Valparaíso is only 72 miles (116 km) from Santiago, and the quick trip is best traveled by car. The drive takes 1.5 hours—if you drive without any detours—and between 3-6 hours with stops and exploration. 

There are also direct buses available from Terminal Alameda in Santiago that will take you straight to Valparaíso. The route takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus. 

Another popular option is to book a private transfer or take a taxi—both are comfortable options.

There are also tours to consider prior to booking your trip. Take a look at this four-day exploration route through both cities or consider this wine tour through Santiago before traveling to Chile.

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Renting a car in Santiago and driving to Valparaíso is the best way to explore both cities. You can drive straight to Valparaíso on Route 68, but a more active route includes taking a detour and visiting places such as Viña del Mar, which is only a 10-minute drive from Valparaíso, and one of the most popular places to visit in Chile. Begin on Route 68, and after 1 hour of driving, you'll pass by the Reserva Nacional de Lago Pelueñas, where you can embark on a scenic hike. You'll then continue for about 30 minutes before you reach Valparaíso.

If you don't mind taking a longer route, get on Route 5 from Santiago, drive for 1.5 hours to Papudo, enjoy some surfing, and then drive back south on F-30-E in the same amount of time. This increases the driving time by up to three hours, plus the added time spent in Papudo. 

A private transfer can also be booked, and you can arrange for your driver to make stops along the way without the added responsibility of navigating on your own. Your driver can pick you up from your hotel, the city center, or anywhere else you request. 

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Riding the bus from Santiago to Valparaíso will take you approximately an hour and 40 minutes, and the bus departs from Terminal Alameda in the center of Santiago. Buses usually run a few times per day, with less frequency on weekends and holidays. You can either book a ticket online or buy one at the bus terminal. 


Map of How to Get from Santiago to Valparaiso
Map of How to Get from Santiago to Valparaiso