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Milos is known for its unique volcanic rock formations that create beautiful scenery and unparalleled beaches with different colors, impressive caves, and crystal turquoise waters. Those stones can even be seen in the Louvre, on display as the Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo. Sail or drive around the island to check out the unique landscapes, dramatic rock formations, fishing villages, and historical sites.

Previous kimkim travelers have explored the island even further with trips out to nearby Kimolos, with its picturesque main town of Chorio, and uninhabited Polyaigos, known for its impressive white rocks and clear waters. Or stay on the island and take a tour of its volcanic side, where you can spot colorful rock formations, beach views, and the site of the now-inactive volcano.
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Beautiful Views on Santorini
Best Things to Do in the Greek Islands

Although most are uninhabited, Greece has over 6,000 islands dotting the waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It's no wonder they attract travelers from all over the world with diverse history, unique culture, sandy beaches, and incredible natural surroundings. The two most popular clusters include the Cyclades Islands in the heart of the Aegean and Greece's southernmost and largest island, Crete. Combining the two constructs an ideal vacation filled with some of the most beautiful coastlines and ancient history in Greece.

Discover Greece's Incredible Scenery by Boat
Top Sailing Excursions in Greece

No trip to Greece is complete without enjoying the open sea! With endless coastline, thousands of islands, and warm waters ideal for swimming, you can craft the perfect sailing itinerary to match your interests. Enjoy the quieter islands of the Ionian Sea, or discover the energy and history of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Or, stay close to the mainland and explore the coast of Nafplio, the Peloponnese Peninsula, and the Saronic Gulf. Whatever you choose, a sailing adventure awaits you in Greece!

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The Cyclades Islands of Greece
Sailing the Greek Cyclades: Paros, Mykonos, Serifos - 8 Days

As the ultimate sailing adventure through Greece's coveted Cyclades Islands, this tour combines bustling city life with tranquil villages nestled in the Aegean Sea. From some of Europe's best nightlife to humble fishing towns and secluded beaches, travelers will enjoy Greece's rich and varied heritage. Enjoy sunsets and local seafood while discovering important and ancient archeological sites, all from the comfort of a private yacht.

Mykonos harbor
Map of Luxury Cyclades Yacht Cruise - 9 Days
Luxury Cyclades Yacht Cruise - 9 Days

Cruise like a celebrity through the glittering waters of the Cyclades on this nine-day itinerary.  The Cyclades are some of the most quintessential Greek islands, and you'll see seven of them from the decks of your yacht, along with plenty of time to explore onshore. From lesser-known spots like beach-lined Milos and petite Antiparos to favorites like bustling Naxos and cosmopolitan Mykonos, you'll scope out this island chain in style.

Beach off of Milos
Map of Sailing Holiday in the Aegean - 9 Days
Sailing Holiday in the Aegean - 9 Days

Channel the spirit of some of Greece's most famous tales as you sail through the Aegean on this nine-day itinerary. Start off by paying the proper tribute at the Temple of Poseidon before you start on your way to Kea, followed by the villages of Kythnos. Visit the capital of the Cyclades on Syros and the home of the Cyclops on Serifos, then search for the Venus de Milo's cousin on Milos before you end your trip on the double beach of Kolona.