Each of these two-week tours in Belgium is perfect for travelers looking to visit two countries in one trip. Opt for an inspiring art tour from Amsterdam to Brussels, or choose an intrepid cycling tour through Haarlem, Haastrecht, and Oudenaarde. Focus on the culinary side of Holland and Belgium with time in Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Ghent. Swap a week in the Netherlands for three days in Luxembourg on a history-focused tour of the country's most prestigious castles.

Itinerary #1: Art Tour of the Netherlands & Belgium: Amsterdam to Brussels

This art-focused itinerary has you spending seven nights in the Netherlands and six in Belgium, checking out renowned museums, artworks, and historic sites. Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, and the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo. Transfer to Belgium and enjoy a street art walking tour in Antwerp, a visit to the Groeningemuseum in Bruges, and conclude with more world-class museums and art galleries in the capital city of Brussels.

Art Tour of the Netherlands
See masterful works like Rembrandt's The Night Watch in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam, Visit Stedelijk Museum  Amsterdam
Day 2 Private Canal Cruise to the Rijksmuseum, Visit the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
Day 3 Rembrandt House, Transfer to Haarlem, Frans Hals Museum & Teylers Museum Haarlem
Day 4 Transfer to Leiden, Take a Leiden City Walk With an Art Historian Leiden
Day 5 Transfer to Rotterdam via The Hague, Private Architecture Tour of Rotterdam Rotterdam
Day 6 Transfer to Otterlo, Cycle Hoge Veluwe, Visit Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo
Day 7 Day Trip to Arnhem, Visit the Open Air Museum Arnhem & Gardens Otterlo
Day 8 Transfer to Antwerp, Take a Comic-Style Street Art Walking Route Antwerp
Day 9 Visit the Rubens House Antwerp
Day 10 Transfer to Bruges, Enjoy a Guided Tour of Ghent on the Way Bruges
Day 11 Explore Bruges on Foot, Visit the Groeningemuseum & Sint-Janshospitaal Bruges
Day 12 Take the Legends of Bruges Tour, Transfer to Brussels Brussels 
Day 13 Magritte Museum, Bozar at the Center for Fine Arts & Old Masters Museum Brussels 
Day 14 Depart Brussels  

Begin in the canalled city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and spend two days exploring the city's most famous museums, such as the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rembrandt House Museum. Transfer to Haarlem via train and head straight for the Frans Hals Museum before spending the afternoon at the oldest museum in the Netherlands, the captivating Teylers Museum. In Leiden, take a walking tour with an art historian, visit the RMO National Antiquities Museum, and conclude with a stop at the Lakenhal Museum to see famous paintings spanning over four centuries.

See "Girl with a Pearl Earring" in The Hague on your way to an architecture tour in Rotterdam. Then on Day 6, transfer to Otterlo for the Kröller-Müller Museum, then cross into Belgium to Antwerp. Embark on a self-guided walking tour of Grote Markt and Steen Castle, then take the whole day to explore Rubens House. Stop in Ghent for modern street art, charming squares, and a medieval castle on your way to Bruges. Head to the Groeningemuseum and take a guided Legends of Bruges tour prior to boarding the train to Brussels. Experience the Magritte Museum and the Old Masters Museum before departing Belgium. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Cycle the Netherlands & Belgium

Another option for a two-week itinerary is to make like a local and cover the Netherlands and Belgium on two wheels. Explore 12 cities across the two neighboring countries as you traverse from Amsterdam to Bruges via stunning locales like Gouda and Kinderdijk in the Netherlands and Ghent and Oudenaarde in Belgium.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands
Tulip fields in the Netherlands
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam, Guided Walking Tour of Jordaan & Western Islands Amsterdam
Day 2 Cycle to Haarlem, Explore Haarlem Haarlem
Day 3 Cycle to Leiden, Leiden Guided Walking Tour Leiden
Day 4 Cycle to Delft via The Hague, Delft Blue High Tea Delft
Day 5 Cycle to Haastrecht via Gouda Haastrecht
Day 6 Cycle to Dordrecht via Kinderdijk  Dordrecht
Day 7 Explore Dordrecht, Biesbosch National Park Dordrecht
Day 8 Cycle to Breda Breda
Day 9 Cycle to Antwerp, Antwerp Food Tour & Visit Rubens House Antwerp
Day 10 Cycle to Ghent, Scenic Boat Tour Ghent
Day 11 Cycle to Oudenaarde  Oudenaarde
Day 12 Cycle to Roeselare Roeselare
Day 13 Cycle to Bruges, Duvelorium Beer Tasting Bruges
Day 14 Free Time in Bruges or Brussels, Depart Brussels  

Land in Amsterdam and head straight for the colorful neighborhood of Jordaan to explore the pretty streets, canals, and houses. Cycle to Haarlem via the Kennemerland area and enjoy views of botanical gardens and forests. Continue to Leiden and spend the afternoon at the Museum of Archeology or the Museum Boerhaave, then pedal to the charming city of Delft via The Hague and either checkout the Vermeer Center or the Royal Delft Museum. Another 25-mile (40 km) cycling route will take you to the fairy-tale town of Gouda, where you can sample plenty of its namesake cheese before spending the night in Haastrecht.

See the windmills of Kinderdijk and Dordrecht, embark on an adventure into Biesbosch National Park and ride the waterbus in Rotterdam before crossing the border into Belgium on Day 8. On a food tour in Antwerp, indulge in traditional Belgian delicacies such as chocolate, frieten (french fries), and waffles. Cycle 34 miles (55 km) along the Scheldt River to Ghent, see the Gravensteen medieval castle and Saint Bavo's Cathedral before continuing to OudenaardeRoeselare, and Bruges, where you'll finish your cycling tour. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Culinary Tour of the Netherlands & Belgium

An excellent way to discover a country is through its food and this culinary tour of the Netherlands and Belgium offers just that. Spend two weeks indulging in local delicacies in each country, including savory eats like bitterballen and kibbeling and sweet treats like appeltaart in the Netherlands and chocolate, waffles, and Belgian frites in Belgium.

A snack stall in Ghent
A snack stall in Ghent
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam, Canal Cruise, Amsterdam's Neighborhoods Amsterdam
Day 2 Amsterdam Grand Dutch Food Tour Amsterdam
Day 3 Day Trip to Volendam, Cheese Farm & Zaanse Schans Amsterdam
Day 4 Transfer to The Hague, Visit Mauritshuis Museum, Rijsttafel Dinner The Hague
Day 5 Transfer to Leiden, Fresh Market, Culinary Dinner Boat Tour Leiden
Day 6 Transfer to Rotterdam, Markthal Museum, Surinamese Cuisine  Rotterdam
Day 7 Bicycle Food Tour, Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen (Art Collection) Rotterdam
Day 8 Day Trip to Gouda, Museumcafé Gouda & Stroopwafel Workshop Rotterdam
Day 9 Transfer to Antwerp, Brewery Tour & Chocolate Nation Antwerp Antwerp
Day 10 Antwerp Food Tour & Museum Mayer van den Bergh Antwerp
Day 11 Transfer to Ghent, Self-Guided Culinary Walking Tour of Ghent Ghent
Day 12 Beer Walk in Ghent Ghent
Day 13 Day Trip to Bruges, Choco-Story Bruges Private Chocolate Workshop  Ghent
Day 14 Last Morning in Ghent, Transfer to Brussels & Depart  

Two nights in Amsterdam affords you the opportunity to explore the labyrinth of canals and venture on an Amsterdam Grand Dutch Food Tour. Eat kibbeling (battered and fried fish nuggets), herring, and eel in Volendam fishing village and sample local produce at a cheese farm near Alkmaar. Visit an authentic Indonesian restaurant in The Hague, thanks to the Netherlands' colonial history with the Asian country. Sample dozens of traditional Dutch snacks at one of the country's best markets in Leiden before transferring to Rotterdam to eat your way around Markthal, the biggest indoor market in the country.

Take a day trip to Gouda to enjoy namesake cheese and stroopwafel at the Kamphuisen factory. Then you're off to Belgium's Antwerp on Day 9 to tour the independent Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie brewery. Spend the afternoon at Chocolate Nation Antwerp, the largest chocolate museum in the country, and schedule a walking gastronomy tour of the city. In Ghent, purchase herbs and spices at Tierenteyn-Verlent, old-fashioned sweets at Confiserie Temmerman, and jenever (Dutch gin) at 't Dreupelkot bar. Make your own confectionery delights at Choco-Story Bruges, then transfer to Brussels to depart. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Castles of Belgium & Luxembourg

Laden with castles, this scenic tour covers the impressive properties across Belgium and Luxembourg, and is well suited for travelers with a passion for history and/or architecture. You'll pedal your way in Antwerp, spend four nights in Ghent on a scenic boat tour, kayaking the city's canal, and visit Dinant's many castles. Finish with three nights in neighboring Luxembourg to explore the compact country's most beautiful castles, palaces, and cathedrals, including Château Vianden and Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

Ooidonk Castle
Ooidonk Castle in East Flanders, Belgium
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Brussels, Transfer to Antwerp, Guided Cycling Excursion Antwerp
Day 2 Visit Chocolate Nation Antwerp, Tour De Koninck Brewery Antwerp
Day 3 Transfer to Ghent, Visit Bornem Castle or Wissekerke Castle, Scenic Boat Tour Ghent
Day 4 Visit Markets, Museums & Breweries in Ghent Ghent
Day 5 Visit Poeke Castle & Ooidonk Castle Ghent
Day 6 Explore Ghent: Cycling, Culinary, or Canal Kayaking Tour Ghent
Day 7 Transfer to Chimay, Visit Castle Beloeil & Scourmont Trappist Abbey Chimay
Day 8 Visit Château de Chimay, Transfer to Dinant Dinant
Day 9 Explore the Citadel of Dinant Dinant
Day 10 Castle Sightseeing Day Trip from Dinant Dinant
Day 11 Transfer to Luxembourg, Explore Luxembourg City & Pétrusse Casemates Luxembourg
Day 12 Chemin de la Corniche, Wenzel Circular Walk & Grand Ducal Palace Luxembourg 
Day 13 Day Trip to the Castles of Luxembourg Luxembourg 
Day 14 Depart Luxembourg  

Commence at Antwerp's beautiful train station, take a guided cycling excursion around the city, and tour the De Koninck Brewery to sip on amber-colored ales. Stop at Bornem or Wissekerke castles on your way to Ghent. Discover Gravensteen Castle, then enjoy a tipple at Brouwbar Microbrewery in the afternoon. Learn about the fascinating history of Poeke Castle and Ooidonk Castle on Day 5. Then spend a final free day exploring Ghent at your own pace before traveling to Chimay, stopping at Château de Beloeil. Try cheese and beer at Scourmont Abbey and visit the former home of the Prince of Chimay at Château de Chimay.

Explore the charming city of Dinant at your own pace, then gear up for a full day of exploring the nearby castles of Château de Freÿr, Walzin Castle, and Château de Vêves. Catch a train to Luxembourg City for the next three nights. Stroll along the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, admire the romantic architecture of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame and the Pont Adolphe bridge, and pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Pétrusse Casemates. Conclude with a day trip to Larochette Castle, Château Vianden, Bourscheid Castle, and Château de Colmar-Berg before leaving Luxembourg. Learn more

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Map of 2 Weeks in Belgium - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 2 Weeks in Belgium - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas