Getting to Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean is best done by taking a flight to Mataveri International Airport (IPC), and it's fairly easily done if you're traveling from Santiago or some of Chile's surrounding countries such as Argentina and Peru.

Once you arrive at the Island, you may want to plan on staying for a couple of days as most travelers want to explore sites like the famous Moai statues or check off bucket-list items like watching the sunset from Ahu Tongariki

For an in-depth look at the island, check out this Ultimate Guide. If you're interested in a tour that includes guided visits to the island's top archeological sites and hikes to volcanoes, check out this 5-day itinerary.

From Santiago de Chile 

Duration: 5-6 hours

The journey from Santiago to Easter Island is pretty straightforward. You'll take a direct flight from Santiago International Airport (SCL) to Mataveri International Airport, and then get a private transfer or a car rental to take you to your hotel.

Driving your own car gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, but be prepared for some heavy traffic during the high season.

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From Lima

Duration: 10 hours

The journey from Lima in Peru to Easter Island requires one transfer in Santiago. You'll first get on a flight at the Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) in Lima. Including the transfer, this trip will take you 10 hours without delays.

From Buenos Aires

Duration: 8 hours

Traveling from Buenos Aires, you might want to consider booking flights separately since this can save you several hours. What usually takes up most of the time is the layover in Santiago. These flights are a bit trickier to find, so make sure to plan well in advance.

Book one ticket from Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) to Santiago, and one ticket from Santiago to Easter Island. The first trip takes around 2.5 hours and the second half will take about 5.5 hours. 

You can also book a single flight with a transfer from Santiago to Easter Island. This option takes approximately 14 hours, but sometimes more, depending on the layover. If this is the only flight you can catch, then an overnight stay in Santiago might be a good idea.