Each season in Brazil offers distinct adventures, whether you are looking for grand celebrations with parades and dancing, or relaxing time on some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Visit beautiful islands, go on an exploration tour through the Amazon, and watch the majestic jaguars in the world's largest wetland area -Pantanal. Even if you don't travel to Rio's world-famous Carnaval, you can still join the celebrations that happen almost every month, from the Christmas Light Show in Gramado to the International Art Festival in São Paulo.

Seasonal Planning for Brazil Travel

The Brazilian summer (Northern Hemisphere winter) is one of the best times to enjoy beach activities, festivals, and an energetic vibe. Between December and February, the cities get busy, and it is hot and humid, with heavier rainfall in large parts of the country. Temperatures are around 85-90 ºF in most areas, but can reach 110 ºF in Rio de Janeiro. In autumn, between March and May, it gets less crowded and you can find some great deals on ticket prices. This time of year is also an excellent time to visit the Amazon jungle and spot fantastic wildlife, as the rainy season starts to wind down.

Winter in Brazil takes place between June and August, while the tropical north of the country remains warm year-round. This time of year is an excellent time to visit the world's largest wetland—Pantanal. Springtime, between September and November, is ideal for sightseeing, visiting parks, cultural events, and hiking. The temperatures are getting higher, but it is still not as hot as in summer or as cold (in southern areas) as winter. 

Summer (December-February)

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil starts its summer (and peak travel season) in December, with the most popular and crowded months between December and February. If you are looking to take part in fantastic event celebrations, such as the spectacular Reveillon (New Year's Eve) on the Copacabana beach or the famous Rio Carnival, hot weather, and beach activities, then this is the ideal season to visit. Prices are higher during this period, but it is also the best time to witness the Brazilian spirit and enjoy dancing, surfing, and swimming in the turquoise waters.

In December, Christmas festivities are in full spin all over the country, and you will be sure to see various performances that will leave an impact. Experience the spectacular Christmas parade in lesser-known Gramado with a fantastic light show, ice skaters, dancers, and much more. With its Natal Luz (Christmas of Lights) Festival, expect true Christmas spirit with a lot of singing and dancing. In Rio de Janeiro, you will find beautiful Christmas markets all around the city, with one of the best in the historic center of Lapa.

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Fall (March-May)

Amazon Forest in Brazil
Amazon Forest in Brazil

During fall, between March and May, the country gets quieter, but Brazil's highly celebrated Semana Santa (Holy Week) brings life to the country. The weather is warm and pleasant enough to walk around during the days and enjoy sightseeing. Colorful parades and processions fill the streets, and all of Brazil becomes one big celebration.

This is an excellent time to find better deals on flights and accommodation, except during Easter, and you will find a lot of activities among smaller crowds. Go hiking, sightseeing, and experience cultural events. Join the International Art Festival of São Paulo, and go on a hiking tour in beautiful Fernando de Noronha. The Iguazu Falls are massive during this time, especially in March, so be sure to make the trip down to the Argentine border to witness this natural wonder.

Fall is one of the best times to visit the Amazon, and Pantanal is also at its best during this time, particularly in May. There are great wildlife spotting opportunities in these regions during the fall months, and the season also offers great experiences in cities in both the north and south of Brazil. Check out the Shell Open Air Theatre in Rio de Janeiro, which is the world's biggest open-air cinema screen. 

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Winter (June-August)

Jaguar in Pantanal, Brazil
Jaguar in Pantanal, Brazil

Brazilian winter is ideal for visiting the Amazon and hopefully catching a glimpse of the powerful jaguar sunbathing along the banks of the river. It is also a great time to hike in mountainous areas. Enjoy the warm weather in Rio de Janeiro and visit the Tijuca National Park—a 39-sq-km tropical jungle preserve. Visits. In certain far southern parts of the country, you might even see some snow, with some of the best opportunities in Santa Catarina.

While the south of Brazil gets colder, the north has pleasant weather, enjoyable for city walks, beach time, and hiking. Head to Salvador de Bahia to experience the city's beautiful17th- and 18th-century architecture and gold-laden churches. Visit the white dunes and turquoise lagoons in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, or head south to Campos do Jordão to experience beautiful scenery and outdoor activities.

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Spring (September-November)

Ilha Grande in Brazil
Ilha Grande beach in Brazil

Springtime in Brazil takes place between September and November, with temperatures rising all over the country. It is still not too hot, however, which means lots of opportunities to enjoy quality time on the beach or go on hiking and walking tours. Spring is the low season, and you can expect smaller crowds during this period. It is also an excellent time to find good deals on your trip, which makes this a great time to travel. 

The Green Coast is beautiful and ideal in spring, and you can visit the beautiful Ilha Grande, with some of the best beaches in Brazil. It is also a great time to explore Brasilia—the capital of Brazil— and visit the Cathedral of Brasília, which is an impressive sight. Visit the Brazilian Vienna—Curitiba, and hike through the mountains of Petrópolis

Make sure to visit the world's largest street art mural in Rio de Janeiro, and enjoy spectacular whale watching in Praia do Rosa in Florianopolis. Take a trip to the fantastic Chapada Diamantina National Park, and try windsurfing and kiteboarding in Fortaleza. Spring is also ideal for a walk through the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro, home to more than 6,000 species of plants.

There are a few celebrations and events taking place in Brazil that you shouldn't miss during spring, including Oktoberfest in Blumenau and the Rio International Film Festival. Take the opportunity to also go on a river cruise where the Rio Negro and Amazon meet in Manaus

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