Traveling the 135 miles (218 km) from Oslo to Geilo is straightforward and you’ll be rewarded with great scenery. Renting a car or hiring a private transfer is the most efficient way to travel. Taking the train or bus is always a good option as there are no confusing transfers.

This 6-day Norwegian cities, mountains, and fjords itinerary features many Nordic highlights, including a trip on the Geilo all-season chairlift that offers once in a lifetime views of the mountains. This itinerary also features a ride on Flåm Railway, which is one of the steepest train rides in the world.

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 3 hours

Renting a car in Oslo and driving to Geilo is highly recommended if you’re looking for the quickest way to get to your destination or you want to control your schedule. Just remember, though, that if you choose to drive, Geilo has long winters (November to April), which can affect driving conditions.

Leaving Oslo, take the E16. This route will take you along the Tyrifjorden, a stunning sight on the left-hand side that’s worth pulling over for. As you continue down the E16, you’ll eventually come to Tolpinrud, where you’ll merge onto the Rv7. Stay on this road until you get to Geilo.

On the drive, you’ll see the landscape change from big city lights to quaint villages and mountain ranges. You’ll drive past Krøderen, which is a stunning lake that stretches 25 miles. For the remainder of the drive, you’ll have a perfect view of the Strandafjorden on the left side of the highway.

Keep in mind that this trek does include toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your car rental company.

If you'd rather, you can hire a private transfer and you can focus on relaxing on the drive.

By Train

Duration: 3.5 hours

Taking the train is always a great option if you’re not interested in driving. Because Geilo is situated between Oslo and Bergen, the train departure times are frequent and direct. The train is also a comfortable option choice as there is a nice amount of leg room and relaxing seats.

As the train winds through the Nordic mountains, you will pass by the nature reserve called Haverstingen. Views of Langevatnet and Hallingdalselva lakes are also on the menu, the latter of which is colloquially known in Norway as the great river.

By Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours

The bus is a decent transport method, as it is a direct route with no transfers. You’ll be on the E16 and the Rv7, which means you’ll get to see the picturesque lake Krøderen and the breathtaking Strandafjorden on the left side as you wind towards Geilo. Not driving yourself means that you can take the time to stare at the wonders of the Nordic countryside as the bus driver pays attention to the road.


Map of How to Get from Oslo to Geilo
Map of How to Get from Oslo to Geilo