Discover Greece's hidden treasures on this action-packed adventure. Hike the tallest mountains in the Peloponnese, paddle the beautiful Mani Peninsula, and scale the heights of ancient Sparta's Mount Taygetus. Complete your trip with a swim at the southernmost point of mainland Europe.


  • Kayak the Mani Peninsula with its hidden coves and hot pools
  • Whitewater raft on the Lousios River
  • Trek into the Peloponnese mountains
  • Visit an abandoned village overlooking the sea
  • Hike to the southernmost tip of mainland Europe

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Athens Athens
Day 2 Rafting the Lousios River Stemnitsa
Day 3 Dimitsana trek Kardamyli
Day 4 Hiking in Kardamyli  Kardamyli
Day 5 Sea kayaking in Kardamyli  Kardamyli
Day 6 Kardamyli road trip Kardamyli
Day 7 Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Athens


Welcome to Athens—a buzzing city packed with striking ancient landmarks, ultramodern museums, shops, and cafes. When you arrive, drop your bags at the hotel and wander around the beating heart of the city. Lose yourself in the colorful streets of the town center and the white-washed paths of the Anafiotika neighborhood in the shadow of the Acropolis

Day 2: Rafting the Lousios River

Lousios River
Lousios River

Grab a quick breakfast and hop into the van for a ride to Arcadia. Once you reach the Lousios River, it's time to strap on a life jacket and raft through dramatic gorges to Alfios River where your morning adventure concludes at a quaint bridge and a series of waterfalls. 

In the afternoon, check in and refresh yourself at a lovely family-run cottage. Then, head back out for lunch in picturesque Stemnitsa—a village perched on the richly green hillside of Mt. Mainalon. The village was the home base for revolutionary leader Theodoros Kolokotronis during the War of Independence. These days, it's known for its incredible silversmiths and craftsmen. 

Day 3: DimitsanaTrek

The hills of Dimitsana
The hills of Dimitsana

Stretch your muscles and lace up your hiking boots — today is the perfect day for a walk along the Lousios River. First, take a few minutes to explore the Open Air Water-Power Museum, home of fascinating pre-industrial mechanisms and workshops that used water power to manufacture several important utilitarian products.

Start your trek from Dimitsana, making your way through thick vegetation and up into the mountains for panoramic views. Along the way, take a break at the impressive Prodromos Monastery, where 10th-century murals grace the walls. Then circle back to Dimitsana and head to nearby Kardamyli—the epitome of old-fashioned traditional charm. Visit Kardamylli's ancient monasteries, Medieval tower houses, and picturesque surroundings beloved by legendary author Patrick Leigh Fermor.

Hiking time: 3-4 hours

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Day 4: Kardamyli

Hilltop view of the Kardamyli coast
Hilltop view of the Kardamyli coast

On your third day in Greece, get ready for another hiking adventure, this time in the deep, photogenic Viros Gorge in the heart of Messinian Mani. The gorge begins at the foot of Mt. Profitis Ilias and runs into the sea at Kardamyli. Hike along well-marked paths lined by cypress trees, past pretty stone villages and historic churches, and to the sea at Kardamyli. Then circle back to your hotel to freshen up for an authentic local dinner at a traditional taverna with exceptional sunset views. 

And if the gorge hike isn't intense enough for your tastes? Ask your guide about hiking the Mt. Taygetos summit instead. Starting with an off-road drive to a hidden trail, this trek winds to the top of the highest mountain in the Peloponnese and one of the longest Alpine routes in the country. Panoramic views stretch all the way to Crete on a clear day.

Hiking time: 3 hours (or more)

Day 5: Sea Kayaking at Kardamyli

Sea kayaking
Sea kayaking

Today you'll take to the sea for a half-day kayak tour. Hug the shoreline of the stunning Mani Peninsula and paddle to secret, hidden caves, and hot pools. Then glide through the water to a beautiful, sandy beach for a swim break and fresh fruit. Spend the second half of your day as you choose—relaxing on the beach, exploring Kardamyli, or spending more time hiking, kayaking, or adventuring. 

Day 6: Kardamyli Road Trip

Vathia village
Vathia village

On your last full day in Greece, it's time to hit the road. Visit the magnificent Diros Cave on a half-hour boat ride along an underground lake lined with stalactites and stalagmites. Explore the picturesque ghost-village of Vathia, home of impressive towers, churches, and 16th-century houses. The village was mostly abandoned in the late 20th century and now stands quietly overlooking the sea.

After you've had your fill of abandoned villages and underground caves, continue on to Cape Tenaro—the breathtaking southernmost point of mainland Europe—for a short hike. At the tip of the cape, you'll find the storied sea cave said to be the Gate to Hades. Explore if you dare. Beyond Tenaro, a restored lighthouse offers sweeping views of the Cretan Sea

Hiking time: 1.5 hours

Day 7: Transfer to Athens


Wake early and wave goodbye to Greece. Today is the day you're scheduled to fly home, or onto your next destination!


Map of Mythical Peloponnese Adventure - 7 Days
Map of Mythical Peloponnese Adventure - 7 Days