Traveling from Portofino to Pisa means a trip down the coast of the Ligurian Sea, a lovely, scenic ride of about 89 miles (143 km). It's best accomplished by private transfer, which is the most practical and fastest way to make the 1.5-hour journey.

To get there by rental car, you'll need to have either arrived in Portofino by driving one in, or you'll have to journey by bus, taxi, or ferry up the coast to Santa Margherita Ligure in order to rent one. Taking the train is the third option, which takes about twice as long as driving (3 hours) and will also require you to get to the station in Santa Margherita Ligure.

Spend more time in the region with our 13-Day Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera trip, which also includes stops in Portofino and Pisa, with all the transfers taken care of. Note that most of the Cinque Terre businesses close down in the winter months, though visiting (and even hiking!) is still possible—see this article about hiking the Cinque Terre villages in February for more. 

By Private Transfer

Duration: 1.5 hours

It's simple to book a private car transfer from Portofino to Pisa, especially if you take advantage of working with one of our local specialists, who can help you with bookings. Note that there are no cars allowed in the center of Portofino, so you'll have to arrange your pickup on the edges of the village. You can stop along the way to take of the shoreline or perhaps at La Spezia, where St. George’s Castle houses ancient artifacts.

By Rental Car

Duration: 1.5 hours

Take a taxi, bus, or ferry up to Santa Margherita Ligure to pick up a rental car, and from there it is an easy drive to Pisa. If you arrived in Portofino with a rental car, you'll have parked it outside the village, as cars are not allowed in the main part of this picturesque place. The route often hugs the coastline and offers spectacular views along the cliffs, so be ready to pull over for a photo op. To break up the drive you could stop in Cinque Terre National Park and explore some of the 75 mils (120 km) of trails along the coastline. Afterward, you could sit down for a fresh seafood lunch in La Spezia at Osteria Da Bartali

By Train

Duration: 3 hours

Trains run from Santa Margherita Ligure station to Pisa Central Station, so you'll need to get a transfer from Portofino up to the station, about a five-mile drive or a 20-minute ferry ride. Once there, catch a local train that runs every hour .


Map of How to Get from Portofino to Pisa
Map of How to Get from Portofino to Pisa