Embark on a two-week journey into the heart of Brazil's Amazon region and remote and ruggedly beautiful parts of the northeast coast. In the Amazon, you'll stay in a jungle lodge from which you'll take canoe trips down the river, spot wildlife on nature hikes, and visit Indigenous communities. Then you'll transfer to the far-flung fishing village of Jericoacoara, where you'll spend your days lazing in hammocks and racing dune buggies before finishing the trip on the stunning coast of Fortaleza.


  • Go on nature hikes and canoe trips in the Amazon rainforest
  • Travel to Indigenous communities and take an archery lesson
  • Visit Jericoacoara, a secluded fishing village with incredible sunsets
  • Explore Fortaleza and discover the best beaches in the region

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Manaus, City Tour Manaus
Day 2 Boat Tour From Manaus & Indigenous Tribe Experience Manaus
Day 3 Manaus to Anavilhanas National Park, Optional Activities Anavilhanas National Park
Day 4 Amazon Sunrise, Canoe Tour in Anavilhanas & Archery Lesson Anavilhanas National Park
Day 5 Day Trip to Caboclo Community, Fishing in Anavilhanas Anavilhanas National Park
Day 6 Anavilhanas Rainforest Hike, Transfer to Manaus Manaus
Day 7 Transfer From Manaus to Jericoacoara Jericoacoara
Day 8 Private Buggy Tour Around Jericoacoara Jericoacoara
Days 9-10  Free Days in Jericoacoara Jericoacoara
Day 11 Transfer From Jericoacoara to Fortaleza, Optional Activities Fortaleza
Day 12 Fortaleza City Tour, Visit Cumbuco Beach Fortaleza
Day 13 Day Trip to Morro Branco Beach Fortaleza
Day 14 Depart Fortaleza  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Manaus, City Tour

The Amazon Theater, in Manaus
The Amazon Theater, in Manaus

Welcome to Manaus, the capital of Brazil's state of Amazonas! Sitting on the banks of the Negro River where it meets the Amazon, this is the major hub in northwestern Brazil for trips into the rainforest. After transferring from the airport and settling into your hotel, you'll head out on a guided tour.

One highlight landmark you'll visit is the 20th-century Black River Palace, an opulent manor home built during the days of the rubber barons. You'll also stop at the Museu do Índio (Indian Museum), which promotes the cultural heritage, history, and traditions of Indigenous peoples in Brazil. Continue to the 19th-century Customs House, the neoclassical Palace of Justice, and end with a stop at the Amazon Theater. This opera house, with its elegant pink facade and colorful dome, was built in 1896 during the rubber boom.

Day 2: Boat Tour From Manaus & Indigenous Tribe Experience

See giant lily pads at an ecological park
See giant lily pads at an ecological park

This morning, you'll transfer from your hotel to the harbor, where you'll board a boat and head down the Negro River on a full-day tour. A little ways from Manaus, the boat will stop where the dark waters of the Negro River meet the sandy white waters of the Amazon. This natural phenomenon is incredible in that a distinct line separates two color tones in what appears to be a single waterway.

Then, continue down the Rio Negro to Parque Ecologico Janauari. This ecological park is spread over 22,239 acres (9,000 ha) of dry land and igapós (flooded forests). There are many fun ecotourism activities to enjoy here, such as canoe rides through igapós and nature walks in the jungle. The lake at Janauari is also home to one of the most iconic species of flora in the Amazon: Victoria amazonica. These giant lily pads measure up to 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter and produce colorful flowering plants.

After touring the ecological park, you'll enjoy a memorable lunch at a floating restaurant followed by a visit to local craft shops to pick up souvenirs. Upon returning to the boat, proceed to an Indigenous village and spend time with a local tribe. They'll even welcome you with a traditional ceremony performed by a pajé (shaman). Capping this incredible day is a trip to view pink river dolphins frolicking in the water. After snapping plenty of photos of these friendly creatures, you'll return to Manaus in the late afternoon.

Day 3: Manaus to Anavilhanas National Park, Optional Activities

The archipelago in Anavilhanas National Park

A group transfer will pick you up at your hotel in Manaus this morning and take you to the port, where you'll take a boat three hours west along the Amazon River. Your destination is Anavilhanas National Park, and upon arrival, you'll check in to your rainforest lodge.

