With 10 days in Belgium, you can cover this small country's leading historical sites and must-sees with time to hop over to neighboring Luxembourg or the Netherlands. Consider which perspective you want to see from gazing up at medieval castles from a kayak, wandering through a monastery to sample traditional beer, or museum-hopping to soak up the works of the Dutch Masters.

Itinerary #1: Outdoor Adventure in Belgium: Antwerp, Ghent, Dinant & Brussels

This outdoor adventure includes activities like cycling through the historic streets of Antwerp and Ghent, kayaking past medieval architecture in Ghent's canals and down the Lesse River, and zip lining in the forest of Dinant—the perfect option for travelers to sightsee through charming cities while staying active. 

Kayak Leie (or Lys) river in Ghent. View at Graslei quay and Sint-Michielsplein (St Michael's Bridge)
Kayak Ghent's Leie River
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Brussels, Transfer to Antwerp, Antwerp Walking Tour Antwerp
Day 2 Antwerp Guided Cycling Tour, Optional Activities Antwerp
Day 3 Transfer to Ghent, Ghent Guided Cycling Tour Ghent
Day 4 Kayak Around Ghent's Canals, Optional Activities Ghent
Day 5 Day Trip to Bruges Ghent
Day 6 Transfer to Dinant via Waterloo & Namur Dinant
Day 7 Explore Dinant, Outdoor Adventure Park Dinant
Day 8 Kayak on the Lesse River, Transfer to Brussels & Discover its Museums Brussels
Day 9 Explore Brussels, Paddle Along the Bois de la Cambre Brussels
Day 10 Depart Brussels  

Explore the historic streets of Antwerp on Days 1 and 2 with a walking tour through sites like Grote Markt and the workshop of famous Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens. Then, by cycling, admire its museums, the impressive architecture of the Cogels-Osylei, and Sint Anna River Beach. Adventures in the fairy tale city of Ghent abound for Days 3 and 4 by cycling and then kayaking through the canals past the medieval castle of Gravensteen. Sightsee in Bruges on Day 5, noting the Belfry of Bruges and the 13th-century Church of Our Lady Bruges.

Discover Waterloo Battlefield and the charming city of Namen before settling into Dinant on Day 6. The following day, explore Dinant's landmarks, like the Church Collégiale Notre-Dame de Dinant, and an adventure park where you can climb and zip line in the forest. On Day 8, kayak down the Lesse River through fairy tale woodlands. You'll visit Brussels' many museums and historical and architectural landmarks like the Louis XVI-style Royal Palace and the medieval Cathedral of Sint-Michel and Sint-Goedele on Day 9 with the option to paddle out to the Chalet Robinson on Robinson Island. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Belgian Beer Tour: Ghent, Antwerp, Houffalize, Chimay & Brussels

This Belgian beer tour is perfect for those who enjoy beer and learning about beer-making traditions. You'll visit breweries and sample everything from "witbiers" and "dubbels" to "saisons" and "lambics" across four locations in Belgium, including sampling Trappist beer in Chimay's Scourmont Abbey.

Learn about Belgian beer-making traditions
Learn about Belgian beer-making traditions
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Brussels, Transfer to Ghent, Scenic Boat Tour, Brouwbar Tasting Ghent
Day 2 Take a Historic Beer Walk in Ghent, Visit Gruut Brewery Ghent
Day 3 Transfer to Antwerp, Visit Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie Antwerp
Day 4 Tour De Koninck Brewery & Festive Brunch Antwerp
Day 5 Transfer to Houffalize, Full-Day Excursion to Mechelen & Achouffe Houffalize
Day 6 Enjoy a Day at Leisure in Ardennes Houffalize
Day 7 Transfer to Chimay via Dinant, Visit Chimay Brewery Chimay
Day 8 Transfer to Brussels, Take a Guided Beer Walk Brussels
Day 9 Explore Brussels' Museums, Including Brussels Gueuze Museum Brussels
Day 10 Depart Brussels  

Begin your tour of Ghent at the Leie River, where you'll cruise the city's medieval canals. Then learn about the beer-making process at the traditional Brouwbar Microbrewery. Day 2 brings you on a historic beer walk and visit Gruut Brewery, which uses herbs instead of hops in its beer. The following day, admire the medieval streets and Renaissance and Art Nouveau architectural gems of Antwerp before discovering the famous Seef beer at Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie. Enjoy a tour, beer tasting, and festive brunch at De Koninck Brewery on Day 4. 

