One week in Brazil gives you time to visit two regions. Adventurous families can kayak in South Pantanal and descend into the Abismo Anhumas caverns, while those seeking a leisurely pace can relax on the beach in Praia do Forte. Invite your budding chefs to cook alongside a local in Salvador, or introduce young musicians and dancers to a Carnival experience in Rio de Janeiro. A horseback ride in North Pantanal and night hikes to observe nocturnal wildlife in the Amazon are a treat for animal-loving kids.

Itinerary #1: Brazil Family Getaway: Rio de Janeiro & Salvador

Families with young children will appreciate the kid-friendly activities and gentle pace of this relaxed coastal getaway. You'll start in Rio de Janeiro, nabbing panoramic views and family photo ops at the Christ the Redeemer statue and learning about marine life at South America's largest aquarium. Fly up the coast to experience Afro-Brazilian music and martial arts in Salvador, and end with a family beach day on the golden sands of Praia do Forte. 

Sip the freshest coconut water at on the famous beach at Copacabana
Sip fresh coconut water on the famous Copacabana Beach
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Food Tour  Rio de Janeiro
Day 2 Christ the Redeemer & Sugarloaf Mountain Tour, Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro
Day 3 Floresta da Tijuca Rainforest Walk, Free Afternoon in Rio Rio de Janeiro
Day 4 Rio de Janeiro Marine Aquarium, Fly to Salvador Salvador
Day 5 Explore Salvador City & Dinosaur Lagoon Salvador
Day 6 Praia do Forte Day Trip & TAMAR Sea Turtle Project Salvador
Day 7 Salvador Zoo & Botanical Park, Depart  

On arrival in Rio de Janeiro, you can opt for a relaxing start at Leblon Beach or quiet rumbling tummies with a food tour. The next morning, take a cable car up Mount Corcovado to see the 98-foot (30 m) Christ the Redeemer statue and snap family photos with views over Guanabara Bay. Then, help the little ones spot monkeys on a walk in Floresta da Tijuca, the largest urban rainforest in the world. Let the kids choose their next adventure, perhaps an afternoon at the beach, a cooking class, or a visit to The Museum of Tomorrow, where curious young minds can engage with interactive futuristic exhibits.

Watch your children's faces light up as they walk the tunnel at Rio de Janeiro Marine Aquarium, surrounded by marine life. Then you'll catch a flight to Salvador, where the kids will be captivated by Afro-Brazilian music and capoeira (martial arts) in the Pelourinho district. The dino-loving family members will also enjoy a visit to Lagoa dos Dinossauros, home to life-size velociraptor replicas and more. Cap off your trip with a family beach day under the swaying palm trees at Praia do Forte and then learn about conservation efforts at the TAMAR Project, a sea turtle rescue and preservation center. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Family Expedition to Iguaçu Falls & the Brazilian Amazon

This intrepid waterfalls and rainforest itinerary is a great choice for families that enjoy outdoor activities and wildlife encounters. Split your time between the UNESCO-listed wonders of Iguaçu and a comfortable rainforest lodge in the Amazon. Highlights include a hike and speedboat ride at Iguaçu Falls, the chance to observe nearly 200 species of birds at Parque das Aves, river canoeing, piranha fishing, and a night hike to see nocturnal animals in the Amazon. 

Immerse yourself in the wonders of rainforest with hiking, canoeing, and fishing excursions at an Amazon lodge
Experience family-friendly hiking, canoeing, and fishing excursions at an Amazon lodge
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Foz do Iguaçu, Explore the Brazilian Falls Foz do Iguaçu
Day 2 Explore the Argentine Falls, Boat Ride to the Base Foz do Iguaçu
Day 3 Visit the Parque das Aves, Fly to Manaus Manaus
Day 4 Transfer to Juma & Your Amazon Lodge, Canoeing & Nocturnal Excursion The Amazon
Day 5 Sunrise in the Amazon, Rainforest Hike & Piranha Fishing The Amazon
Day 6 Rainforest Hike with Picnic, Local Village Visit The Amazon
Day 7 Pirarucu Spotting, Transfer to Manaus, Depart   

Kick off your family vacation at Foz do Iguaçu, where you and the kids can experience the thrill of the thundering waterfalls with a hike on the Brazilian side followed by a speedboat ride through the canyons on the Argentine side. You'll also have a chance to delight your little animal lovers with a visit to Parque das Aves, home to 180 species of birds. Next, you'll fly north to Manaus, your gateway to the Amazon. Set off on a family adventure, traveling by speedboat, bus, and another boat to reach Juma, your rainforest lodge, where you'll paddle the flooded forest and embark on a night hike to observe nocturnal wildlife. 

Wake your crew up early and be rewarded with birdsong and sunrise views before you head out for piranha fishing (if the kids want to keep their catch, the guide can prepare the piranha in a traditional soup). On your final full day, your guide will treat the kids to a forest picnic on your hike to a local village, where you'll have the chance to learn about Indigenous culture and traditions. There's one more surprise the wildlife lovers in the family are sure to enjoy: on the journey back to Manaus, you'll observe pirarucu, giant fish that can reach up to 10 feet (3 m) and weigh 440 pounds (200 kg)! Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Brazil Family Discovery Tour: Culture & Nature in Salvador & Pantanal

Families with a variety of interests and ages will appreciate the mix of historical, outdoor, and culinary experiences on this fun-filled culture and nature tour. You'll dive into Salvador's history and music on a Pelourinho African heritage tour, then venture into the North Pantanal to spot capybaras on safari and play cowboy for the day on a family-friendly horseback ride. End back in Salvador, where young chefs will have the opportunity to shop in the market and prepare a seafood stew during a Brazilian cooking class. 

Discover the waterways and wildlife of the Pantanal with your family
Discover the waterways and wildlife of the Pantanal with your family
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Salvador, Visit the Lacerda Elevator & Mercado Central Salvador
Day 2 Pelourinho African Heritage Tour  Salvador
Day 3 Fly to North Pantanal, Ueso Pantanal Lodge: Nature Walk & Star Observation North Pantanal
Day 4 Ueso Pantanal Lodge: Horseback Ride & Safari North Pantanal
Day 5 Ueso Pantanal Lodge: Dawn Walk, Kayak Excursion & Tree Planting North Pantanal
Day 6 Fly to Salvador, Visit Historic Sights & Beaches Salvador
Day 7 Museum Tour, Bahian Market Tour & Cooking Class, Depart Salvador  

Your family adventure begins in Salvador, where you can invite the kids to choose a souvenir at Mercado Central before embarking on a Pelourinho African heritage tour—a good introduction to the city's history and culture, including capoeira and samba-reggae. Refuel with some acarajé (deep-fried dough of black-eyed peas filled with salad, sauces, and shrimp) before taking your budding archaeologists to check out the exhibits at the Museu de História Natural. In the morning, you'll catch a flight to North Pantanal and help the kids spot alligators and capybaras on the ride to Ueso Pantanal Lodge.

Take a horseback ride before setting off on safari to see armadillos, anteaters, and other wildlife as well as local panteneiros (cowboys). On your final day at the lodge, tour the river on kayaks, then encourage the kids to participate in conservation efforts with a tree-planting activity. Return to Salvador and spend free time recounting your favorite Patanal memories while you relax on the Stella Maris or Flamengo beaches. If you have time before your departing flight, take your young chefs and foodies to the market, where they'll select ingredients and then learn to cook a seafood stew with a local chef. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Relaxed Family Vacation in Rio de Janeiro

This laid-back Rio de Janeiro vacation is well-suited to families who want to avoid domestic flights and long drives. On arrival in the "Marvelous City," a week of fun for of all ages awaits—including dance lessons in Cidade do Samba, a cable car ride up Sugarloaf Mountain, a beach day in Copacabana, a farm experience at Novo Leblon, a ride on a historic tram and Latin America's largest Ferris wheel, a kid-friendly cooking lesson, and more. 