Anavilhanas National Park covers 866,000 acres (350,470 ha), encompassing a river archipelago of more than 400 islands. From your lodge, you can embark into the jungle on guided nature tours, boat rides around the islands, birding excursions, trips to see pink river dolphins, nocturnal wildlife walks, and more. During the dry season (May-Oct) there are even white sand beaches on the riverbanks that you can enjoy.

Day 4: Amazon Sunrise, Canoe Tour in Anavilhanas & Archery Lesson

Sunrise over the Amazon River

Wake up early and hop in a canoe for a dawn trip down the river to witness the first rays of morning sunlight gild the glassy waters of the Amazon. Later, you'll continue exploring the waterways on another canoe tour. As you paddle along in your two-seater vessel, you can spot exotic birds like flycatchers, hummingbirds, herons, hawks, and more. Other animals you might see include giant anteaters, pink dolphins, river otters, and manatees. If you're lucky, you could also see jungle cats like margays and jaguars.

Next up is a special treat, as you'll meet with members of the Waimiri-Atroari tribe. This Indigenous group, also known as the Kinja people, has inhabited a vast area of this southeastern part of Amazonas for centuries. During an archery lesson, you'll learn how to shoot an arrow straight from a traditional bow and gain a deeper understanding of their culture and how they've lived in harmony with the land without the help of modern technology.

Day 5: Day Trip to Caboclo Community, Fishing in Anavilhanas

Visit a Cabolco community
Visit a Caboclo community 

Hop in a motorized canoe today for a trip down the Rio Negro to a local caboclo community. Caboclo, in Brazilian Portuguese, refers to a person of mixed Indigenous and European descent. Due to its location in the heart of the Amazon, Anavilhanas National Park is home to many caboclo villages. During this guided tour, you'll visit one such community and learn about the culture and agricultural practices of these long-standing residents of the Amazon.

After visiting with the locals, you'll head back on the water for a fishing trip—Amazon-style. In a wooden canoe, you'll head to ideal fishing spots within Anavilhanas and, once there, cast a line and see if you can reel in piranhas. If you do catch one of these carnivorous fish, not to worry, as your expert guide will handle it safely once it's on the line. You can even cook it up later, as piranha is a very tasty river fish and is used in many Amazonian dishes. 

Day 6: Anavilhanas Rainforest Hike, Transfer to Manaus

The Samauma tree, considered sacred in the Amazon
Keep an eye out for wildlife like squirrel monkeys in the rainforest canopy

Today's half-day tour is a chance to venture beyond the waterways in Anavilhanas National Park and explore the dryland forest. A local guide will lead you on this nature hike, where you'll learn about the Amazon's extensive flora and fauna. This ecosystem is home to more species of plants and animals than any other ecosystem on earth—in fact, one in 10 known species on the planet lives within this area.

It's no surprise, then, that there's a staggering diversity of plants and animals in Anavilhanas. These include various orchids and bromeliads, hundreds of species of birds, and an array of exotic mammals. Keep an eye out, because on this walking tour you can spot monkeys, toucans, giant anteaters, macaws, and, occasionally, the rarely-seen jaguar. Your guide will also point out sacred trees and various medicinal herbs and plants that have been utilized by Indigenous residents for centuries.

Then, in the early afternoon, you'll depart your lodge in Anavilhanas National Park for the return trip to Manaus. Upon arrival, you'll check in to your hotel in the city.

Day 7: Transfer From Manaus to Jericoacoara

Welcome to Jericoacoara
At the appropriate time, you'll transfer to the airport in Manaus and catch a 3.5-hour flight to the city of Fortaleza, on Brazil's northeast coast. Upon arrival, you'll hop in a private 4WD vehicle and transfer northwest to the remote fishing village and beach community of Jericoacoara (or "Jeri," as it's known to locals). It's a scenic ride that passes coastal dunes through incredible desert landscapes until you arrive at Jeri and your pousada (guesthouse).
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Day 8: Private Buggy Tour Around Jericoacoara

An off-road adventure into Jericoacoara
An off-road adventure in Jeri
In the morning, you'll hop in a dune buggy and venture south out of town farther into Jericoacoara National Park, which spans 21,900 acres (8,850 ha) of this desert coastal region. Dotted throughout the park are incredible freshwater lagoons perfect for swimming. You'll drive to two of these stunning bodies of water: Lagoa do Paraíso and Lagoa Azul. Here, you can lay out on the sand, swim in the water, or spend time relaxing in a hammock. You'll return to Jericoacoara in the late afternoon just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Days 9-10: Free Days in Jericoacoara

Pedra Furada, in Jeri
The next two days are yours to enjoy the long beaches and sand cliffs of this special fishing village. Just know that Jeri moves at a relaxed pace. Up until a couple of decades ago, phones and electricity didn't even exist in this tranquil beach town. Even today, Jeri is still relatively removed from the modern world, with streets paved with sand and most places closing relatively early (except on weekends). 

