Spend 10 days discovering Belize’s greatest outdoor gems. Start out at a lodge in the heart of a rainforest. Then, spend some time in a Maya village, followed by a few days paddling and camping along the Moho River. Next, visit the jungle, tour the Maya ruins of Lubaantun, and take a tour of a chocolate farm. The trip concludes with several days of free time to explore Glover’s Reef Atoll to paddle, kayak, and snorkel at your leisure.


  • Go off the grid in an eco-lodge in the heart of the Maya Mountains
  • Enjoy a traditional meal with a Mayan family and visit a chocolate farm
  • Embark on a paddling journey along the Moho River
  • Visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaatun
  • Go snorkeling in more than 700 sites around Glover's Reef

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive & Transfer to Mayflower Bocawina National Park Silk Grass
Day 2 Visit Mayan Santa Theresa & Moho River Boating Toledo
Day 3 Paddling the Moho River Toledo
Day 4 End of Moho River Journey & Transfer to Big Falls Big Falls
Day 5 Explore Lubaantun Mayan Ruins & Chocolate Farm Tour Big Falls
Day 6 Travel to Glover's Reef Atoll, Southwest Caye Middle Caye
Days 7-9 Paddle & Explore Glover's Reef Atoll Middle Caye
Day 10 Boat to Dangriga & Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive & Transfer to Mayflower Bocawina National Park

The grounds of your rainforest resort
The grounds of your rainforest resort

Welcome to Belize! Upon arrival at the airport, take a scenic, 20-minute connecting flight to the town of Dangriga. Then, travel overland to your rainforest resort located in the heart of Mayflower Bocawina National Park, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains

Get settled and freshen up for dinner in the rainforest, at the lodge's acclaimed restaurant, The Wild Fig.

Day 2: Visit Mayan Santa Theresa and Moho River boating

Visit the Mayan Village of Santa Theresa
Visit the Mayan Village of Santa Theresa

Wake up to the sounds of the tropical rainforest. Enjoy an early breakfast at the lodge and then continue to the Wild South of Belize. Travel overland through the countryside, to the remote Mayan village of Santa Theresa. Then, share a traditional meal prepared at the home of a local family. 

Next, commute 30 minutes toward the Moho River to begin your multiday paddling and camping excursion. Your guides teach you the fundamentals of handling the inflatable kayaks in moving water—before starting the journey down one of Belize's most beautiful rainforest rivers to your first river camp.

Following the adventure, the evening is at your leisure on your campsite in Toledo.

Day 3: Paddling on the Moho River

Perfect your paddling skills on the Moho River
Perfect your paddling skills on the Moho River

Today, break complete contact with the outside world and continue following the Moho River through canyons and lush rainforest. Each bend reveals the dynamic nature of the river, from calm meandering water that reflects the intense green of the jungle to stretches of rapids, pour-overs, and spectacular waterfalls.

During the trip, your Mayan guides will assist with improving your paddling skills, and will also teach you everything you need to know about the ecology of the rainforest. Learn about wildlife and gain an appreciation of the rich Mayan folklore, which adds so much to the experience in the jungle.

The evening is back in Toledo.

Day 4: End of Moho River journey and transfer to Big Falls

Enjoy the end of your river journey today
Enjoy the end of your river journey today

Today, continue your river journey.

Then, leave the Maya Mountains and enter the coastal plains, where the river slows and meanders through the jungle. A vehicle will be waiting to take you overland to a lodge in Big Falls—home for the next two nights.

Settle into the beautiful jungle cabanas with time to enjoy a hot shower, and take in the grounds before dinner. After dinner, the rest of the evening is yours to enjoy.

Day 5: Explore Lubaantun Maya ruins and chocolate farm tour

Lubaantun Mayan ruins
Lubaantun Mayan ruins

Your lodge at Big Falls is situated on the banks of the Rio Grande, in Belize's southern Toledo District, a region comprised of isolated villages. The lodge property is located on a meander of the Columbia River, with almost a mile of river frontage. From your cabana, there are striking views of the jungle-covered Maya Mountains.

After a leisurely breakfast, head out to explore the region. First, tour the ancient Maya ruins of Lubaantun, which were last active in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Then, get immersed in an inspiring, cultural, and culinary experience with a visit to a unique spice farm and a tasty bean-to-bar Mayan chocolate makers' experience.

Return in time to relax and enjoy the pool at the lodge, followed by dinner.

Day 6: Travel to Glover's Reef Atoll, Southwest Caye

Glover's Reef is home to more than 700 snorkeling sites
Glover's Reef is home to more than 700 snorkeling sites

Today, drive north to the coastal town of Dangriga. Here, board a charter boat to your private basecamp on Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Southwest Caye.

Upon arrival, receive an introduction to your new tropical marine environment and settle into your tented cabana on the ocean. Your guides will then conduct professional instruction to teach you the fundamentals of sea kayaking, snorkeling, and tropical water safety. After the orientation, enjoy a paddle to a nearby patch reef and start exploring some of the 700 snorkel sites Glover’s Reef Atoll has to offer.

Days 7-9: Paddle and explore Glover's Reef Atoll

Paddle around Glover's Reef
Paddle around Glover's Reef

Spend the next few days exploring Glover's Reef with a flexible itinerary, which can accommodate both individual and group preferences. Activities include paddling sea kayaks, snorkeling the inner and outer walls of the reef, stand-up paddleboarding, traditional Belizean handline fishing, and learning to sail a kayak.

In the mornings and evenings, your guides share their knowledge of Belize, its unique marine environments and the cultures of the Caribbean, with a focus on the Garifuna people. There are many different activities to consider. For those looking to add downtime to their adventures, kick back in a hammock, soak up the sunshine, and relax with a good book.

Day 10: Boat to Dangriga & Depart

Farewell, Belize!
Farewell, Belize!

Wake up early on your final morning, grab your coffee, and watch the sunrise over the atoll. Your boat charter departs mid-morning to take you back to the mainland, arriving at approximately noon. Your trip finishes in the Garifuna town of Dangriga, and your designated travel guides will assist you with connecting to the next leg of your journey. 

Note: If you plan to leave Belize on day 10, keep in mind that international connections out of the country require a departure after 3 pm. To make this connection, however, a short domestic flight is required. The flight is from Dangriga direct to the Belize International Airport. Guests are also welcome to stay another night in Belize, if the flight times are not ideal surrounding departure on day 10. 


Map of  Discover Belize: Rainforests, Ruins & Reefs - 10 Days
Map of Discover Belize: Rainforests, Ruins & Reefs - 10 Days