Spend a relaxed week with the little ones on this laid-back Rio de Janeiro tour
Spend a relaxed week with the little ones on this laid-back Rio de Janeiro tour
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Cidade do Samba Cultural Center  Rio de Janeiro
Day 2 Rio de Janeiro's Must-Visit Attractions  Rio de Janeiro
Day 3 Explore Rio's Botanical Garden, Visit Parque dos Patins  Rio de Janeiro
Day 4 Beach Day in Copacabana Rio de Janeiro
Day 5 Farm Visit, Aquarium & Ferris Wheel  Rio de Janeiro
Day 6 Tram Ride to Santa Teresa Rio de Janeiro
Day 7 Family Cooking Class, Depart Rio de Janeiro   

Get your first taste of Brazilian culture with a salsa lesson and Carnival-style family photo shoot at Cidade do Samba. Then, climb the colorful Selarón Steps and grab biscoito globos (a typical Rio snack) for the kids at a nearby café before boarding the cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain. Let the little ones stretch their legs in the city's green spaces as you stroll between towering palm trees at the Botanical Garden. A children's play area called Baixo Bebê awaits at Leblon Beach, where you'll have a free day to unwind, then feast on seafood at Toca da Traíra, where another play zone keeps kids entertained.

Next, your little animal lovers can interact with goats, rabbits, and other farm animals at Novo Leblon before riding Latin America's largest Ferris wheel. On your last full day, you'll board a historic tram and cruise the hills up to Santa Teresa, Rio's artistic district; time your trip for the first or third Saturday of the month, and you can experience the drums and samba celebrations at Mercado das Pulgas. Fit in one final memory-making activity before departure as you work together to prepare feijoada (a black bean stew) and a traditional dessert in a Brazilian cooking class. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Active Family Adventure in Brazil: Wildlife, Caves & Forests

Ideal for energetic, outdoorsy families with older children this western Brazil adventure includes ample opportunities to see wildlife in the South Pantanal and Bonito regions. You'll put your young photographers in charge of the camera on a photo safari, kayak and snorkel in shallow rivers, and witness red and green macaws at Buraco das Araras. A visit to the Lago Azul grotto and a descent into the Abismo Anhumas caverns are a treat for thrill-seekers and blossoming geologists. 

The Pantanal is one of the best places on Earth to spot the adorable capybara
Take the kids to Pantanal to search for capybaras
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Campo Grande, Transfer to South Pantanal, Piranha Fishing South Pantanal
Day 2 Photo Safari in South Pantanal, Kayak Ride on the Rio Aquidauana South Pantanal
Day 3 Motorboat Tour on the Rio Aquidauana, Nocturnal Wildlife Tour South Pantanal
Day 4 Transfer to Bonito, Natural Pools at Estância Mimosa Bonito MS
Day 5 Visit Lago Azul, Rio Sucuri Snorkel Tour  Bonito MS
Day 6 Descend into Abismo Anhumas, Float on the "Silver River" Bonito MS
Day 7 Buraco das Araras Sinkhole, Transfer to Campo Grande, Depart   

After touching down in Campo Grande, your driver will whisk you away to a pousada (a traditional farm surrounded by nature) in South Pantanal. See who'll be first in the family to catch a piranha on your sunset fishing trip, then bring the fresh fish back to enjoy in a stew. In the morning, hop in an open-topped 4WD vehicle and encourage the kids to keep an eye out for tapirs, monkeys, and more on a photo safari. Your wildlife adventures continue with a motorboat ride on the Rio Aquidauana—where you may spot capybara, anaconda, and other wildlife—and a night drive in search of ocelots and nocturnal creatures. 

Your next stop is Bonito, your base for an excursion to the wetland forests of Estância Mimosa, where the whole family can take a dip in the natural pools. Your intrepid kids and budding geologists will be thrilled with a trip to the cavern and grotto of Lago Azul, followed by a 236-foot (72 m) descent into the Abismo Anhumas caverns. You'll also have time to take a nature walk along the Rio de Prata and jump in for a leisurely float. On your final morning, pay a visit to the Buraco das Araras sinkhole and experience the chorus and colorful feathers of red and green macaws before returning to Campo Grande. Learn more

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Map of 1 Week in Brazil - 5 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas
Map of 1 Week in Brazil - 5 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas