With two weeks in Germany, you can take advantage of its excellent train network to hop between the country's beautiful cities or stick to Southern Germany and explore historic towns and castles on a self-drive itinerary. Other options include a World War II-focused trip featuring Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, and Prague, a summer road trip split between Germany's Romantic Road and Switzerland's mountain-backed towns, and a fast-paced Central Europe tour that combines five countries and seven cities.

Itinerary #1: Explore Germany's Best Cities by Train

Perfect for first-time visitors to Germany seeking a well-rounded tour, this two-week by-train itinerary gets you out exploring major cities, tucked-away towns, World War II sites, and picturesque vineyards. Traveling by train, you'll effortlessly explore from Berlin south to Dresden and Munich before journeying west to Cologne and wrapping up the trip in Hamburg. Throughout, delight in side trips to Northern Bohemia, into the Black Forest, and across the French border to Strasbourg.

Cruise the canals of the northern maritime city of Hamburg
Cruise the canals of the northern maritime city of Hamburg
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Berlin, Street Food Tour Berlin
Day 2 City Tour: Graffiti Art & the Berlin Wall Berlin
Day 3 Train to Dresden, Bicycle Tour with Wine Tasting Dresden
Day 4 Day Trip to Northern Bohemia Dresden
Day 5 Train to Nuremberg, World War II History Tour Nuremberg
Day 6 Train to Munich, Bavarian Food & Beer Tour Munich
Day 7 Day Trip to the Black Forest Munich
Day 8 Train to Frankfurt, Beer Tasting in the Old Town Frankfurt
Day 9 Day Trip to Baden-Baden & Strasbourg (France) Frankfurt
Day 10 Train to Düsseldorf, City & Beer Tour Düsseldorf
Day 11 Train to Cologne, Medieval Churches Tour Cologne
Day 12 Train to Hamburg, HafenCity Culinary & Architecture Tour Hamburg
Day 13 Hamburg City Bike Tour Hamburg
Day 14 Depart Hamburg  

Welcome to Germany! Your adventure begins in Berlin, and with two days here featuring guided tours, you'll have a chance to sample iconic street foods and delve into the city's art scene. Next, it's time for your first train ride, this one to Dresden, a city near the border of Poland and the Czech Republic. Upon arrival, spend the afternoon cycling through Neumarkt and alongside vineyards before hopping over to the Czech Republic to tour important World War II sites. Your trip then continues by train to Nuremberg for another immersive day of sobering Nazi history and onward to Munich for a two-day stay.

While in Munich, lighten things up with a fun-filled visit to the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, followed by a full-day adventure exploring the Black Forest's small villages and dense woods. Back on the train, your next destination is Frankfurt, where you'll sip your way through Old Town on a beer-tasting tour and hop over to France to explore Strasbourg independently. Afterward, speed things up with a day each in Düsseldorf and Cologne, both featuring immersive city tours. Lastly, continue to Hamburg and squeeze in a culinary and architecture tour and bike excursion before catching your outgoing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Southern Germany Road Trip: Bavaria, the Black Forest & Lake Constance

Crafted for travelers who love the freedom of a rental car but don't want to spend too much time behind the wheel, this alternate highlights trip focuses on Southern Germany and its charming historic towns, castles, and hiking trails. Starting in Munich, you'll devote two days to the city's food and history before heading north to Rothenburg. Next, overnight in Baden-Baden on your way south to Meersburg, and slowly make your way east to Berchtesgaden until it's time to circle back to Munich. Highlights along the way include a relaxing day at a historic spa complex, a cable car ride up Zugspitze, and numerous guide-led city tours. 

Wind through southern Germany's fairy-tale landmarks, like Schloss Lichtenstein
Wind through southern Germany's fairy-tale landmarks, like Schloss Lichtenstein
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Munich, Sample Munich's Best Beers  Munich
Day 2 Trip to Dachau Concentration Camp Munich
Day 3 Drive to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Explore the Altstadt Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Day 4 Drive to Baden-Baden, Stroll the Lichtentaler Allee Baden-Baden
Day 5 Spa Day: Friedrichsbad & Caracalla Baths Baden-Baden
Day 6 Monkey 47 Distillery Tour Baden-Baden
Day 7 Drive to Meersburg, Tour Schloss Lichtenstein  Meersburg
Day 8 Drive to Füssen, Tour Lake Constance's Villages Füssen
Day 9 Walking Tour of Füssen's Historic Buildings Füssen
Day 10 Drive to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Zugspitze Cable Car Ride Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Day 11 Drive to Berchtesgaden, Explore the Salt Mines  Berchtesgaden
Day 12 Berchtesgaden National Park Hiking Berchtesgaden
Day 13 Drive to Munich, Culinary Tour Munich
Day 14 Depart Munich  

Upon arriving in Munich, collect your rental car, refresh at your hotel, and celebrate the start of your two-week journey with a delightful brewery-hopping tour. You'll next dedicate a day to the heartbreaking Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial before embarking on your first big road trip to Rothenburg. Make the most of your one day here with the help of a local guide, visiting sites like Flat Square and Jakobskirche. Then, continue your road trip to the famous spa town of Baden-Baden, where you'll soak in the Friedrichsbad and Caracalla baths and tour the Black Forest's Monkey 47 Brewery.

