There are several ways to travel the 237 miles (381 km) between Zagreb and Trogir. Book a direct flight for a quick, 45-minute journey, or consider making the four-hour road trip via private transfer or rental car. Bus travel is less comfortable and takes more time, but it remains an inexpensive option. 

Consider this eight-day Dalmatian adventure itinerary for trip ideas, or escape to a nearby island for a wine tasting itinerary.

By Plane 

Duration: 45 minutes

Flying is by far the fastest and most convenient way to travel between Zagreb and Trogir. Nonstop flights from Zagreb to Trogir are only 45 minutes long and reasonably priced.  

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 4 hours, more with stops

Depending on the route, traffic conditions, and tolls, the trip from Zagreb to Trogir can take as little as three and a half hours. The most efficient way is a highway route through central Croatia and eventually nears Zadar, which is only an hour and a half from Trogir. The fastest route takes E71 through central Croatia and includes tolls. Carry enough kuna (local currency) to pay the tolls for both directions of your trip.

Hiring a driver is the most convenient option, but if you'd like to drive yourself, Zagreb has quite a few rental car companies that offer both manual and automatic vehicles. Gas is bought by the liter in Croatia, so it tends to be expensive at roughly four liters per gallon.

Stop in Zadar or detour further north on the island of Pag. Roughly halfway through, Zadar is a popular lunch stop and features its renowned sea organ, but Pag and Novalja are interesting stops for their salt brines, or where they harvest and make Croatia's best salt. Šibenik is quite close to Trogir, but would also be a great place for a coffee break.

By Bus

Duration: 4.5 hours

Though a less convenient option, there is a direct bus from Zagreb to Trogir that departs five times daily. There are direct and express direct options when booking a seat, but both require the same about of travel time. If choosing to travel by bus in Croatia, expect delays due to traffic, accidents, or tolls.

Companies such as Flexibus provide a more comfortable trip. Most buses are outfitted with wifi, charging outlets, and a toilet. Expect at least one break during the drive and a minimal fee per suitcase. 


Map of How to Get from Zagreb to Trogir
Map of How to Get from Zagreb to Trogir