Greece is an outdoor haven perfect for an active trip. With mountains and river gorges in the north and endless coastline in the south, you'll have your pick of sporty excursions. Whether it's hiking to ancient sites, biking along the coast, or kayaking through the sea, active adventures allow you to experience the country from a unique perspective and get up close with the local culture.

Getting Oriented

Greece is the ideal spot for an active vacation. The country's natural diversity offers itineraries geared to a specific activity or an adventure with various excursions. You could spend an entire week kayaking in the Greek Islands or hiking in Zagori and never run out of routes! Although many visitors opt to explore Greece by car or tour bus, you can enjoy a unique perspective and get to know the local culture better as you slow down and work your muscles.

Being active on a trip doesn't mean you miss the big sites! Instead of driving, hike up to Meteora or trek the ancient footpath to Delphi. Or you can enhance your experience on the islands by learning how to scuba dive or kayaking over sunken ruins, like Lost Atlantis. Explore a river gorge by trekking through the water or experience local culture by bike. Regardless of your interests and athletic ability, you can easily avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy an active Greek adventure. Learn more about how to get off the beaten path in Greece.

Discover Greece by Land

Greece is all about an active outdoor adventure, from rugged mountain monasteries to ancient footpaths, rushing rivers, and scenic coastline. Hike to ancient sites, trek through rapids, and cycle in the islands, all while exploring the local culture by land.

Hiking the Meteora Rocks

Explore the majestic monasteries of Meteora on a hike.

Meteora is one of Greece's most important monastic communities and a popular tourist attraction. But most visitors opt to reach the monasteries by car. When you hike through the forests and up the hills of Meteora, you enjoy a unique perspective with incredible views of Kalabaka, Kastraki, and the Meteora Valley below. Although the monasteries reach heights close to 2,000 feet (600 meters) and sit atop imposing rock formations created 60 million years ago, the trek is quite moderate and suitable for older kids. At the top, you'll enjoy a guided tour of the 9th-century monastic life, nearly unaffected by modern times, before hiking back down. Read More

Bike Tour & Beach Picnic on Mykonos

Cycle around Mykonos and stop at a gorgeous beach for lunch and a swim.

The Mykonos landscape is rugged and hilly, providing numerous spots for incredible scenic vistas overlooking the coastline and the Aegean Sea. One of the best ways to explore the island is on a bike. Don't worry if you're not an athlete; you can opt for an e-bike to help you conquer any hills, enjoying the views without breaking too much of a sweat! Your guide will make several stops to share the island's history, gastronomy, and cultural significance with you. Along the way, you'll discover some of Mykonos' unique traditions and much of its dynamic scenery. Before heading back, you'll enjoy lunch on the beach with plenty of time to swim and relax. Read More

Trek the Ancient Footpath to Delphi

Beautiful scenes of Delphi and the surrounding mountains.

Delphi is one of the most preserved archeological sites in Greece, and you'll experience it by following the footsteps of the greats along an ancient footpath. This moderate trail starts in the foothills of Mt Parnassos and follows a forested route with glimpses of the ancient sanctuary, rolling olive groves, and the Corinthian Gulf. From Livadi Plateau, at nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m), you'll walk along the same path that once led Pan’s worshippers to the Corycean Grotto. Along the way, enjoy a picnic in a traditional sheep barn. Savor the views of Delphi and the Peloponnese Mountains before heading back down. Read More

River Trekking along the Voidomatis River in Zagori

Trek through the Voidomatis River, where you can swim and cliff dive.

Trek up the famous Vikos Gorge and enjoy swimming and cliff diving in the refreshing waters of the Voidomatis River. This moderate hike starts in the village of Vikos and crosses the river several times before reaching Voidomatis Springs. At times, you'll traverse the river by old stone bridges, but many crossings require wading into the water. Although the river maintains a consistently chilly 40° F (4°C) temperature, your wetsuits will keep you warm! Enjoy swimming and cliff jumping into some of the cleanest and clearest waters in Europe. Stop halfway for a picnic lunch, then continue to Aristi Bridge, where the hike ends. Read More

Plan your trip to Greece
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Discover Greece by Sea

Greece features many coastlines, so one of the best ways to explore the country is in the sea. Enjoy sea kayaking on the surface and scuba diving down below.

Sea Kayaking at Epidaurus Sunken City near Nafplio

Glide across the crystal-clear sea and discover the Epidaurus sunken city below.

Discover some of Greece's unique and rich history by finding the underwater remains of Epidaurus, the sunken city, also known as Argolida's Lost Atlantis. Starting from Palaia Epidavros Beach, get acquainted with your equipment and learn a few basic techniques from your guide. Start by paddling over the ruins, originally established in 1200 BCE, which feature an entire metropolis preserved under the sea. Stop at an isolated beach to snorkel and take underwater pictures of the ruins. Dry off in the sun and enjoy a picnic lunch before paddling back. Read More

Beginners Scuba Diving Course on Naxos

Explore below the surface with a beginner's scuba diving course.

Explore life under the sea and enjoy a scuba diving excursion without needing certification. With the help of a PADI professional guide, you'll learn the necessary techniques with a quick class about basic scuba diving procedures and methods. Put on your equipment and practice close to the surface. Then follow your instructor down to the Mediterranean Reef at about 23 feet (7 meters) deep. There's nothing quite like breathing underwater for the very first time! Enjoy exploring the seabed and catches glimpses of fish and other creatures. If you enjoyed the beginner's course, you could put those hours toward full certification in the future. Read More

How to Craft a Perfect Active Greece Itinerary

Enjoy an active vacation with a few rest days to relax on the beach or visit a winery.

Greece is home to tall mountain peaks, dense forests, clear rivers, and nearly 8,500 miles (13,676 km) of coastline. Basically, it's a haven for active outdoor enthusiasts. And with such natural diversity, a trip to Greece can consist of any sport you'd like. From the mountains and river gorges in the north to the pristine beaches of the Cyclades Islands, you can easily spend your entire vacation hopping from one activity to the next. 

To fully explore all that Greece offers, give yourself about two weeks for an active trip. This amount of time will give you rest days to relax at the beach, visit a farm, enjoy a food tour, or simply give your muscles a day off. Learn more about how to allocate your time in Greece.

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