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The southern Peloponnese can feel like a gateway to a mythical world, with beaches covered in waving white sea lilies, archaeological sites at Ancient Messene and the Palace of Nestor, and swimming spots next to the old castles of Navarino and Methoni. Kalamata, the capital city, is known for its olives as well as its interesting museums, spacious public squares, and the historic city center around the castle.

Taste the namesake olives like kimkim travelers before you as you stroll through the olive groves and then enjoy a menu of olive oil and food pairings. You can also hop out to Proti island, named after Proteus, Poseidon’s son who transformed into a crocodile, or visit a farm where children can create handmade souvenirs with natural materials while adults enjoy a massage. Enhance your hands-on skills with a pasta-making class or a hike and archery tour at the Polylimnio waterfalls.
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Kalamata Essentials

Overlooking Oia
Map of 10 Days in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries
10 Days in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries

Greece has a multitude of wonders to attract you and your family for 10 days of adventure. It's one of the sunniest places in the world, so catch some rays as you explore the cultural capital of Athens in the company of storytellers, breathe in the healing airs of Crete on easy hikes and treasure hunts, and watch the stunning sunsets of Santorini from secret spots.

Sunset shades in Santorini
Map of 2 Weeks in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries
2 Weeks in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries

Two weeks gives you and your family plenty of time to traverse the nearly 1,000 miles of coastline that Greece has to offer. Whether you're going for a deep dive into the northern Greek mainland, island-hopping through the Cyclades, or getting cultural on Crete or in the Peloponnese, you'll find something that speaks to you.

Villages and Seaside Vistas of the Peloponnese
Best Things to Do in the The Peloponnese

Although not as touristy as the rest of Greece, the Peloponnese region abounds in history, culture, and gastronomy. For over 3,000 years, this jagged peninsula was the heart of Ancient Greece. Visit some of the country's most historic spots, like Ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games started, the impressive theater of Epidavros, and the fortified stone village of Monemvasia. Relax on the scenic Mani Peninsula, explore the popular coastlines, and climb the castle of Nafplio, all while noshing on local cuisine like the country's famed Kalamata olives.

Explore Greece's Signature Turquoise Water and Scenic Beaches
Top Beach Excursions in Greece

With over 400 blue-flag beaches and endless stretches of sand, pebbles, and turquoise waters, Greece is the perfect place for a sand-and-sea vacation. Although the Greek Islands offer some of the best beaches, even the mainland has its share of swimming hotspots. From the snorkeling haven of Voidokilia to the famous Balos Bay on Crete, every region of the country has a sandy stretch perfect for swimming, relaxing, or enjoying water sports.

Kalamata Itineraries

In an Athenian garden
Map of Greek Culture & Adventure for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 10 Days
Greek Culture & Adventure for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 10 Days

School-aged children can get a taste of both Classical and modern Greece with this 10-day itinerary. You'll start your trip in Athens, where treasure hunts, comic-making workshops, and an Olympic workout will help everyone get acquainted with the many facets of the country. Then head to Kalamata, home of the famous olives, for some gastronomy lessons, sea kayaking, and a chance to channel your inner archer.

Take a sunset bike tour in the Mani Peninsula
Map of Greek Culture & Adventure for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 14 Days
Greek Culture & Adventure for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 14 Days

Your school-aged children can learn about Greek culture in a sun-filled and interactive style on this itinerary. You'll start off by creating comic books or learning some Greek language skills in Athens. Then head to the Mani Peninsula, full of beautiful beaches and stone villages to explore. Finish your trip in the famous olive region of Kalamata, with cooking lessons, archery, scenic hikes, and more.

Snorkel and swim among the ancient sunken city of Epidaurus
Map of Adventure Tour of Athens & the Peloponnese - 10 Days
Adventure Tour of Athens & the Peloponnese - 10 Days

Adventure awaits on this exciting 10-day tour of Athens and the Peloponnese. You'll start in the capital with a tour of the Acropolis, a Jeep excursion around the mountains and lakes outside the city, and a day trip to nearby islands aboard a classic sailboat. Then, move on to bustling Kalamata to enjoy a sea kayaking trip along the coast and a hiking excursion to the famous Polylimnio Waterfalls. Finish in Nafplio with a culinary tour and visit to the underwater ruins of Epidaurus.

Kayak over the ruins of Epidaurus
Map of Greek History, Nature, and Culture for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 14 Days
Greek History, Nature, and Culture for Families: Athens & the Peloponnese - 14 Days

Take older kids and teens on this two-week itinerary that will get you out into some of the most interesting natural landscapes in Greece. You'll start in Athens, exploring the capital's parks and street art scene, then head to Nafplio to explore ancient theaters and monuments by both land and sea. Visit the castles of the Mani Peninsula, learn about Greek cooking in Kalamata, and tour the Classical-era temples at Delphi before you head home.

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