A distance of 2,580 miles (4150 km) and ten hours of travel time will take you from San Pedro de Atacama to Easter Island—one of the most visited places in Chile. The journey is traveled by plane from Calama. The first leg is a two-hour flight to Santiago; from there, it's another five- to seven-hour flight to Easter Island. 

By Plane 

Duration: 10 hours 

The journey of getting from San Pedro de Atacama to Easter Island starts by taking a shuttle bus to Calama El Loa Airport (CJC). This takes approximately one hour. Then you'll be taking a two-hour flight to the Santiago International Airport (SCL) for a transfer. The last part of the journey takes between five and seven hours, depending on the weather which can sometimes slow down the journey. 

Sometimes the stopover will be very long and the journey can take up to 15-19 hours. In case this happens, you might want to consider spending the night in Santiago and try to plan your trip accordingly. Or take a transfer, a taxi, or a bus to the city center and spend a few hours enjoying the city. In this guide, you'll find some of the things you can do in Santiago.