Greece is one of the best family-friendly travel destinations in Europe, offering various activities suited for all ages. With abundant and diverse nature, your family can enjoy hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and much more. Explore the cultural significance of Greek gastronomy (your kids might acquire healthy Greek eating habits!) and wander through the ancient ruins of sites like Acropolis Hill and Delphi. Learn the mythological stories behind the iconic landmarks, and learn new skills like mosaic making, painting, and archeological excavating.

Getting Oriented

Kids are eager to explore Greece's historic and interesting cities.

Although kids love swimming at the beach, Greece is so much more than just sandy strips of coastline. To the north, the country hosts historical regions filled with mountains, hills, and stone villages perfect for family hiking. To the south, you'll find endless islands with unique culture and gastronomy, rugged coastlines, sea caves for snorkeling, and, of course, beaches. Throughout Greece is an abundance of ancient archeological sites ready for kid-friendly explorations. But you won't just walk amongst the ruins; instead, enjoy kid-approved activities and listen to the famous mythological stories behind the landmarks. Your family will love hearing tales of Zeus, Athena, and the Minotaur!

Exploring the world with your kids is how you make life-long memories for your family. Some of our Greek travel specialists focus specifically on family travel and have organized activities and adventures suitable for children of all ages. Each activity combines informational and historical experiences with fun-filled activities that kids love, like painting, excavating, mosaic-making, food tasting, sea kayaking, and more. 

Exploring Ancient Greek History

Ancient Greek history is fun for the entire family. Kids love learning about the mythology behind the country's famed monuments. And in Greece, you can become an architect or artist for the day!

Athens Mythology for Families

Explore Greek mythology with a map as you tour the famous Acropolis and Ancient Agora.

Learn about Greek mythology and history as you explore Athens' famed Acropolis Hill and Ancient Agora. Discover the characters and stories behind the city's iconic monuments with kid-approved activities. As you visit landmarks like the Parthenon, Theater of Dionysus, and Temple of Athena Nike, you'll listen to the legends of the almighty Zeus, Athena (Goddess of Wisdom), Poseidon (God of the Sea), and more. Then head to the Ancient Agora, the birthplace of democracy, where you and your family will learn about Theseus and the Minotaur, Hera (Zeus' jealous wife), and Aphrodite (Goddess of Love and Beauty) as you enjoy a drama-infused activity. Read More

Excavation Simulation & Mosaic Workshop near Chania

Channel your inner architect and enjoy an excavation simulation.

Kids love being an archeologist for the day! With a real architect leading the way, you'll conduct a simulated dig in an ancient Minoan house. Use your skills to find Minoan artifacts and fossils buried deep in the sand as you and your family reconstruct history. Then learn about Greece's signature mosaic art, which originated from the Minoan Cretan culture. Choose a favorite photo from the lesson and create your own beautiful mosaic! You'll cut the stones and place them to craft a handmade souvenir to take home with you. Read More

Delphi Tour & Painting for Kids

Become an artist and paint the beautiful scenery of Ancient Delphi.

Explore the fascinating archeological ruins of Delphi, once considered the center of the world and where Apollo delivered his famous predictions of the future. As your guide leads you through the site, you'll listen to the popular stories of ancient Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes. Along the way, stop to view the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, and the amazingly preserved theater. End your tour up at the old stadium, where you'll enjoy stunning views of olive groves, mountains, and the Corinthian Gulf. From here, a local artist will guide you through a painting workshop to learn different painting techniques. You can paint the scenic surroundings or some of the ancient ruins of Delphi, taking home a personalized souvenir and some new artistic skills! Read More

Plan your trip to Greece
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Active Family Fun

Greece is perfect for active and sporty families, as there are endless outdoor adventures to enjoy. Try hiking in one of the country's hilly and historic regions or enjoy sea kayaking in crystal-clear waters. Your kids (along with their sporty parents) can even try their luck as an athlete at the original Olympic stadium. 

Family Hike in Zagori

Hike through old stone villages and over Zagori's renowned stone bridges.

Enjoy an easy, family-friendly hike through Zagori, a picturesque area in northern Greece known for its 46 villages, the surrounding Pindos Mountains, deep gorges hugging roaring rivers, and stone bridges. The trek is circular, starting in Kipi, which has some of the most impressive bridges from the 17th and 18th centuries. Then make your way to Koukouli and visit the Lazaridis Museum, where kids love looking at the huge collection of regional flowers and plants. As you circle back, stop at the 16th-century Monastery of Pagia Spiliotissa, which sits atop a rock overlooking the Voidomatis River. Read More

Family Sea Kayaking & Picnic Lunch

Paddle along the shores near Nafplio and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

Your kids will certainly enjoy an easy paddle along the shores of the Argolis Gulf near Nafplio. You'll meet your guide and learn some basic techniques, first practicing in the shallow water near the waterfront. When you all feel ready, you'll head out along the Acronafplia Coast, passing remote beaches, picturesque landscapes, and turquoise bays. Stop at one of the beaches to enjoy a picnic lunch of Greek meze (similar to appetizers or tapas). Before heading back, spend some free time playing on the beach or swimming in the sea! Read More

Family Day Cruise to Paxos & Antipaxos

Cruise to the islands of the Ionian Sea and explore sea caves.

Discover rocky coasts and explore the caves of the Ionian Sea! Most families opt for the Cyclades Islands, but the Ionian Sea has its fair share of fun. In particular, kids love snorkeling in the sea caves on Paxos and Antipaxos islands. This area is known for crystal-clear, turquoise water, tropical-like beaches, and interesting coastlines. Enjoy white-sand beaches with shallow water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the sea breeze as you glide along the coasts. Stop in a charming fishing village for lunch and gelato before heading back to Corfu. Read More

Experience the Local Culture

With such a unique and diverse culture, Greece lets families get up close and interact with its traditions and daily life.

Organic Farming & Picnic for Families

Wild sage is just one of the many herbs you'll discover.

Discover the natural farming methods important to Paros and the entire Cycladic region by visiting the organic Kamari Farm. The owners, Stavros and Katerina, will give you a tour of their property, which celebrates the natural abundance of the Aegean Sea region. The farm has about 700 trees, including those that grow olives, figs, pomegranates, lemons, almonds, and more. You'll also peruse some of the 3,500 aromatic medicinal plants, including oregano, sage, rosemary, lavender, and sea fennel. Afterward, join the farmers and learn how to plant seeds and identify different herbs while sipping on homemade drinks. Sit with the owners and enjoy fresh-baked bread, local cheese, and Greek yogurt with honey. Read More

How to Craft Your Perfect Greece Family Itinerary

From ancient ruins to modern beaches, Greece is an ideal spot for a family vacation.

With so much diversity, you can easily piece together the perfect Greece itinerary for your family's interests, whether it's exploring ancient ruins, spending all day on the water, or learning how to cook classic Greek dishes. You can focus on one type of activity or particular regions, but it's also possible to combine regions. Many families enjoy starting in the northern mainland and working their way down to the islands. Or you can cross the mainland and explore the Peloponnese Region instead.

Regardless of how you decide to schedule your time, it's best to spend at least one or two weeks in Greece. Kids often require slower travel, so the longer, the better! Learn more about how many days you should plan for your Greece trip.

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