September in Brazil is shoulder season, and one of the best months to visit. It's winter in the southern hemisphere, with some cities (like Curitiba) seeing snowfall. Visit the winter capital of Brazil—Gramado—and hike through the mountainous city of Petrópolis. It's dry this month in the rainforest, so consider a trip to the Amazon to see wildlife. You might link together a visit to several cities with a trip to the Pantanal to make the most of the off-season prices. Read on to learn why September is one of the best months to visit Brazil.


September is a winter month in Brazil, and it's one of the last months before the rainy summer season. The northeast coast has a tropical climate, while the south shines with its cozy winter atmosphere. The average temperatures in the north are around 80-85°F, and the weather is warm and pleasant in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with the former being slightly warmer. It tends to get colder in the evenings as temperatures drop to approximately 60-65°F, and it is generally dry overall.

In the southern part of the country, you can expect cool days and even cooler nights, making it the perfect opportunity to experience the last of the Brazilian winter. Moving into the end of September, the temperatures start to rise in the south.

Crowds & Costs

With both great weather and the holiday season coming to a close, September is a relatively quiet month, perfect for relaxing beach time and city sightseeing. You can find some of the best deals on hotels and flights to Brazil during the month and can plan your trip closer to the departure than usual. Take advantage of shoulder season and stay a bit longer, as you can stretch your budget to see more of the country than during the high season. 

Where to Go

The Amazon and Pantanal wildlife and natural wonderlands are still magnificent in September, and you will make it just in time before the rainy season. Take the opportunity to visit for a couple of days and enjoy kayaking, boat tours, and animal encounters. If you head to Pantanal, make sure to at least spend two days so that you can experience both the south and the north part of this area, as they have different things to offer. 

Rio de Janeiro is an excellent place to visit before the heatwave toward the end of the year. Spend time sightseeing, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying a drink on the Copacabana beach. Put an adventurous spin on your trip with mountain trekking and hiking to get to spectacular views.

To get a feeling of Brazil's winter season before it ends, visit the mountainous city of Petrópolis, located near Rio de Janeiro. It's home to the descendants of the Brazilian Imperial family and is famous for its icy sunrises and European atmosphere. You will find a wide range of mountains covered in lush greenery. Try one of the famous fondues, microbrews, or sip on a cup of hot chocolate as you breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Experience the winter capital of Brazil with a visit to Gramado in the Rio Grande do Sul. Here, you will find a combination of the Swiss Alps and Serra del Mar. The city is mainly famous for its Christmas festivals, but in September, you will get a preview of the delicious food and charming markets to come. Make sure to visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, also known as Cathedral of Stone, while in the city. 

Curitiba is another excellent destination for September. It's known as the Brazilian Vienna, thanks to its gardens and parks. September here brings snow, so you can explore culture with several theatres and the Wire Opera, which holds an opera performance in the middle of the garden, before cozying up inside. 

What to Do

September is the ideal month for multi-city explorations in both the northern and southern parts of Brazil. Experience the winter seasons by sightseeing through the streets of Curitiba, Petrópolis, and the city of Gramado. In the north, take a tour through the Amazon forests and the Amazon River, and visit the Pantanal wetlands. Take the opportunity to visit the Amazon Theatre—an opera house in Manaus, the urban heart of the Amazon. 

Take advantage of the warm weather before the summer heat sets in. Sightseeing, wildlife viewing in the Amazon, and beach time are all great options for this month. In Rio, visit the Tomorrow Museum in the city center, stroll around in the beautiful gardens of Jardim Botânico, and see the world's largest graffiti mural. 

It's also a good time to visit the Amazon and Pantanal, to take advantage of the warm days and dry weather before the summer rains set in. Wildlife are still congregating to river banks and water holes, and there are chances to spot jaguars and other big animals. Birding during this season is also quite good. 

Events in September

Mondial de la Biere Samba. Schools begin hosting open gatherings once a week on Friday or Saturday nights. It is the perfect excuse to dance the samba for the locals, as well as anyone visiting.

Dia de Independência do Brasil—Independence Day (September 7). This four-day event in Rio de Janeiro draws brew-lovers from far and wide to an extravaganza of food and beer tasting on Praça Mauá, with a massive military parade down Av Presidente Vargas in Centro. The event starts at 8 AM at Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Candelária and goes down just past Praça XI.

Traveling to Brazil in September? Check out these great itineraries. 

Rio de Janeiro Trek: Pedra do Sino - 2 Days. On this two-day hike, you will visit Pedra do Sino in the stunning Serra dos Órgãos Mountain Range— an off-the-beaten-path experience. Begin in Rio de Janeiro and head to Brazil's mountaineering capital, Teresópolis. Along the way, you'll pass waterfalls, trek through the forest and high-altitude vegetation, and take in a sunset from the peak of Pedra do Sino.

Rio de Janeiro: Valley of the Gods - 3 Days. This three-day trekking tour will take you through the Three Peak State Park—one of the top areas for adventure in Brazil. Hike around some of the famous formations in the Valley of the Gods—known as the "Brazilian Yosemite," and in the evenings, camp in one of the park's most beautiful sites and enjoy dinner under the stars.

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