Take your family on a trip through memorable southern Spain, where you'll explore three incredible cities: Granada, Málaga, and Seville. Highlights of this itinerary include touring the Alhambra with a kid-friendly focus, exploring Málaga with an exciting treasure hunt, enjoying a day playing at the beach, and rowing boats at Plaza de España in Seville.


  • Explore Granada with a guided walk following the city's unique scents
  • Enjoy a treasure hunt in the exciting city of Málaga
  • Spend a day at the beach swimming, relaxing, and eating kid-friendly tapas
  • Explore the Royal Alcázar, Parasols, and Plaza de España in Seville

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Granada, Explore the City Through its Scents Granada
Day 2 Family Tour of the Alhambra & Flamenco Show Granada
Day 3 Train to Málaga, Family Treasure Hunt Málaga
Day 4 Beach Day Near Málaga Málaga
Day 5 Transfer to Seville, Family-Friendly Seville City Tour Seville
Day 6 Kid-Friendly Visit to the Royal Alcázar, Free Afternoon Seville
Day 7 Depart Spain  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Granada, Explore the City Through its Scents

Enjoy a scents-themed walking tour with the whole family

Welcome to Spain! Upon arrival, a private driver will take you and your family to Granada, where you can check into your hotel and unwind. You'll then enjoy an afternoon exploring this incredible city through its signature blend of scents.

This unique, family-friendly guided tour will submerge you in an authentic experience, transporting you to different eras in the city's history through scents tied to every age and locale. Discover the fragrances of sites like The Bañuelo, a hammam (Arab bath) from the Ziri period, the grand Granada Cathedral, built in the 16th century and constructed over the site of a mosque, and the colorful Alcaicería, once the traditional Moorish bazaar that's now full of Andalusian treats, trinkets, and souvenirs—a kid favorite.

You won't leave the scents of Granada behind; at the end of the tour, you'll receive a little box of the fragrances you've discovered during the guided route. Smells can bring you back to an experience or place, so you and your family can re-live this dynamic memory of your stay in Granada as often as you like!

Day 2: Family Tour of the Alhambra & Flamenco Show

Aerial View of the Alhambra in Granada
Aerial View of the Alhambra in Granada

No visit to Granada is complete without exploring the Alhambra, the city's most iconic landmark. Dating back to the 9th century, this famous palace/fortress complex was home to rulers of the Moorish/Muslim Nasrid Dynasty and the Royal Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Your local expert guide will explain all you need to know about the Alhambra in a fun and energetic way, keeping the little ones entertained as you move from room to room. The charming Generalife Gardens, filled with colorful flowers and fountains, highlight the tour.

Next, immerse yourself in one of the most distinct elements of Spanish culture, as the Andalusian region is the birthplace of the Flamenco dance. You'll get a fascinating overview of this culturally distinct musical genre, from its origins to its current global renown. You'll experience authentic Flamenco's power, passion, and drama during the evening's dance performance. Tip: Choose a seat near the back so the kiddos can have a little fun dancing themselves!

Day 3: Train to Málaga, Family Treasure Hunt

Málaga Treasure Hunt
Explore Málaga on a treasure hunt geared for children

After a leisurely breakfast, you'll make your way to the train station in Granada with your pre-booked tickets and board a quick 1.5-hour service to Málaga. Upon arrival, head to your hotel in the city center and settle in before embarking on an epic treasure hunt!

Can you think of a better way for kids to explore a city than with a treasure hunt? You'll start at Plaza de la Constitución, where your energetic and entertaining guide will explain the game and provide all the necessary tools (GPS compass and treasure map). Let your kids lead the way as you explore cultural highlights and the most important monuments in Málaga. To make it even more fun, you'll find puzzles and tasks to solve in hidden corners as you search for your treasure!

Day 4: Beach Day Near Málaga

Malaga beach
Beautiful Beaches near Málaga
Plan your trip to Spain
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Kids love playing at the beach, so a family trip to southern Spain should include at least a day of swimming, lounging, snorkeling, and splashing around on the shore! In Málaga, you have plenty of options. For an easy beach day, opt to stay in the city and enjoy the golden La Malagueta Beach, located in the neighborhood of the same name in the city center.

If you prefer to explore the coast a bit and get away from the city, head about an hour east of Málaga by car to the fishing village of Nerja. Known for its coastal cliffs and beautiful beaches, the town is just as famous for the Caves of Nerja, a series of caverns that stretch 5 miles (3 km), complete with hanging stalactites and columns, plus a unique theater that holds regular concerts. Kids will love it all, whether spending the entire day at the beach, exploring the caves, and/or eating all the delicious local food!

Whichever beach you choose, save time for a meal on the coast in the afternoon or evening. Southern Spain is known for its fun and lively chiringuitos, casual and family-friendly beach bars serving some of the region's freshest seafood. You can find these on any beach in the area. If you prefer to return to Málaga, the tapas culture in the city is just as strong as anywhere else in Andalusia. You'll be spoiled for options of atmospheric spots serving these tasty, casual bites that kids adore.

Day 5: Transfer to Seville, Family-Friendly Seville City Tour

Golden tower (Torre del Oro) in Seville, Spain
Seville's Golden Tower (Torre del Oro) 

Today, you'll embark on a road trip through some of Andalusia's most enchanting locales. Take in the views as your transfer drives through olive groves, rolling meadows, cork forests, and mountains, passing the region's famous "white villages"—ancient hilltop towns celebrated for their whitewashed buildings. If you'd like to stop in one of these towns, consider Ronda, which has exceptional views and easy, kid-friendly walks down to its gorge.

Ultimately, your destination is Seville, located about two hours from Málaga. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and settle in before heading out to explore the city.

See the best of Seville on a family-friendly tour, witnessing this city through your kid's eyes. Your private tour includes fun activities, entertaining stories, a tasty treat, and unforgettable memories. Enjoy trivia questions, fun facts, treasure hunts, and new words in the local language, all ways to show kids how delightful Seville can be! For the adults, every stop has a story to tell, and your guide will help you get familiar with the city and learn how to enjoy it with your family for the rest of your trip.

Day 6: Kid-Friendly Visit to the Royal Alcázar, Free Afternoon

Row boats on the river at Plaza de España

Have you ever imagined playing inside a palace with your kids? Let your local guide take your family inside the Royal Alcázar and learn how this architectural gem and gardens evolved in a tour designed to inspire all generations! Through exciting and educational games, you'll discover unique art masterpieces, fascinating interiors, stunning courtyards and gardens, and stories and legends involving various kings and queens throughout the centuries.

Kids love all the excitement of Seville's Royal Alcázar. Still, all the hidden corners (one that unexpectedly plays music and another revealing an underground water source) and all the animals on the grounds always seem to be the highlights.

After your tour, enjoy some time exploring Seville as a family at your own pace. Some ideas include rowing boats on the makeshift river at Plaza de España and climbing to the top of the Giralda bell tower. You could also explore the quirky "mushroom" structure of the Metropol Parasol or take a trip to a nearby theme park or waterpark, such as Isla Mágica or Agua Mágica.

Day 7: Depart Spain

Royal Alcázar in Seville
Royal Alcázar in Seville

It's time to say farewell to Spain. After a leisurely breakfast, a car will pick you up and transfer you to the airport, where you'll catch your flight home. This concludes your great family Spanish adventure. Adiós!

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Map of Family Adventure in Southern Spain: Granada, Málaga & Seville - 7 Days
Map of Family Adventure in Southern Spain: Granada, Málaga & Seville - 7 Days