It's a short 40-mile (65 km) road trip from Krka National Park to Trogir, one that can be easily covered in under an hour. Traveling by private transfer or rental car is the quickest and most convenient way to make the journey.

Public transportation between these two destinations is limited: there's only one daily direct bus from Skradin (the entrance to Krka National Park) to Trogir and there are no train connections. Note that another viable option is to take a bus to Šibenik or Split from where there are many buses heading to Trogir.

Consider this family-friendly two-week Croatia itinerary, which takes in the highlights of the Dalmatian coast including Zadar, Split, and Trogir, as well as Krka National Park

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1 hour

Making the journey by car is the quickest way to get from Krka National Park to Trogir and the most convenient transportation option. This is an easy drive that can be covered in under an hour. From Skradin at the entrance to Krka National Park, take the D56 to Gračac from where you can get on to the E65 toll highway. Exit the highway at Prgomet (Exit 24) and continue on the secondary road (Doktor Franjo Tudman Road) to Trogir.

If you want to avoid the highway, an alternate route is to travel on secondary roads 33 and 58, which would only add 10 extra minutes to your journey. This also offers the opportunity to take a slight detour to Šibenik, worth a stop for its charming old town and UNESCO-listed cathedral and fortress. 

If you prefer not to drive on foreign roads and leave navigating and parking to a local, consider taking a private transfer from Krka National Park to Trogir. To get more details about private transfer services available from Krka National Park, get in touch with your local travel specialist.

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour – 4 hours

Direct bus connections between Krka National Park and Trogir are limited. There's only one daily direct bus connection with a journey time of one hour. Do book your tickets ahead of time to secure a seat on this popular route. The other option is to take one of the many direct buses heading to Šibenik or Split, from where there are frequent buses to Trogir.


Map of How to Get from Krka National Park to Trogir
Map of How to Get from Krka National Park to Trogir
Written by Isabel P, updated Aug 28, 2019