.

By Private Transfer

Let someone else do the driving so you can relax or take photographs as you go is easy, especially with the aid of our local specialists, who will create a customized experience for you. They can arrange a private car transfer for you, booked as a straight-through ride or by the hour, so that you can choose to stop and sightsee along the way.

By Train

There is no direct train from Naples to Maiori, so taking the trip from Naples Central (Napoli Centrale) Station means going via Salerno. That leg of the trip takes 36 minutes and trains run every 30 minutes. From Salerno Central Railway Station (Stazione Ferroviaria Centrale di Salerno), catch a taxi right outside the station to complete your journey, a 20-minute drive to Maiori.

By Helicopter

Scheduled helicopter transfers are available between Naples airport and Ravello, which is in the mountains above Maiori. Choosing that quick 20-minute ride will still require you to hire a taxi or a private car to travel down the mountain, about another 20-minute ride to Maiori.

Chartering a private helicopter is also an option, and one that can be customized to your needs. Private charter helicopters generally seat five people and the cost will be around $1,700 for the 20-minute flight.


Map of How to Get from Naples to Maiori
Map of How to Get from Naples to Maiori