A memorable vacation in Spain doesn't require a minimum of two weeks—in just five days you can stick to one or two major cities, like Barcelona and Madrid, or see the highlights of a specific region. Head to Andalusia for Moorish history and architecture, get your fill of artistic and culinary masterpieces in Basque Country, or make it a laidback island vacay on idyllic Mallorca.

Itinerary #1: Highlights of Barcelona

This five-day city tour allows you to see one of the most culturally distinct metropolises in the world: Barcelona. It includes visits to all the famous city sights plus an excursion north to the beautiful Costa Brava

Barcelona and La Sagrada Familia
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Barcelona - Evening Food & Wine Tour Barcelona
Day 2 Kayak Tour in the Costa Brava - Return to Barcelona Barcelona
Day 3 Bike Tour of Barcelona Barcelona
Day 4 La Sagrada Família Tour - Sailboat Cruise Barcelona
Day 5 Depart Barcelona  

The trip begins in Barcelona, where a private driver will meet you upon arrival and transfer you to your hotel. If you're itching to get out and explore, we recommend heading to Las Ramblas, the main pedestrian thoroughfare that runs from the historic Gothic Quarter all the way to Barceloneta Beach. To get a sense of the tastes and flavors of Catalonia, visit La Boqueria Market, which is the largest covered market in the city and dates to 1217.

Day two you'll leave the city and head north to the Costa Brava, a section of unspoiled coastline that runs all the way up to the border with France. You'll explore the coves and sea caves on this coast on a guided kayak tour, and later you'll have free time for sunbathing and snorkeling before returning to Barcelona. Day three, you'll take a bicycle tour of the city that follows a route between the Gothic Quarter, Park de la Ciutadella, and Barceloneta Beach.

Day four you'll enjoy an architectural tour of the city. You'll visit the most famous Catalan-modernism buildings designed by legendary architect Antoni Gaudí. This includes La Sagrada Família, the iconic Roman Catholic church and UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll cap the day and the trip with a sunset sailboat cruise down the Mediterranean coast. Day five, you'll depart for home. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Off the Beaten Path in Madrid & Barcelona

Over five days, you'll get to see a side of Spain's two most famous cities that many tourists never get to see. The adventure begins in Madrid with a food tour and continues to Barcelona with more great cuisine, plus visits to famous landmarks and even a sailboat cruise. 

The Fountain of Cibeles, Madrid
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Madrid - Evening Tapas Tour Madrid
Day 2 Private City Tour - El Prado Museum - Meet Local Artisans Madrid
Day 3 Train from Madrid to Barcelona - Evening Tapas Tour Barcelona
Day 4 Private Tour of La Sagrada Familia & Sailboat Cruise Barcelona
Day 5 Depart Barcelona  

It all begins with your arrival in Spain's capital. After checking into your hotel, you can head out on a self-guided tour of the famous sights, like the Puerta del Sol and the Greek-inspired sculptures at the Fountain of Cibeles. In the evening a guide will lead you to Barrio Las Letras, the historic literary quarter, where you'll hop around authentic tapas bars. The next day you'll take a guided tour of the El Prado Museum, home to one of the most incredible collections of European artwork on the planet.

Day three you'll leave Madrid for Barcelona by train, and upon arrival, you'll transfer to your hotel in the historic center. On another self-guided tour, you can take a cable car to the top of Montjuïc for the best views of the city. Day four you'll go on a walking tour of Gaudí buildings and cap the day with a sailboat cruise off the coast. Day five you'll depart Barcelona. Learn more

Itinerary #3: Discover Mallorca

Get ready for a five-day island vacation in the Balearic. Your destination is Mallorca, the largest island in this archipelago and one that's filled with hidden coves, historic landmarks, and white-sand beaches.

Caló des Moro, Mallorca
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Spain & Mallorca - Explore Palma Palma de Mallorca
Day 2 Guided Tour of Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca
Day 3 Mallorca Sailing Tour Palma de Mallorca
Day 4 Hiking the Tramuntana Mountains - Village Tour Palma de Mallorca
Day 5 Depart Spain from Mallorca  

You'll arrive in Mallorca's capital of Palma. Right off the bat, you'll pick up a rental car and can head out and explore the beaches and archaeological sites around the island. Day two you'll take a guided tour of Palma that includes visits to historic landmarks like the 13th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma and the Moorish Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

On day four you'll get to see more of the island on a sailing tour. Over the course of the day, you'll visit remote beaches like Cala Formentor and Caló des Moro. On day four you'll get yet another vantage point as you head to the western side of the island and hike the Tramuntana Mountains. You'll even get to visit the remote island villages of Deià and Sóller, which seem lost in time. On Day five you'll leave Mallorca for home. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Highlights of Andalusia

On a five-day excursion into Spain's Andalusia region, you'll see the highlights of a region rich with Moorish history. This includes the capital of Seville plus well-preserved historic cities like Córdoba and Málaga.

