It's the shoulder season in Brazil, and one of the best times to visit. October is the tail end of winter in Brazil, with warming weather and dry, sunny days throughout the country. It's a good time to head to the Green Coast beautiful Ilha Grande and visit some of the most famous beaches in Brazil, hike through forest trails, or embark on a riverboat cruise on the Manaus river. Enjoy October celebrations such as the Oktober Fest in Blemau, and watch films across the city of Rio de Janeiro at the Rio International Film Festival.


Winter has ended in October, and it starts getting warmer as the spring comes to Brazil. The best places to visit in terms of weather are parts of southern Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In Rio, you can expect temperatures around 80°F, and in São Paolo, you can expect around 76°F. Places like Manaus and Belem have warmer weather with approximately 90°F, although the humidity increases as well.

Crowds & Costs

October is a pretty quiet month in Brazil, being the shoulder season. You will enjoy a peaceful, less-crowded vacation at a reasonable price during the springtime. The city and beaches of Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo are a bit more crowded than other areas, but overall visitation is lower than usual. It is the ideal time to find good deals on your trip, and you can go sightseeing with fewer crowds, making it perfect if you want a more intimate, locally-focused vacation. 

Where to Go

Ilha Grande, on the Green Coast of Brazil is one of the most stunning places to visit in October. It is a popular getaway, thanks to its location a mere hour away from Rio de Janeiro, and also due to its pedestrian-friendly car-free zone. Enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil with crystal clear waters, and hike through the forest trails. Enjoy a riverboat cruise on the rivers of Manaus and visit beaches such as Palmas Cove, Dois Rios, and Aventura Beach

Rio's got great weather and low prices in October, so it's a good time to visit the major city landmarks, enjoy beach time, and dine alfresco. Take a side trip to visit the Encontro das Águas (Meeting of Waters), just ten minutes from Rio. Here, the dark waters of the Rio Negro meet the sandy upper Amazon, known as the Rio Solimões. The coffee-like coloring of the Solimões occurs due to sand, mud, and silt, running down from the Andes and blending together.

October is one of the best months to visit the beautiful capital of Brazil—Brasilia. Visit the Cathedral of Brasília, an impressive sight with an exterior dominated by 16 curved concrete columns, each weighing 90 tons. The columns curve inwards, meeting briefly before branching back outwards and upwards to give the structure its distinct hourglass shape. It bears a resemblance to a white crown as it rises to a height of about 131 feet (40 m). 

October is the last dry month in the Pantanal, so go if you get the chance. Once November hits, the summer rains start, making it much more difficult to spot animals. It's also a good time to visit the thundering Iguazu Falls, as the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller.

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What to Do

October is a great time to enjoy the warm, sunny weather and attend several city-wide events that occur throughout the month. Enjoy quality time on the beach, go swimming, take day trips, and go sightseeing in the cities of Belem, Rio de Janeiro, and Illa Grande. As the weather gets warmer, you'll also have a lot of nature activities to choose from, from hiking and kayaking to enjoying boat tours on the country's waterways and off the coast.

October also sees Latin America's biggest film festival—Rio International Film Festival, a must for movie lovers. Visit Rio and catch one or several movies across the city, then head to the beach for most-movie drinks at one of the many bars that line the sand.

With fewer tourists, you'll experience a more local feel to Brazil as you travel the country. Take part in the Oktober Fest in Blumenau and see how international visitors and cultures join the fun with local Brazilians. Enjoy art at the Bienal de São Paulo, a giant event showcasing various works from artists all over the world. 

Events in October

Círio de Nazaré in Belém (second Sunday in October). An enormous annual event bringing one million people to the city streets to take part in the procession of one of Brazil’s most influential icons.

Rio International Film Festival, Latin America’s biggest film festival, featuring more than 200 films from all over the world. The movies are shown across 35 theatres over several weeks throughout October.

Oktoberfest in Blumenau takes place in mid-October and is the best place to experience southern Brazil's German roots. 

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Ilha Grande Beach Trekking -  7 Days. On this 43-mile (70 km) hiking adventure, you will travel from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis—a coastal region famous for Ilha Grande and the largest of 365 islands in the area. Over six days you will trek all around Ilha Grande, visiting indigenous fishing villages, hiking on trails that cut through Atlantic forest, ascending mountains, crossing rivers, and enjoying quality beach time. 

Discover Rio, Costa Verde, and Iguazu Falls- 14 Days. On this two-week adventure, you will discover the best of Rio de Janeiro, continue to the lush Costa Verde, and visit the picturesque colonial town of Paraty. Visit the island of Ilha Grande to relax on dreamy beaches and enjoy a private boat tour. Get up close to the magnificent Iguazu Falls in all their thundering glory.

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