The distance from Athens to Sparta in the Peloponnese region is about 132 miles (213 km). The most comfortable way to get from Athens to Sparta is by private transfer or rental car as it's a 2.5-hour drive. There is no train service for this route, and Sparta does not have an airport.

When booking, be careful not to mix up Sparta with Spata, which is a town near the Athens airport. The new name of modern Sparta is “Sparti,” so use this spelling when booking to avoid confusion.

While Sparta is now a modern commercial city, there is plenty of ancient history to explore nearby. To get the most out of your adventure in the Peloponnese, consider booking one of our detailed itineraries from Athens.

On this 7-day trip, you can raft the Alfios River, hike through photogenic gorges and explore a ghost-village, or this 15-day itinerary that adds time in the wine-making hub of Nemea, the medieval coastal town of Monemvasia, and more. 

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 2.5 hours, more with stops

Private drivers are easily found in Athens, but you can also rent your own car. The roads to Sparta should be easier to navigate than the winding roads on the country's smaller islands, but exercise caution when driving in Greece, as drivers can be aggressive and road rules are often ignored.

Getting from Athens to Sparta takes about 2.5 hours along highways A8, A7, and E961. The route from Athens to Sparta is very scenic, as you will be skirting the Saronic Gulf. You will pass through the famous Isthmus of Corinth, where there are many historic sites to snap photos of along the way. Remember to keep an eye out for the olive groves and lemon trees as well.

Notable sites along the way include ancient Corinth and Mycenae. When you arrive in Sparta, don’t forget to visit Mystras, a historic Byzantine town just outside the modern city. 

By Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours

The main intercity bus company in Greece is called KTEL. Direct KTEL buses from Athens to Sparta run every one to two hours. Tickets can be purchased at the Kifissos Bus Station, on the bus, or on the website for KTEL Lakonias. If you plan to buy tickets on the bus, you should remember to bring cash with you, and having coins or small notes on hand is advisable. 

The station is located on a highway in the north-western part of Athens. The closest metro stop is Agios Antonios on the red line (M2) of the Athens metro, and you will have to walk about 15 minutes from the metro stop. Kifissos Bus Terminal can also be accessed via city bus 51 from Omonia Square.


Map of How to Get from Athens to Sparta
Map of How to Get from Athens to Sparta