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Experiences in Crete, Greece

The Parthenon of the Acropolis has no straight lines
Best Historical and Mythological Experiences in Greece

While many travelers understandably plan trips to Greece that center around the islands, beaches, and nature, there are incredible ancient sites all throughout the country that offer unforgettable trips to the past. Whether you want to wander the streets where the philosopher, Socrates, walked or enter a Temple of Apollo where a high priestess once spoke prophecies heard throughout the land, these experiences will help you better understand the cradle of Western civilization.

Villages of Santorini
Top Cultural Experiences in Greece

Greece is a country of ancient history, refreshing gastronomy, vivid art, and scenic landscapes. All of these characteristics play an essential role in Greek culture. Explore rural villages and learn how the Greek islands functioned before tourism hit. Discover the secrets behind locally sourced cheeses, olive oil, and liqueur, and learn why marble is such a staple throughout the country. Go beyond the beaten path and delve into Athens' unique neighborhoods, Santorini's authentic villages, and the fascinating history of Naxos.

Explore Greece's World-Famous Food Culture
Top Culinary Experiences in Greece

Greek gastronomy is known worldwide as one of the freshest and healthiest cuisines, with its signature Mediterranean diet featured in numerous countries. Learn the secrets behind the country's staples with wine and cheese tastings, city food tours, farm visits, and meals with locals. Take a cooking class or visit a winery and learn about Greece's ancient farming and winemaking techniques. There's a reason why the flavors are so pronounced in Greek gastronomy, and tradition has a lot to do with it!

Kids Love Exploring the Beaches of Greece
Best Things to Do on a Family Vacation in Greece

Greece is one of the best family-friendly travel destinations in Europe, offering various activities suited for all ages. With abundant and diverse nature, your family can enjoy hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and much more. Explore the cultural significance of Greek gastronomy (your kids might acquire healthy Greek eating habits!) and wander through the ancient ruins of sites like Acropolis Hill and Delphi. Learn the mythological stories behind the iconic landmarks, and learn new skills like mosaic making, painting, and archeological excavating.

The Colorful Harbor of Chania, Crete
Best Things to Do on Crete

As Greece's southernmost and largest island, Crete puts a twist on the typical Greek island ambiance. With a mix of ancient history, diverse landscapes, and some of the country's best beaches, you'll find many ways to explore the birthplace of Zeus and European civilization. Discover charming villages surrounded by olive groves, hike through scenic gorges, spend a day relaxing in the year-round warm waters, and learn more about the island's ancient civilizations.

Explore Greece's Signature Turquoise Water and Scenic Beaches
Top Beach Excursions in Greece

With over 400 blue-flag beaches and endless stretches of sand, pebbles, and turquoise waters, Greece is the perfect place for a sand-and-sea vacation. Although the Greek Islands offer some of the best beaches, even the mainland has its share of swimming hotspots. From the snorkeling haven of Voidokilia to the famous Balos Bay on Crete, every region of the country has a sandy stretch perfect for swimming, relaxing, or enjoying water sports.

Beautiful Views on Santorini
Best Things to Do in the Greek Islands

Although most are uninhabited, Greece has over 6,000 islands dotting the waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It's no wonder they attract travelers from all over the world with diverse history, unique culture, sandy beaches, and incredible natural surroundings. The two most popular clusters include the Cyclades Islands in the heart of the Aegean and Greece's southernmost and largest island, Crete. Combining the two constructs an ideal vacation filled with some of the most beautiful coastlines and ancient history in Greece.

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