It's a 205-mile (330 km) trip by road from Rovinj to Zadar. The quickest way to make this journey is by private transfer to Pula and then a flight to Zadar. Another option is to drive, using a private transfer service or rental car. In this case, the trip would take approximately 5 hours. 

There's also the option to take a private transfer to Pula from where there are passenger ferries departing to Zadar. Though the sea route is a scenic way to make the trip, it does take much longer. Bus travel between Rovinj and Zadar is not convenient because there's only one direct bus connection.

This 10-day tour takes in the sights or both Rovinj and Zadar as well as the capital city of Zagreb, the castles of the Zagorje region, the hilltop towns of Istria, and two national parks: Brijuni and Plitvice Lakes

By Private Transfer and Plane

Duration: 2.5 hours

The quickest way to travel from Rovinj to Zadar is to take a private transfer to Pula airport, a 45-minute drive. From here there are daily direct flight connections to Zadar operated by Croatia Airlines. The flight time is 35 minutes. 

By Rental Car or Private Transfer 

Duration: 5 hours, more with stops

If you plan to make the trip from Rovinj to Zadar by rental car, take Road 303 and then the E751 toll highway towards the city of Rijeka. From here continue onto the E65 Rijeka-Zagreb toll highway to Bosiljevo and head south on the E71 toll highway towards Zadar. 

Another longer but more scenic route is to take the Jadranska Magistrala coastal road that snakes down the Adriatic coast. Consider making a stop in the scenic town of Senj on the way.

If you prefer not to navigate European roads and leave the driving to a local, using a private transfer service is the best option. This is also the most convenient way to get from Rovinj to Zadar as it allows for a flexible schedule and door-to-door service. Contact your local travel expert for more details on private transfer services.

By Private Transfer and Passenger Ferry

Duration: 7 hours

The trip from Rovinj to Zadar can also be made via a sea connection. Take a private transfer to Pula, a 45-minute drive. From here, there are regular passenger ferries to Zadar which stop at several islands on the way. 

During the high season (July and August), there's a 7 am departure running four days a week. This reduces to two departures a week during the shoulder season (June and September), and one weekly departure (Fridays) during the rest of the year. The crossing from Pula to Zadar takes 6 hours and 15 minutes. 

By Bus

Duration: 8 - 9 hours

Traveling by bus from Rovinj to Zadar is the most budget-friendly travel option but is time-consuming and not the most convenient. There's only one direct bus connection that arrives in Zadar in the middle of the night. The other option is to take one of the many buses heading to Rijeka and from there, connect to a direct bus service to Zadar.


Map of How to Get from Rovinj to Zadar
Map of How to Get from Rovinj to Zadar
Written by Isabel P, updated Sep 9, 2019