Dive Under the Sea - Photo from Bluefin Divers

Beginners Scuba Diving Course on Naxos, Naxos

Learn the basics of scuba diving and discover life under the sea.


Learn the basics of scuba diving and discover life under the sea. This activity allows you to experience scuba diving without a certification course. Your PADI professional guide will teach you the necessary techniques for a fun and safe beginner's excursion!

After meeting with your instructor, you'll take a quick class to learn basic scuba diving procedures and methods. Then you'll put on your wetsuits and practice with your equipment. As you head out to sea, learn a bit more about the sport and what to expect. You'll maintain a shallow depth, sticking close to the surface to get acclimated and practice your newfound skills. 

When ready, you'll follow your instructor down to the Mediterranean reef at about 23 feet (7 meters). There is nothing quite like breathing underwater for the very first time! Enjoy the freeing feeling as you swim around the seabed looking for life. You'll see fish and spot some creatures that hide behind rocks and plant life. 

Many participants walk away realizing how easy and fascinating scuba diving is, encouraging them to obtain their full certification. Some of what you learn in this course will carry over should you pursue a PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver class.
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Know before you go

2 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Small group

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