Take advantage of the pleasant final month of Belize's low season before the December tourist crowds arrive. Because while November does get a fair share of rain, the weather is quickly improving and the skies are bright and sunny more often than not. Taken together, these factors should be attractive to those looking for a great Caribbean holiday at budget prices.


Belize gets less rain during November than most other low-season months (about seven inches). And while Belizeans generally consider this a cold month, travelers from North America and Europe likely won't find anything chilly about 83°F (23°C) water. There's also less of a chance of multi-day storms, so expect the sun to be out quite frequently. In general, temperatures on the coast peak at about 80°F (26°C) while inland temps reach 82°F (27°C). 

Crowds & Costs

November is the last best month to enjoy the highlights of Belize without having to contend with the tourist hordes. This is particularly welcome if you want to visit one of the country's many Maya archeological sites. Being able to hike the ruins of pyramids without having to navigate a sea of visitors with selfie sticks is a relief indeed.

There are plenty of other benefits to visiting Belize during November. For one, the costs are lower. Not only can you score deals on package holidays for families and couples, but you also don't have to book hotels so far in advance. So, travelers interested in a Caribbean vacation would do well to consider this month. One more tip: If you swap a Christmas getaway for Thanksgiving in Belize, you can have a great holiday without the high prices and sold-out hotels. 

Where to Go

The mainland of Belize offers great nature excursions while the sea is perfect for island trips and water sports. If you are planning to head inland, you can take the opportunity to experience some local culture. Head to the Maya village of Santa Theresa, for example, to share a traditional meal with a local indigenous family.

Rivers on mainland Belize are popular destinations as well. Their banks and the surrounding rainforest offer the chance to view myriad species of wildlife, such as howler monkeys and macaws. For example, the Moho River, in southern Belize, is the perfect place for a kayak river trip. Also nearby are the ruins at Lubaantun, which is the largest ancient Maya archeological site in the region. Once a major city, Lubaantun thrived until about 900 CE and is now comprised of 11 structures, five plazas, and three ball courts.

And no trip to Belize is complete without excursions around its Barrier Reef. There are many unspoiled marine reserves you can visit for snorkeling and water sports, with Glover's Reef Atoll being one of the best. Not only are the waters around this island protected havens for marine life, like sea turtles and sharks, but the entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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What to Do

November is a good time to embark on a cave tour on Belize's mainland. The interesting thing about the cave systems here is that many were used by the ancient Mayans for ceremonial practices. There are even ancient artifacts on display within these caves. A good place to start is the Che Chem Ha system, located in the rainforests of western Belize near the Macal River

Diving and snorkeling are, of course, perennially popular activities, and there are plenty of places along the Barrier Reef to do it. The aforementioned Glover's Reef, for example, has over 700 coral patches home to exotic marine life. Also, on the northern end of the reef, there's the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This 6.5-sq.-mile protected area features incredible coral formations that support exotic marine life, including sharks, rays, parrotfish, moray eels, black groupers, and more.

Speaking of which, November just happens to be mating season for Belize's black groupers. 

Events in November

Garifuna Settlement Day (November 19). One of the most popular holidays in Belize commemorates the settlement of the country by the Garifuna people (former slaves in the Caribbean) at the turn of the 19th century. Belizeans celebrate with traditional dancing, parades, live music, drumming, prayers, and reenactments of the first Garifuna ships arriving in Belize. 

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Experience Belize - 7 Days. Take a break from the grind with a trip to Belize for active adventures and aquatic excursions. It starts on the mainland with hiking in the Che Chem Ha caves followed by a trip to Glover's Reef for kayaking and snorkeling. Or simply spend your time lazing on a hammock on the beach.

Discover Belize - 10 Days. 10 days allows you to dive right into the heart of Belize's indigenous culture as well as experience its natural highlights. The culture includes visits to indigenous villages plus a trip to a local cacao (cocoa) farm to learn the ancient Maya method. Trips to the ruins at Lubaantun and paddling around the outer walls of Belize's reef round out this adventure.

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