Travel to Brazil's Pantanal region for an exotic birdwatching adventure in the world's largest tropical wetland. Avid birders will spot the iconic jabiru—the symbol of the Pantanal—the blue hyacinth macaw, and the roseate spoonbill, among dozens of others. Learn the secrets of this fascinating environment through its abundant wildlife and stunning marsh landscapes.


  • Spot jabirus at Santa Tereza
  • Take a sunrise boat trip down the Pixaim River
  • Birdwatch on the swampy plains of Campo Jofre
  • Enjoy a wildlife tour of Pousada Piuval
  • See a toco toucan at Pouso Alegre

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cuiabá, North Pantanal Santa Tereza Farm
Day 2 Birdwatching tour of Santa Tereza Santa Tereza Farm
Day 3 Explore Campo Jofre's swampy plains Pouso Alegre Hotel Farm
Day 4 Birdwatching at Pouso Alegre  Pouso Alegre Hotel Farm
Day 5 Wildlife tour of Pousada Piuval Pousada Piuval Farm
Day 6 More adventures at Pousada Piuval Pousada Piuval Farm
Day 7 Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Cuiabá, North Pantanal

Pantanal wetlands
The Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetlands

You will be met at the airport and transferred to the Pantanal (62 miles on a paved road). Pass the city of Poconé and enter the Transpantaneira. Birdwatch all the way to the Santa Tereza Farm

Bird Species: Egret, American wood-stork, jabiru, roseate spoonbill, ibis, limpkin, Neotropic cormorant, kingfisher, caimans, snail kites, scarlet-headed blackbird, lesser kiskadee, black-capped donacobius, white-headed marsh tyrant, winged-barred water-tyrant, wattled jacana, purple gallinule, Grey-necked wood-rail, striated heron, cardinal (red-crested and yellow-billed) 

Day 2: Birdwatching Tour of Santa Tereza

Pixaim River
Pixaim River

Today you will birdwatch in the amazing Santa Tereza area. At sunrise, paddle down the Pixaim River, in search of birds and other wildlife. Take a forest walk to observe smaller birds. In the afternoon, travel upstream for an encounter with giant otters. Enjoy the sunset on the river. 

Bird Species: Anhinga, blue-throated piping-guan, rufescent tiger, heron (boat-billed, white-necked, agami and capped), green ibis, sunbittern, sungrebe, black-collared hawk, kingfisher (ringed, Amazon, green, rufous and pygmy), troupial, black-fronted nunbird, rufous-tailed jacamar, helmeted manakin, blue-crowned trogon, woodpecker (pale-crested and lineated), silver-beaked tanager, seedeater (rusty-collared and white-bellied), wren (moustached and buff-breasted), spinetail (white-lored and rusty-backed), mato-grosso antbird, red-billed scythebill, crested oropendola, solitary black cacique, squirrel cuckoo

Day 3: Campo Jofre's Swampy Plains

Capybara in northern Pantanal
The capybara, the largest rodent in the world

In the morning you will be taken on a photo safari down the Transpantaneira, a road that crosses the Pantanal with no less than 122 bridges. Enjoy birdwatching on the swampy plains of Campo Jofre. You may see a capybara (the world’s largest rodent) or a marsh deer. Depart in the early afternoon for Pouso Alegre Hotel Farm, a massive and biodiverse property. Go on a nighttime car ride with spotlights to observe nocturnal wildlife.

Bird Species: Maguari stork, southern screamer, heron (whistling heron and little blue), lesser yellow-headed vulture, hawk (great black and road-side), laughing falcon, bare-faced curassow, muscovy duck, tree duck (white-faced and black-bellied), Brazilian teal

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Day 4: Pouso Alegre Hotel Farm

Toco toucan
Toco toucan

Today you will explore Pouso Alegre. Start with a car safari and then switch to walking. In the multiple water holes, you may see storks and aquatic birds. You may also see the discreet great potoo. In the evening, take a spotlight car ride to look for nocturnal animals and birds. 

Bird Species: Hyacinth macaws,  cowbird (bay-winged and shiny), rufous hornero, Rufous-fronted thornbird, great kiskadee, Rufous-bellied Thrush, saffron finch, vermillion flycatcher, cattle tyrant, masked gnatcatcher, grayish saltator, Black-throated saltator, White-rumped monjita, purplish jay, woodcreeper (great rufous and narrow-billed ), toco toucan, Chestnut-eared araçari, common stilt, pied lapwing, collared plover, solitary sandpiper

Day 5: Wildlife Tour of Pousada Piuval 

Platalea ajaja or colhereiro
The roseate spoonbill

At sunrise, you will take a wildlife tour of Pouso Alegre by vehicle. In the early afternoon, travel to Pousada Piuval Farm,  a remarkable place for nature lovers. After settling into your room, take a wildlife and sunset bird watching tour by vehicle, stopping along the way to walk.

Day 6: More Adventures at Pousada Piuval

Sunset in the Pantanal
Sunset in the Pantanal

In the morning take another birdwatching tour. With some luck, you may see brown capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, a collared anteater, or a group of South American coatis. Mid-afternoon, take a river tour on an aquatic formation called a baía, which is an enlarged part of the river that becomes a lake. You may see the least bittern hiding in the aquatic vegetation. Return for sunset on the bay. After dinner, take a spotlight car ride to see nocturnal species.

Bird Species: Blue-crowned motmot, campo flicker, white woodpecker, parakeet (monk, peach-fronted and Yellow-chevroned), planalto Slaty-antshrike, Sooty-fronted spinetail, white-lined tanager, red-crested finch, black-bellied Antwren, Spot-backed puffbird, golden-collared macaw, parrot (Turquoise-fronted and orange-winged ), blue-crowned parakeet, greater ani, Chestnut-bellied guan, red-legged seriema, caracara crested and yellow-headed 

Day 7: Depart

Birds in the Pantanal
Birds gathering in the wetlands

Today you will depart. But before you do, take in some last birdwatching activities. This afternoon you will be transferred to the airport.

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Map of Birdwatching in the Pantanal – 7 Days
Map of Birdwatching in the Pantanal – 7 Days