For these reasons, the best activities to engage in here are of the R&R variety. Enjoy a morning yoga session on the beach, or head to Paradise Lagoon and stake out a hammock in the crystalline waters at the shoreline. You definitely won't want to miss the romantic rock formation Pedra Furada. When lunchtime rolls around, be sure to try seafood so fresh that it was likely swimming in the ocean that very morning. 

For a more active adventure, take advantage of the offshore winds and do some kite surfing. Also, make sure you don't miss Jeri's famous sunsets. Every day around 5 pm, locals and visitors make the pilgrimage atop Sunset Dune to watch the last light of the golden sun dip behind the horizon. Afterward, head down to the beach to watch capoeiristas practice their impressive blend of dance and martial arts.

Day 11: Jericoacoara to Fortaleza, Optional Activities

City meets sea at Fortaleza

Bid Jericoacoara farewell this morning as you hop in a 4WD vehicle and make the drive back to the city of Fortaleza, where you'll check in to your hotel. Newcomers to Brazil often overlook this capital of the northeastern state of Ceará. However, it's a major metropolis home to great beaches, buzzing nightlife, and delicious food. It's the place to come if you want to samba the night away, dine on fresh lobster and tapioca, laze under palm trees on white sand beaches, or go paragliding off the windswept coast.

After settling in, you can head out and explore. The city's main attractions are its postcard beaches, bustling nightlife, and pleasant summer weather. The wide and inviting Futuro Beach is famous for its warm, turquoise waters, while Iracema, Mucuripe, and Meireles offer a waterfront ideal for walking, cycling, and enjoying a breathtaking sunset. And when the sun goes down, steel yourself for Fortaleza's nightlife, which kicks off every night of the week. Venues here range from upscale bars and restaurants to traditional forró dance houses.

Day 12: Fortaleza City Tour, Visit Cumbuco Beach

Sunset over Cumbuco Beach

Today's half-day city tour is a great introduction to Fortaleza. You'll leave your hotel with an expert guide and tour both the historic center and modern districts of this city. There are many architectural highlights you'll see, including the neo-Gothic Metropolitan Cathedral; the gravity-defying Castelo Branco Mausoleum, which once held the remains of a Brazilian dictator, Martyrs Square (the oldest square in the city), and the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture, an exhibition center that has a theater, library, cinema, and planetarium.

After the city tour, you'll travel 23 miles (38 km) up the coast from Fortaleza to Cumbuco Beach. This once humble fishing village is now an idyllic beach community with long, sandy beaches and an abundance of hotels, bars, and restaurants. It's the perfect destination for a day trip from the urban jungle of Fortaleza, and it's exactly where you'll be going on this afternoon getaway. Activities you can enjoy here include dune-buggy rides, fishing trips, sand boarding, kite surfing, and more.

Day 13: Day Trip to Morro Branco Beach

The red rock formations at Morro Branco Beach
The red rock formations at Morro Branco Beach
Get ready for a trip from Fortaleza to a coastal hotspot that's as geologically unique as it is stunningly beautiful. This day trip begins with a pickup from your hotel and a transfer about 50 miles (80 km) down the scenic coast to the beach at Morro Branco. When you arrive, you'll marvel at red sands and unusual rock formations that seem lunar rather than tropical. Venture farther down to Praia das Fontes and explore the coastline dominated by soaring red cliffs, mineral lakes, and otherworldly caverns like the Cave of Mother Water. At the end of the tour, you'll transfer back to your hotel in Fortaleza. 

Day 14: Depart Fortaleza

Golden hour in Fortaleza

Your trip to some of the most naturally beautiful regions of Brazil has unfortunately come to an end. At the appropriate time, a driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the airport in Fortaleza, where you'll catch your flight home.

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Map of Brazil's Nature & Beaches: Manaus, the Amazon, Jericoacoara & Fortaleza - 14 Days
Map of Brazil's Nature & Beaches: Manaus, the Amazon, Jericoacoara & Fortaleza - 14 Days