The Plaza de España, Seville
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Seville - Evening Tapas Tour Seville
Day 2 Private Walking Tour of Seville Seville
Day 3 Transfer from Seville to Córdoba - Private Tour & Evening Food Experience Córdoba
Day 4 Transfer from Córdoba to Málaga via the Caminito del Rey Málaga
Day 5 Depart Málaga  

The trip begins with your arrival in Seville, a city that abounds with some of the most unique architecture in Spain. Right away, you'll enjoy a food tour of the city, as the tapas culture in Andalusia is one of the richest in Spain. Day two you'll visit some of those aforementioned historic sites on a walking tour that includes stops at the Seville Cathedral (the largest Gothic cathedral in the world) and the neo-Moorish Alcázar, with its opulent gardens. 

Day three you'll transfer to Córdoba for another tour. The city is known for its landmarks like the Mosque/Church Mezquita and the Alcázar of Córdoba, where Christopher Columbus negotiated his voyage west in search of the Indies. Day four you'll transfer from Córdoba to the coastal city of Málaga, first stopping for a hike on the Caminito del Rey, which is a network of walkways suspended over a gorge thousands of feet above the ground. After touring Málaga on day five, you'll return home. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Experience Basque Country

A brisk five-day holiday in Spanish Basque Country could be just what the doctor ordered. This region of Spain is known for its rugged beauty and great food, as you'll experience on a visit to the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastián.

San Sebastian
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Bilbao - Food & City Tour Bilbao
Day 2 Guggenheim Museum Tour Bilbao
Day 3 Transfer to San Sebastián - Coastal Tour & Wine Tasting San Sebastián
Day 4 Walking Tour of San Sebastián San Sebastián
Day 5 Depart Spain  

You'll arrive on Spain's north coast in Bilbao, the largest city in Basque Country. Wasting no time, you'll immediately hit the street with an expert guide for a tour. This includes the historic streets of the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter) and Las Siete Calles, the original seven streets of the city. On day two you'll visit Bilbao's most famous modern landmark, the Guggenheim Museum. Housing an impressive collection of contemporary art, the building itself is equally amazing as Frank Gehry designed it.

Day three you'll transfer about an hour east along the coast to San Sebastián, a coastal gem denoted by Renaissance and Belle Epoque architecture. However, on the way you'll stop at Gaztelugatxe, a little island connected to the mainland by a long stone bridge that dates to the Middle Ages. You'll also stop at a local winery to try txakolí, a regional white wine, before sitting down for a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. You'll then arrive in San Sebastián.

On a walking tour of the city on day four, you'll visit famous sites like the 19th-century San Sebastián City Hall, the offshore island of Santa Clara, La Concha Beach, and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. In the evening, you could visit the Parte Vieja (Old Quarter) and indulge in the city's famous tapas scene. On day five, you'll depart Spain. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Discover Galicia

A five-day vacation may not be much time, but it's enough to enjoy the highlights of one region of Spain. This itinerary immerses you in Galicia, one of the lesser-visited yet most beautiful regions of the country. 

The Cathedral of Santiago is a popular pilgrimage destination
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Santiago Santiago de Compostela
Day 2 Cooking Class & City Tour of Santiago Santiago de Compostela
Day 3 Drive to Ribeira Sacra - Boat Tour - Drive to Vigo Vigo
Day 4 Day Trip to the Cíes Islands Vigo
Day 5 Depart Spain  

The trip begins with your arrival in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. Not only does this ancient city abound with Gothic and medieval architecture, but it's also the end destination on the Camino de Santiago, a popular religious pilgrimage route since the 12th century. The pilgrims came from all over and ended up at the Cathedral of Santiago to pay respects to Saint James the Great, who is said to be buried in the church. You'll visit this cathedral and other sites on a guided tour on day two.  

After taking a cooking class and learning to prepare traditional Galician cuisine, on day three you'll drive to Ribeira Sacra. This river gorge is famous for wine production, and you'll spot terraced vineyards on a boat tour down the River Sil. Afterward, you'll transfer to the port city of Vigo and on day four embark on another boat trip, this time to the Cíes Islands, which boast white-sand beaches and clear waters. Day five you'll return home. Learn more

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Map of 5 Days in Spain - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 5 Days in Spain - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas

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