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Its sharp land and austere nature make Mani enticing to explorers seeking peace and slow travel. As novelist Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor wrote, “Passing by you see Mani in three days, walking in three months and to see its soul you need three lives. One for the sea, one for its mountains and one for its people.” Visit the Caves of Diros or the Gates of Hades on Cape Matapan, the southernmost harbor of mainland Greece and once believed to be the gateway to the underworld, or boat and sea kayak down the Maniot coast.

Previous kimkim travelers have taken sunset bike rides along one of Messenian Mani’s most restful areas, the coast from Stoupa to Agios Nikolaos and the small harbor of Trahila. Pay a visit to Kardamyli, where Fermor and his wife, photographer Joan Leigh Fermor, lived in the 1960s, or further back in time with a hike in Old Kardamyli.
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Kayaking on the deep blue waters of the Aegean
Map of Mythical Peloponnese Adventure - 7 Days
Mythical Peloponnese Adventure - 7 Days

Discover Greece's hidden treasures on this action-packed adventure. Hike the tallest mountains in the Peloponnese, paddle the beautiful Mani Peninsula, and scale the heights of ancient Sparta's Mount Taygetus. Complete your trip with a swim at the southernmost point of mainland Europe.

Monemvasia's Preserved Old Town
Hidden Gems of Mainland Greece - 12 Days

This dynamic road trip takes you through some of mainland Greece's best kept secrets, starting with a mythology tour of the Acropolis in Athens and a visit to the wineries in Nemea. Then head into the picturesque Peloponnese Region where you'll discover the ancient ruins in Sparta, the medicinal tales of Ascelpius, and the charms of historic Mani villages. Visit the birthplace of the Olympics in Olympia, hike to an alpine lake for a swim, and visit a family-operated olive farm to learn all about the production process and to taste different varieties.

Byzantine church rooftop in Mystras
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 17 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 17 Days

Take a drive through the scenery and history of mainland Greece with this 17-day itinerary.  Begin in Athens, then make your way through the seaside towns, vineyards, scenic castles, and historic sites of the Peloponnese.

The ruins of the castle at Mystras
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 11 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 11 Days

Get an in-depth look at the Greek countryside on this 11-day road trip around the Peloponnese. Begin in Athens, where you'll learn about ancient mythology at the Acropolis. Then head west to the wineries of Nemea and the ruins of Mycenae, Pylos, Mystras, and more. Top it all off with a visit to the oracle at Delphi before ending your tour back in the capital.

The view from Navarino Castle overlooking Pylos Bay
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 12 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 12 Days

Immerse yourself in history and culture on this 12-day trip encompassing Athens and the Greek countryside. Learn about Greek mythology straight from the source at the Acropolis before heading west to the Peloponnese. Go wine tasting at the vineyards of Nemea, visit Byzantine castles, and stroll the streets of traditional villages. See where Helen of Troy lived and where the Olympics were born, and consult the oracle at Delphi before ending your road trip back in the capital.

The vineyards of Nemea
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 13 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 13 Days

In just under two weeks, you'll see traditional villages, fascinating historical sites, and beautiful views on this road trip around the Greek countryside. Begin in Athens, where you'll delve into ancient mythology and enjoy a culinary tour before setting out for the Peloponnese. As you make your way around the hilly landscape, you'll go wine tasting, visit castles, stroll the streets of old fishing villages, and see some of Greece's most famous ancient sites.

A traditional village at Mani, Greece
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 14 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 14 Days

Take in the sights and flavors of the countryside on this two-week road trip around mainland Greece. Starting in Athens, you'll explore the Acropolis and sample local delicacies before making your way to the Peloponnese. Here you'll encounter traditional villages, ancient castles, beautiful Byzantine architecture, and fascinating archaeological sites. Go wine tasting in Nemea, consult the oracle at Delphi, and see the birthplace of the Olympics along the way.

Byzantine church and the ruins of Mystras
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 15 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 15 Days

Travel from Athens to the vineyards, castles, and archaeological sites throughout the Peloponnese with this itinerary. After exploring the Acropolis and the local delicacies of the capital, head to the countryside, where you'll discover Byzantine castles and monasteries, ancient palaces, and sip on wine worthy of Dionysus. You'll see where the Olympics were born and where Helen of Troy lived, and consult the oracle at Delphi along the way.

The ancient theater of Epidaurus
Map of Mainland Greece Road Trip - 16 Days
Mainland Greece Road Trip - 16 Days

On this 16-day road trip of Athens and the Peloponnese, you'll see historical sites, sample local flavors, and discover beautiful castles and monasteries. Spend a few days in the capital learning about the Acropolis and enjoying culinary delights of the modern era. Then make your way west for wine tasting in Nemea, stops at several archaeological ruins, and visits to charming villages before ending your journey back in Athens.

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