June may officially mark the start of the rainy season in Belize, but there's still plenty of fun and sun to be had. Diving and snorkeling conditions remain good during this month, plus it's a great time to spot exotic wildlife on both land and sea. Come for the Maya ruins and nature reserves, but stay for the Caribbean reefs and amazing sport fishing.


In June, average highs on Belize's coast are around 84°F (28°C) while inland they can reach 88°F (31°C). No need to worry, though, as the constant trade winds and brief afternoon showers that are more common during this time help to cool things off. That aside, travelers will have to accept that June is still a wet month, with rain averaging about 8-9 inches. 

The tradeoff is that birds and wildlife come out more during June since flowers and food sources are more abundant. On the coast and islands, the effects of increased rain are negligible, as diving conditions and water visibility are still ideal. Also, the good news is that despite technically being the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, Belize rarely experiences such events in June. 

Crowds & Costs

For certain travelers, June might be the best month of all to visit Belize. First, it's the low season, so you can offset high-season prices while still enjoying relatively decent weather. Crowds are also starting to die down, meaning you can not only score deals on hotels but you don't have to plan your stay so far in advance. One added perk is that since June is the start of lobster season in Belize, prices for this delicacy are at their lowest than at any other time of year.

Where to Go

Diving and snorkeling conditions remain stellar in June. Take advantage of the great visibility by heading to one of the outer atolls, like the Glover's Reef Marine Reserve. Located about 28 miles off the coast of Belize, it's famous for being an unspoiled string of coral islands with hundreds of patch reefs. It's also known for its bio-diversity and is a large feeding ground for various marine life. This is on top of its status as one of the largest spawning sites for Nassau grouper in the Caribbean. 

The weather in June remains nice enough that you should be able to see the sights on the mainland without a total rainout. The Maya archeological sites of Lamanai and Altun Ha are great for these purposes. The former is the oldest Maya site in Belize (it dates to around the year 1500 BCE) while the latter reached its zenith around 900 CE. Altun Ha was a key trading link between the ancient Mayans on the coast and those who lived inland. It's also an impressive site, covering five square miles. 

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What to Do

June is a good time to go on mainland nature hikes to spot rainforest wildlife. These animals, which include everything from howler monkeys to jaguars, are beginning to come out more at the start of the rainy season. For example, a trip down the New River, in northern Belize, yields many sightings of monkeys and the occasional crocodile along its banks. So too does a visit to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Reserve, where water birds like herons and storks are out and about.  

To get up close with Belize's marine life, the snorkeling sites around the aforementioned Glover's Reef are a great place to swim with sea turtles and nurse sharks. Both eagle and manta rays are in abundance here as well. And though whale shark season has ended by June, it's still possible to see manatees around the mangrove lagoons of Placencia, in southern Belize. 

More great aquatic activities are in-store at Belize's famed Barrier Reef. Head to Lighthouse Reef, an unspoiled atoll where you can spend days on the water kayaking and snorkeling. June is also the perfect time for fishing. This month marks the height of Belize's "grand slam" season, in which it's possible to catch three major species—tarpon, permit, and bonefish—on the same day.

Events in June

Lobsterfest (late Jun/early Jul). June kicks off the lobster season in Belize. There are week-long lobster festivals in different parts of the country, like Caye Caulker and Placencia; however, the biggest one is in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye. This fresh crustacean is in abundance here, plus there's live music and tropical drinks. And forget the tails—you haven't lived until you've tried a lobster burrito in Belize.

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Experience Belize - 7 Days. This quick week-long itinerary is great for families who want to combine outdoor hikes with reef adventures like snorkeling and kayaking. It includes trips to both ruins and underground caves that the ancient Mayans used for ceremonies and rituals. Then it's off to Glover's Reef Marine Reserve, home to some 700 epic snorkeling sites. 

Belize Wildlife, Mayan Ruins, & Reef Tour - 9 days. A little over a week allows for a well-rounded tour of Belize's highlights. The adventure begins on the mainland with a tour of Lamanai. Following that is a wildlife tour along the New River, plus birding around the lagoons at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. The ocean leg of the trip takes place at Lighthouse Reef—one of Belize's most beautiful atolls—for snorkeling and kayaking. 

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