In between the peak ski and summer seasons, April is the shoulder season for travel to Austria. But with mild temperatures, dry conditions, no snow on the ground, and lower prices, it's a great time to visit. Take a road trip across the relatively small country, enjoy a classical music concert in Mozart's hometown, and shop for Easter treats at a market. Here's more about what you can see and do in Austria in April.


April in Austria is the middle of spring. Temperatures are rising, and winter's snow is melting at higher altitudes (it likely has melted in lower-lying towns and cities). And while April can range from chilly to mild depending on the altitude (expect daytime temperatures between 50°F/10°C and 62°F/17°C), it's usually quite a dry month, with a chance of a few showers.

Crowds & Costs

Between the peak ski season of winter and the warm summer season, April is considered the should season. If Easter is in April, public holiday closures may disrupt sightseeing plans, but Easter markets in the two weeks leading up to the holiday are lively and attract crowds. With generally mild weather, April is an excellent time to look for discounted flights and accommodation in Austria. 

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Where to Go

You're never too far from a classical music concert in Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart, but April is a good time to visit thanks to the Easter Music Festival held in this city. Opera and other classical orchestral concerts take place during Easter week. Check out Salzburg's other attractions between shows, including the historic Old Town, Fortress Hohensalzburg, Schloss Hellbrunn, and more.

If Easter falls in April, now is a great time to visit Vienna. In the lead-up to Easter, markets are set up throughout the city, selling crafts and food, with egg painting and wine tasting. The Easter market in the forecourt of the Schönbrunn Palace is especially good; drop into this summer palace of the Habsburgs after. More centrally located markets are held at the Am Hof and Freyung public squares.  

What to Do

The warmer temperatures and longer days of spring cause flowers to bloom this month. Get out into the mountains to find wildflowers brightening up the meadows, but stick to lower altitudes as flowers don't bloom until May or even June at higher elevations. Alternatively, Vienna comes alive in April with the sight of cherry blossoms, magnolias, and other flowers blooming in the city's gardens and parks. 

April is an excellent month to embark on a cross-country scenic road trip. And as Austria isn't that large of a country, it won't take too long. If temperatures are a little too cold for hiking in the mountains, enjoy the views from the comfort of your car instead.

The Vienna to Salzburg road trip is a convenient and scenic 190-mile (300-km) route that includes high-speed autobahns and tunneled mountain roads. Drive through dramatic tunnels and past cute mountain villages, farms, forests, and castles en route between these two prominent cities. The journey takes around four hours if done in one go, but you might want to stop to enjoy the views from various places or even spend a night or two in St. Pölten, Amstetten, Linz, or smaller towns on the way.

Events in April

Steiermark Frühling festival, Vienna. This cultural event celebrates the Austrian province of Styria in March or April with apples, beer, wine, pumpkins, and traditional lederhosen dress and crafts like basket weaving.

Easter, nationwide. Catholicism is the dominant religion in Austria, and other forms of Christianity are also prominent, making Easter an important festival in Austria. Easter can fall in March or April, and Easter markets are typically set up in Austrian towns and cities a couple of weeks before Holy Week. 

Salzburg Easter Music Festival, Salzburg. Listen to opera and classical music performances during Easter week. 

Vienna Blues Spring, Vienna. One of the largest blues festivals in the world, the two-month Vienna Blues Spring starts in mid-late March and continues into May.

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