The 2,330-mile (3,750 km) journey from Santiago de Chile to the legendary Easter Island requires a six-hour flight from Santiago International Airport (SCL). LATAM is currently the only airline that serves this route, with up to three daily flight departures. Delays are not unusual, due to the heavy winds that are common here; this is also why the trip from Santiago to Easter Island is about an hour longer than the return flight. The best thing to do is to book at least a few weeks to a few months in advance.

Read this complete guide to Easter Island to make the most of your visit here. 

By Plane and Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 6 hours

After taking a 6-hour flight and arriving at Easter Island Airport you have two main options to get to your hotel or chosen destination on the Island, which takes only about 10 minutes. The first option is to rent a car (be sure to book in advance). The second option is to book a private transfer. Taxis are available from the airport during the day but are hard to come by in the evening. 

If renting a car, be mindful that the road conditions aren't the best on Easter Island—and be prepared for heavy traffic during peak-season, especially in early February when the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival takes place. Other than that you can easily drive it across the island—the whole island is only 35 miles (22 km) long. In Hanga Roa, the only town here, you can stop for some snacks and drinks to bring with you on your sightseeing hikes—you'll be glad you did. 



Map of How to Get from Santiago to Easter Island
Map of How to Get from Santiago to Easter Island