The distance between the Chilean capital of Santiago and the beautiful town of Viña del Mar is only 76 miles (122 km). Getting to Viña del Mar takes one hour and 30 minutes by car. Private transfers are available from Santiago, as well as car rentals and buses. Renting a car or getting a transfer are however the best choices for this trip, as you'll have the option to stop in funky Valparaíso, the renowned vineyards of Casablanca, and the Lagos Peñuelas National Reserve

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1.5 hours, more with stops

Renting a car or hiring a private transfer are the most popular ways to travel between Santiago and Viña del Mar. Though you can make the journey in less than two hours, this route offers a number of scenic stops and you can easily spend a full day hiking, sightseeing, and wine tasting along the way. 

Begin the journey on Route 68, arriving in Casablanca 45 minutes later—a perfect opportunity to stop for a tour and tasting at one of the wineries here. The next point of interest is Lagos Peñuelas National Reserve, where you can stretch your legs on a number of scenic hiking trails. From here, head to Valparaiso. It's worth spending at least a couple of hours in this colorful, artistic city before driving the last ten minutes to Viña del Mar. 

By Bus

Duration: 2 hours

The most straightforward way to take the bus to Viña del Mar is from Pajaritos, which is reached from Santiago via a ten-minute metro ride. From there, it's another hour and 30 minutes to Viña del Mar. You can also take a bus from Terminal Alameda and change buses in Pajaritos. It's also possible to bus from Pajaritos to Casablanca and transfer to Viña del Mar from there.


Map of How to Get from Santiago to Viña del Mar
Map of How to Get from Santiago to Viña del Mar