By June, the schools are out, and vacationers are following the siren's song to Spain. From the northern Atlantic shores to the golden Mediterranean coast, this month delivers on its promise of ideal weather. Grab your bikini or board shorts, because summer in Spain has arrived.


June offers visitors the perfect beach weather, and there's no better example than in Barcelona. High temps in this Catalonian hotbed of activity reach 80°F/26°C. There are similar highs in other great beach destinations like Marbella (82°F/27°C), Mallorca (79°F/26°C), Ibiza (79°F/26°C), and the Canary Islands (78°F/25°). While definitely worth visiting this month, cities in Spain's Andalusia region, like Granada and Seville, will be pushing 90°F (32°C), making extended walking tours a chore.

Even if you aren't planning on sunbathing, June weather is perfect for simply enjoying the cities. In San Sebastián, located on the northern Atlantic coast, highs reach a pitch-perfect 70°F (21°C). Madrid may not be oppressively hot during June (the typical high is 82°F/28°C) as its location on a plateau means the dry heat can be uncomfortable. If you are arriving or departing from Madrid, it's best to opt for a shorter stay before making your way to the coasts and/or islands. 

Crowds & Costs

There's no getting around the fact that you'll be paying high-season prices for flights and hotels if you travel to Spain in June. For trans-Atlantic flights, you're looking at at least around 500 dollars roundtrip, and mid-range hotels in most tourist areas will start at around 150 or 200 dollars per night. However, you can rest easily because the tourist crowds won't be as thick as they surely will in July and August, and the heat will be more bearable during this month as well.

Where to Go

June means beach weather, so you'll definitely want to head to the beach. The sands of Barcelona and Ibiza will be packed with revelers having a great time, but there are plenty of other options in this country. Further off the tourist trail, you can enjoy the low-key surf beaches amid the rocky coves at Asturias, on the northern Atlantic coast.

Valencia, on the Mediterranean, is always a fun time, and its beaches of Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa de la Malvarrosa are wide and inviting. Or head further north of Barcelona toward the French border and Costa Brava, whose small and tranquil bays are perfect for swimming.

This might be the last month to visit Spain's beautiful Costa del Sol before temperatures get too hot. This coastal area is located just below Málaga, in Andalusia, and by July and August, temps regularly top 100°F (37°C). People from Málaga will even warn you about a phenomenon called the Terral, which is a warm-weather front that blows along the coast like a blast from a furnace and typically occurs in August. Best to tour Andalusia without the oppressive heat. 

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What to Do

Road trips, swimming, surfing, and sunbathing—are all solid activities to enjoy during the first official month of summer. However, it's also a great month to get the adrenaline pumping and try out some coastal wind sports. Speaking of Andalusia, if you head down to the southern tip of the country, you'll find the small town of Tarifa in the province of Cádiz. The crosswinds on the peninsula here make for ideal kitesurfing conditions, and adventure-seekers come from all over the world to enjoy this sport.

Coincidentally, Tarifa sits on a point on the Strait of Gibraltar, which is not only a crowded shipping lane but a migratory route for various whales, including minke and sperm whales. The best part is that it's possible to spot these animals on their migratory routes throughout the year. 

Events in June

Haro Wine FestivalHaro. La Rioja is one of the premier wine-growing regions of Spain. If you come to this area and its little town of Haro during the last month of June, you can partake in the Batalla de Vino, a great party that involves folks dousing each other with red wine in between processions, bullfights, and much revelry. Think of it as Spain's La Tomatina festival with wine instead of tomatoes.

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