Days 5 and 6 take you on a multi-town adventure starting at Mechelen's Het Anker, a 14th-century brewery. Visit two other breweries while admiring the beautiful landscape of hills and forests in the Ardennes region. On Day 7, travel through the charming town of Dinant on the Meuse River before seeing Chimay's Scourmont Abbey, home to traditional Trappist beers. You'll try everything from witbiers to wheat ales on a guided beer walk through Brussels on Day 8. Day 9 is yours to explore Brussels' museums, including the Brussels Gueuze Museum, part of the Cantillon Brewery. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Castles of Belgium: Antwerp, Ghent, Chimay, Dinant & Brussels

This castles of Belgium itinerary is for history buffs who enjoy deviating from a traditional route to discover Belgium's medieval castles and changing architecture, from the Gravensteen Castle in Ghent and the monastery at Scourmont Abbey to the working residence of the King and royal family at Royal Palace of Brussels. 

Castle Gravensteen
Tour Gravensteen Castle in Ghent
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Brussels, Transfer to Antwerp, Walking Tour of Antwerp Antwerp
Day 2 Transfer to Ghent via Bornem Castle or Wissekerke Castle, Scenic Boat Tour Ghent
Day 3 Tour Gravensteen Castle in Ghent Ghent
Day 4 Transfer to Chimay, Visit Château de Beloeil & Scourmont Abbey Chimay
Day 5 Visit Château de Chimay, Transfer to Dinant Dinant
Day 6 Explore the Citadel of Dinant, Enjoy Free Time to Explore Dinant
Day 7 Castle Sightseeing Day Trip from Dinant Dinant
Day 8 Explore the Citadel of Dinant, Enjoy Free Time to Explore Brussels
Day 9 Visit the Castle of Laeken & the Royal Palace of Brussels Brussels
Day 10 Depart Brussels  

Begin your journey with a private walking tour of Antwerp, noting Grote Markt, Vleeshuis, and Vlaeykensgang Alley. On Day 2, choose between neo-Gothic or neo-Renaisannce with your visit to a historic castle in Ghent. Then head to Leie River for a cruise of this medieval city. You'll tour 12th-century medieval Gravensteen Castle on Day 3 before your trip to Chimay and the medieval moated Château de Beloeil on Day 4. In Chimay, visit Scourmont Abbey, home to Trappist monks, and discover how traditional Trappist beers are brewed. Visit the medieval fortress of Château de Chimay on Day 5.

Day 6 is for exploring Dinant, a charming town in the Ardennes region with a towering church, rocky cliffs, and a citadel. On Day 7, discover Château de Freÿr, a 15th-century medieval hunting lodge, Walzin Castle atop a steep rock face, and the fairytale-like Château de Vêves. Adventures abound in Brussels on Days 8 and 9, beginning with a stop at the grand Château de La Hulpe and a visit to the Castle of Laeken, a Louis XVI-style royal residence. End at the Royal Palace of Brussels, the working residence of the King and royal family. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Highlights of Belgium & the Netherlands

This highlights itinerary follows a classic route that features three major cities in both Belgium and the Netherlands, perfect for those who want to experience this region's art, history, and architectural highlights through walking and cycling tours.  