Over the following days, make your way to the Bavarian town of Füssen, stopping en route for a scenic overnight in the Lake Constance-fronted town of Meersburg. Once in Füssen, set out to explore alongside a guide before visiting Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a spectacular cable car ride to the summit of Zugspitze. Next, drive to Berchtesgaden, where you'll tour a historic salt mine and conquer a hike in Berchtesgaden National Park. Munich, your final destination, is then a two-hour drive away, and with an overnight here, you'll have time for a culinary tour prior to catching your onward flight. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: World War II History Tour in Germany & the Czech Republic

Learn about World War II's profound impact on Europe during this history-focused tour through Germany and the Czech Republic. History enthusiasts will appreciate the in-depth exploration of significant sites, including concentration camp memorials in Berlin and Prague, Hitler's former home, and the Nuremberg Trials Courthouse. Throughout, expert guides will share little-known facts and stories, ensuring your visits to wartime museums, former battlegrounds, and scarred Old Towns are filled with unique insights. 

Start the tour in Berlin and walk through the Holocaust Memorial
Start the tour in Berlin and walk through the Holocaust Memorial
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Berlin (Germany), Tour of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Berlin
Day 2 World War II History Tour in Berlin Berlin
Day 3 Berlin Wall Graffiti Tour, Walk to Checkpoint Charlie Berlin
Day 4 Train to Dresden, Historic Walking Tour Dresden
Day 5 Dresden After World War II Tour Dresden
Day 6 Drive to Prague (Czech Republic), Visit the Museum of Communism Prague
Day 7 Day Trip to Terezín Concentration Camp Prague
Day 8 Tour of Prague's Old Town & Jewish Quarter Prague
Day 9 Drive to Nuremberg (Germany), Visit the Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg
Day 10 Walking Tour of Nuremberg Nuremberg
Day 11 Visit the Nuremberg Trials Courthouse Nuremberg
Day 12 Discover Hitler's Former Home in Berchtesgaden, Drive to Munich Munich
Day 13 Explore Munich's World War II History Munich
Day 14 Depart Munich  

Your journey through World War II history begins in Berlin, where you'll delve into the city's storied past while touring Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and visiting essential city sites alongside a guide, such as the Soviet War Memorial and Führerbunker (Hitler's Bunker). You'll also spend a day pondering the Berlin Wall's street art and the infamous Cold War-era border, Checkpoint Charlie, before transferring to Dresden. A two-day stay here allows ample time to take in the city's scarred Old Town and learn about its postwar history and reconstruction. Afterward, collect a rental car and hit the road to Prague, the Czech Republic. 

Although Prague saw limited physical damage in World War II, your visit will reveal its deeper impacts through an afternoon at the Museum of Communism and a tour of the Terezín Concentration Camp. Next, continue to Nuremberg, Germany, where you'll dive into the city's notorious history during visits to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. Afterward, detour to Berchtesgaden, a picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps that was once Hitler's home. Then, drive to Munich and dedicate your final full day to a self-guided tour focused on the rise of the Nazi party. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Germany & Switzerland Summer Road Trip: Munich to Geneva

Perfect for the summer months, this multicountry road trip gets you out hiking, biking, and kayaking among Germany and Switzerland's most idyllic landscapes. In Germany, you'll split your time between Munich, Füssen, and Konstanz and explore fairy-tale-worthy castles and the mountain-backed Lake Constance. Then, in Switzerland, drive from Lucerne to Geneva, with stops in Interlaken and Montreux along the way.

Start your road trip along Germany's Romantic Road
Start your road trip along Germany's Romantic Road
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Munich (Germany), Bavarian Beer Tour Munich
Day 2 Day Trip to Chiemsee Lake & Herrenchiemsee Palace Munich
Day 3 Self-Drive Tour Along the Romantic Road: Munich to Füssen Füssen
Day 4 Neuschwanstein Castle & Bike Tour Füssen
Day 5 Drive to Konstanz, Explore Konstanz
Day 6 Standup Paddleboarding Tour on Lake Constance Konstanz
Day 7 Bike Tour on Reichenau Island Konstanz
Day 8 Drive to Lucerne (Switzerland), Mount Pilatus Adventure Lucerne
Day 9 Private Boat Tour on Lake Lucerne, Night Watchman Walk in Lucerne Lucerne
Day 10 Drive to Interlaken, Kayaking Tour on Lake Brienz Interlaken
Day 11 E-Bike Tour in Lauterbrunnen & the Valley of 72 Waterfalls Interlaken
Day 12 Food Tour in Gruyères, Drive to Montreux Montreux
Day 13 Drive to Geneva, Private Cultural Tour Geneva
Day 14 Depart Geneva  

Before hitting the road, your trip kicks off with two days in Munich, where you'll shrug off any travel fatigue during a fun Bavarian beer tour and a day trip to the opulent Herrenchiemsee Palace. Refreshed and eager for more adventure, collect your rental car and make your way along the Romantic Road, dotted with old towns and marvelous castles, to the Alpine town of Füssen, which you'll explore by bike and on foot. Afterward, continue to Konstanz, situated on the shores of Lake Constance, and take in your picturesque surroundings during a paddleboarding excursion and a Reichenau Island cycling tour. 

The second half of your journey is all about Switzerland, and you'll kick it off with a two-night stay in Lucerne. While here, delight in gondola and cogwheel railway rides on Mount Pilatus and a private cruise on Lake Lucerne. Next, drive south to Interlaken, where you'll kayak on Lake Brienz and embark on an e-bike adventure to the Valley of 72 Waterfalls. You'll then shift your focus to the country's excellent cuisine through visits to a cheese factory in Gruyères and a chocolate factory in Broc before continuing to Geneva for a city tour and farewell dinner. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Highlights of Central Europe: Berlin to Budapest

Ideal for travelers seeking to cover a lot of ground through Central Europe, this fast-paced trip features Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Throughout, you'll discover what makes each country distinct via food tours, guided city walks, and day trips to tucked-away villages. Other notable highlights include a hike in Saxon Switzerland National Park, a visit to a Bohemian vineyard, and a dinner cruise on the Danube River.

Immerse yourself in Berlin's fascinating past and its lively contemporary vibe.
Immerse yourself in Berlin's fascinating past and its lively contemporary vibe
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Berlin (Germany), Afternoon Beer Tour  Berlin
Day 2 Explore Berlin, Afternoon Tour of East Berlin Berlin
Day 3 Drive to Dresden, Elbe River Cruise Dresden
Day 4 Saxon National Park & Bastei Bridge, Drive to Prague (Czech Republic) Prague
Day 5 Bike Tour of Prague's Historic Sites or Karlštejn Castle Prague
Day 6 Bohemian Countryside & Vineyard Tour Prague
Day 7 Morning E-Bike Tour of Prague's Hidden Gems, Drive to Brno Brno
Day 8 Brno Walking Tour, Drive to Vienna (Austria), Musikverein Dinner & Concert  Vienna
Day 9  Alpine Day Trip to Hallstatt  Vienna
Day 10 Tour Vienna's Museums, Drive to Bratislava (Slovakia), Food & Beer Tour Bratislava
Day 11 Drive to Budapest (Hungary), Danube Dinner Cruise  Budapest
Day 12 Budapest Market Hall Tour & Cooking Class Budapest
Day 13 Day Trip to Balaton Lake, Tapolca & Tihany Budapest
Day 14 Depart Budapest  

Your whirlwind adventure begins in Berlin, and with two days here, you'll delve into the city's cuisine and history through a Friedrichshain beer tour and a guided walk between East Berlin's communist-era landmarks. Then, on the morning of Day 3, collect your rental car and drive south to Dresden. An overnight here ensures time for a River Elbe cruise and a trip to Saxon Switzerland National Park before continuing to Prague, the Czech Republic. While you'll settle in for a three-night stay, there's no shortage of activities to look forward to, with two bike tours and a day trip into the surrounding vineyards on the agenda. 

Nearing the halfway point of your trip, it's time to pick up the pace, starting with a drive to Brno, where you'll join a guide for a private walking tour. Next, venture to Vienna, Austria, and after diving into the city's thriving art scene, you'll visit the nearby town of Hallstatt, known for its colorful houses. Then, make a brief stop in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, for a delightful food and beer tour before setting your sights on Hungary. Using Budapest as your base, you'll balance your final days between a cooking class, a day trip to Balaton Lake and its charming villages, and independent exploration. Learn more

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Map of 2 Weeks in Germany - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 2 Weeks in Germany - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas