Getting Around Chile

The distance between the northernmost and southernmost points in Chile is roughly 2,650 miles (4,270 km)—just 240 miles less than the span of the mainland United States from east to west. 

Given the distance, most travelers will use a combination of domestic flights and road transfers. You can fly between regions using major transport hubs (like Santiago and Atacama, for example), and switch to driving or using private transfers within a region you'd like to explore. 

While public buses are inexpensive and generally reliable throughout most of the country, routes are more limited in the region of Patagonia. Private or shared transfer services are recommended over renting a car in Patagonia as road conditions, border crossings, and weather all make driving a daunting challenge year-round.

In the rest of the country, a road trip can be an excellent way to explore a region of the country at your own pace. Santiago is a great jumping-off point, with destinations like Viña del Mar and Valparaiso under 2 hours away by car.
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