Canals in Ghent
Cycle along the canals in Ghent
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam, Anne Frank House & the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Day 2 Day Trip to Marken, Volendam, Edam & Zaanse Schans Amsterdam
Day 3 Transfer to The Hague, Visit Mauritshuis Museum, Private Cycling Tour The Hague
Day 4 Transfer to Rotterdam, Private Cycling Tour Rotterdam
Day 5 Transfer to Antwerp, Discover Antwerp Antwerp
Day 6 Walking Tour of Antwerp with Private Guide Antwerp
Day 7 Transfer to Bruges, Explore Bruges
Day 8 Transfer to Ghent, Private Cycling Tour Ghent
Day 9 Explore the Museums of Ghent Ghent
Day 10 Transfer to Amsterdam, Depart  

Spend your first day in Amsterdam wandering through historic landmarks like the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum with its world-famous paintings. After visiting quaint fishing villages and a tasty cheese market in Edam, you'll see the signature Dutch windmills of Zaanse Schans on Day 2. The following day, visit The Hague and the Mauritshuis Art Museum, which houses one of the world's most famous classical paintings, followed by a cycling tour to the Scheveningen Strand.

Day 4 brings an exciting cycling tour of Rotterdam, while Day 5 crosses the border to Antwerp, where you'll pass landmarks like Grote Markt, The Cathedral of Our Lady, and beaches along the River Scheldt. Dive deeper into Antwerp's history during a private walking tour on Day 6. Zip over to Bruges on Day 7 to admire its Gothic and 19th-century buildings, stop at a chocolatier, and try local Belgian beer. Days 8 and 9 bring you to the port city of Ghent, first for a cycling tour explaining the city's history and then to explore its museums and historical attractions, such as the medieval castle of Gravensteen. Learn more

Itinerary #5: The Best of Benelux: the Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg

This best-of itinerary offers a journey through three northern European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg; it's a perfect fit for travelers who want to hit these countries' historical and cultural highlights. You'll enjoy charming city walks, like the Wenzel Walk along a fortress, museums such as the Magritte Museum, the countryside of Dinant, and an opportunity to cycle in Haarlem. 

Amsterdam in bloom
Amsterdam in bloom
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam, Canal Cruise to Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Day 2 Historic Amsterdam Guided Tour, This Is Holland Amsterdam
Day 3 Day Trip to Haarlem, Haarlem Cycling Trip Amsterdam
Day 4 Transfer to Brussels, Free Time in Brussels Brussels
Day 5 Explore Brussels' Museums, Magritte Museum Brussels
Day 6 Transfer to Dinant, Visit the Citadel Dinant Dinant
Day 7 Collégiale Notre-Dame de Dinant, Grotte la Merveilleuse & Maison Leffe Dinant
Day 8 Transfer to Luxembourg, Explore Luxembourg City Luxembourg
Day 9 Wenzel Walk, Chemin de la Corniche, Visit Pétrusse Casemates Luxembourg
Day 10 Transfer to Luxembourg Airport, Depart   

Journey through Amsterdam on Days 1 and 2. First, cruise the canals to the Rijksmuseum, which houses seventh-century works by Dutch Masters, then walk from the harbor front, passing historic churches and ending with a special "flyover" experience of Dutch landscapes. Experience Haarlem and the paintings in the Frans Hals Museum on Day 3 before cycling to the beach town of Bloemendaal. On Day 4, head to Brussels to explore landmarks such as the Louis XVI-style Royal Palace and medieval castles. The following day, museum-hop to the Old Masters Museum and Musée Magritte Museum.

Catch a train south to the countryside in Dinant on Days 6 and 7 to see its massive rock cliff and citadel. Explore Church Collégiale Notre-Dame de Dinant, Grotte la Merveilleuse cave, and Maison Leffe abbey before wandering through Luxembourg on Days 8 and 9, admiring its lovely city squares, historical buildings, the impressive Pont Adolphe Bridge, and the Cathédrale of Notre-Dame. Complete the Wenzel Walk along the fortress, stroll down the famous Chemin de la Corniche, and explore the underground tunnels and fortified walls of the Pétrusse Casemates. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Belgium - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Belgium - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas